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Published on October 14th, 2016 | by DLSU Sports


177th Commencement Exercises: A Salute to the Graduates


DLSU Sports salutes you for finishing your college journey! Before the twenty-one athletes walk on the red carpet at the PICC tomorrow, we would like to give thanks to you for the many years of bringing honor to DLSU.

In line with that, we have compiled messages from some of your teammates, coaches, and closest friends to cherish the end of another chapter in your life. As you read the letters that are now posted before you, we hope you remember that this is more than a news article or a feature article but rather a collection of personal messages from those whom you have spent most of your time with during your college stay.

You have prepared long and you have worked hard for this. Get ready to face the real challenges of the world as you leave our dear Alma Mater, Animo!

*The listed athletes are the ones known to graduate this October 15 by the De La Salle University-Office of Sports Development. In the event that we miss some, we would just like to apologize.




Photo by Samantha Burgos from Green Media Group

TO OUR DEAREST ARJA HAHAHA:  You know naman na I’m not a very expressive person, but you’re graduating, and leaving us here, so might as well be sweet just for this one time. lol Congrats on graduating bruh!!! you’ve finally made it!!! I’m so proud omg pls don’t forget us ever, you’re not allowed to forget us and we’re still gonna hang out even if not all the time!! ty for all the college jokes and sleepovers and kwentos, I owe u a lot for those!!! starting oct 15, puro post college jokes and hangsz and kwento nalang lol idk where I’m going with this but congrats again bruh u know ily and i gotchu always also sobrang conyo nitong message na to pero lol

-Coco Basco, Animo Squad

Congratulations, Arja!!! You’ve finally made it! I know you still want to stay for us and for the drums (lol), but the “real world” is waiting for you!!! I’ll always be proud of whatever you’re going to be doing – may it be in the near future or even ten years down the line. We’re always here for you!!! Words aren’t enough to express how much I appreciate all the jokes (ikaw lang talaga funny, oo gets ko na yun), sleepovers, food experiments, and the times when you never failed to lend (lol) an ear to all my kwentos. luv ya arjabeh idol

-Andy Ayalin, Animo Squad Team Manager

Messages compiled by: Andy Ayalin (Student manager of Animo Squad Drummers)




Congratulations for a job well done EJ! hope you become successful in your chosen career in the future! Also, goodluck on become an adult! Hahahaha  best teammate ever!!! Love, Aires Amooor

-Aires Montilla, Lady Shuttler

O my fellow seniors, you are in the finishing a course you began. Your journey has included growth in many areas. You participated in sports for a variety of reasons. It could be you liked the camaraderie of being on a team. Be a leader among family and friends. Be a responsible citizen and a good representation of all of those who have invested their time to prepare you for this point in your life. Thank you for being responsible to us and thank you for being part of our team. Goodluck sa life mga seniors Godbless you all!!

-Lindsay Tercias, Lady Shutter

Kuya Ej, I remember when I was new in DLSU, you were the one who helped us from the first registration day up to your very last day as our team captain. I couldn’t really put into words how good you are as a team captain. You made sure that everything is organized and nobody gets left behind. And because of that, I’m pretty sure a brighter future awaits you. Congrats, kuya!

-Iyah Sevilla, Lady Shuttler

Kuya EJ! Your hard work will pay off in many ways. Good things will come to those who wait until they graduate. You’ve come so far. You’ve worked so hard. Your graduation is a new and open door. Congrats to the best team Captain!!!

-Andrew Pineda, Green Shuttler




Boss Rald finally ga graduate kana! Naku wala ng makukopyahan yong boys natin nyan. Thank you sa pagiging good role model sa DLSU badminton team. Sana pagnagkitakita tayo in the future Piloto kana J

-Aires Montilla, Lady Shuttler

Kuya Gerald, Thank you for everything you’ve shared with the team. Those are really something we will not forget forever. You literally boosted up our morals and drive to win every game. You will always remain an inspiration to the team. Take care and good luck on your future endeavors.

-Iyah Sevilla, Lady Shuttler

Messages compiled by: Lia Ong (student manager of Badminton team)




Hi janine! Finally you are going to graduate and its like a good riddance! hay salamat i won’t be seeing those mean eyes of yours! ? just kidding! I know you have been waiting for this so you can finally go home eat all those healthy foods and pet your dog. Whatever path you take in the future, i hope you will find happiness and success. Remember we are always here for you.

Love, Your highness,

-Aires Montilla, Lady Shuttler

Ate Janine, I just want to congratulate you ate for this another milestone of your life. We know how hard you worked for this and it’s finally going to happen soon. Thank you for guiding us when you were still in La Salle. Stay safe always and all the best in everything.

-Iyah Sevilla, Lady Shuttler

Sister!!! Taba mo! Ay este hi ms janine! Congrats and libre moko sa first sweldo mo thanks mwah labyu! Good luck sa future career ?

-Danica Peligrino, Former Lady Shuttler

Messages compiled by: Lia Ong (student manager of Badminton team) 




Hi Frits!! Thanks for being one of the makulit teammates we had. Kahit grabe tahimik mo, nagjojokeka parin haha lagi lang kami andito and enjoy life! We will miss you! 🙂 congrats!

-Camille Claro, Lady Archer

Hi te fritz! I miss you and your height! Thank you for motivating me, and kahit na di ka masyado masalita eh, when I need advise nakakausap mo pa din ako. Thank you for being a good teammate. I learned a lot from you on and off the court. Good luck sa future and bagong career path and god bless!

-Chay Vergara, Lady Archer

Hello Bai!

Thank you kasi naging part ka ng basketball life ko sa college. Sobrang di kita makakalimutan dahil sa height mo syempre! Walang makatalo. Iba talaga ang bisaya noh? Lagi tayong kakaiba. Hahaha! Thank you din kasi kahit tahimik kang tao, napapatawa at napapasmile mo parin kami sa mga simpleng jokes mo 🙂 always remember na andito lang kami sa friends mo. You made an impact in the Lady Archers. Everyone likes you Fritz! I wish you all the best in life. We love you Frits! 🙂

-Marga Dagdagan, Lady Archer

Hi Fritzie!! Thank you for the laughter you shared with me and those times that you comfort or helped me with my game. Hope you’re doing fine! Congrats that you have finally made it! I missed your presence inside the court. See you soon!

-Bennette Revillosa, Lady Archer

Hi ate Fritz! Gagraduate ka na! Yehey! Sana makahanap ka na agad ng trabaho.  Magkita pa sana tayo soon. Kahit di tayo gaano naging close idol pa rin kita, sana magkita pa tayo. Maki training ka minsan. Nandito lang kami lagi for you.  Ingat lagi ate! I love you!

-Susan AliMohamed ElHadad, Lady Archer

Congratulations Fritz! We are so proud of you lalo na yung parents mo sure ako na sobrang saya nila. I know you can reach this moment to all your sarifice in school and in basketball lahat yan meron magandang madudulot at alam ko may mararating ka. Now that you’re graduated, strive more and work harder para matupad mo yung mga dream and goals mo sa life. Congrats again Fritz!

-Kathy Gonzales, Lady Archer

Hi Ate Fritz!

Good luck on your future career whatever will it be 🙂 I hope that you’ll be successful on the new path that you will take. Just always know that whatever happens we always got each others back. Make good decisions in life!! Take care and may God bless You always. I hope to see you soon! Congratulations

-Paulina Vela, Lady Archer

Hi ate Fritz! Congrats dahil graduate ka na! ☺ buti kapa graduate na haha ako hindi pa ? ? basta ate fritz goodluck sa future mo ah? Paliit ka naman oh yung tipong mag kaheight lang tyo! 🙂 palagi ako andito for you text mo lang ako 🙂 congrats ulit!!!

-Khate Castillo, Lady Archer

Messages compiled by: Nica Lim (student manager of women’s basketball team)




Life is a gamble, you just need to know when to bet. Go big or go home, start strong and finish stronger. Good luck on your future endeavors, luv u buddy

-Nicholas Villacin, Green Booter

Hey, Greg! Hope the after school life will treat you good! Thanks for being a great senior to me on my rookie year! Good luck on this next chapter of your life!

-Mikel Maniquis, Green Booter

Thanks greg for all the years we’ve played together. I’ve learned so much from you as an athlete and as a student. You’ve excelled in everything you put your mind to and it reflects in the accomplishments you have made these past years. Good luck in everything you do and I hope that you will kill it in the next big obstacle you aim to tackle next!

-Nace Gonzales, Green Booter

I just wanna say thanks Greg! A great role model in and out of the field. He doesn’t just talk the talk, but he walks it. A great player and student, with exceptional work ethic. Good Luck in your future endeavors, definitely someone I’d want to work with in the future.

-Rigo Joseph, Green Booter

Hey Greggy! Thanks for being an inspiration for all of us by being able to balance both your football and your academics. Wishing you the best in all your endeavors!

-Matthew Reyes, Green Booter

Congratulations and goodluck on life after school bro and your next freekick!

Cristian Zubiri, Green Booter

Messages compiled by: Marianne Lima (student manager of men’s football team)




Congratulations, Arian!

-Tyler Brillo, Lady Judoka

Hello Arian!!! Sobrang mamimiss ko yung kakulitan mo!! Thank you for everything especially those moments where you make training a great place to be in. I will super admire your dedication & hard work in Judo and you continue to inspire me even if i dont show it hehe. I will super miss you & I really hope you still continue to visit us!! squats pa more ❤ love you!!!! -Andreana the cutie

-Andreana Santos, Lady Judoka





Marj, ang senior naming mahal na mahal ang judo team, gala #whereismarj, napakamasiyahin *insert her corny joke*, iyakin at higit sa lahat di nagsasawang tulungan ang mga juniors nya. Happy Graduation! Aba nagMaster’s ka pa! *slow clap* Walang sawa ka naming ipagmamalaki ka sa lahat. We love you! Good luck sa career mo, alam naming lahat na you’ll excel from the rest. *Rei*

-Tyler Brillo, Lady Judoka

Best blockmate!!!!! Graduate kana! Welcome to the real world! Next step nyan kakasal kana haha joke, congrats to you my friend! Let the money making begins 🙂

-Danica Peligrino, Former Lady Shuttler

Where’s Marj? Nasa PICC ga-graduate Congrats marj!

-Ralf Sunga, Ang Pahayang Plaridel

Congrats Nikki Gil!! So proud of you! Good luck sa UAAP! ❤ from Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo

-Isabel Biyo, DLSAA

Congratulations for all your hard work paying off. You have done it! Keep working hard, even though you are done with school… at least for now. Love you, I’m always here if you need me! Mwa mwa

-Naomi Imbang, DLSU Sports

Messages compiled by: Richesa Carandang (student manager of judo team)




I never really got super close to Janina as I was a rookie and I never really got to train with the first team a lot. But Janina was always the one in the women’s team who recognized me, even when people didn’t really know me at the time. I’m grateful that I got to be teammates with her because she made me feel at home even when she barely knew me!!

-Matthew Gironella, Green Tennister

Hi janina! Thank you for 3 years of friendship and counting lol. (Actually wala akong masabi) hahahaha. But seriously, thank you for showing your hard work and dedication in every training and game. Sorry if i did something bad to you (hopefully wala naman ?). Surely, the team and most especially me, sobrang mmimiss ka! Watch ka pa din ng UAAP ha? ?Good luck on your chosen career! ?

-Rachelle Degumzan, Lady Tennister

Messages compiled by: Bea Jalandoni (student manager of Lawn Tennis team)




Hi ate joy!! HAPPY GRADUATION!!! ? today is a special day, it gives recognition to all the years that you have shed blood and tears for success in De La Salle university! I can say that it was a good experience being your teammate. We have had our really happy times and I want you to know how thankful I am 🙂 ate joy!!! This is it! After this day you are gonna start a new era in your life wherein things would be really different and more complicated! But we all know that you are a fighter kaya KAYANG KAYA MO YAN!! wish you all the best ate joy!! Enjoy your day! I love you so much!!

-Debbie Tanaka, Lady Batter

Hi ate Joy, miss na kita. Uhm, congratulations po kasi naka survive kana sa 5 years mo sa La Salle. At dahil wala ka na, wala na akong ate na laging pag sasabihan ng mga feelings ko, haha charot. Anyways ingat ka na lang po sa bagong journey sa iyong buhay. ( ? ) miss you and love you. -Cie ❤

-Mercynell Arroyo, Lady Batter

Hi ate Joy-joy?? first of all congrats kasi gagraduate kana:) hehehehe! Happy po ako para sayo. Hope so po makahanap ka ng trabaho na maayos at sana po wag mo kaming kalimutan?? we love you ate joy.. We miss you nadin po.. Hehe! Always take care ate, andito lang po kami para sayo. Alagaan nyu po sarili nyu at sana makasabay ka namin ulit sa training kahit isang beses lang. Haha! Congrats ate joy?? we’re proud of you.. Thankyou po dahil naging mabuti kang ate sakin sa ibang ko pang kasama na kabatch ko:) thankyou po sa mga advice mo sakin tyaka thankyou din po kasi napapatawa nyu ako sa training:) Iloveyou ate?? That’s all! Thankyou?????? -Chinny

-Chinny Ejar, Lady Batter

Congrats sa paggraduate, Ate Joy!!! Wish you all the best sa future and more blessings to come!! Sana matupad lahat ng dreams mo. Love you!! pa-inom naman jan!! Jk 1/2 ???

-Sam Amores, Lady Batter

Hi joyjoy,

CONGRATULATIONS!!! sa wakas graduated ka na wahahaha. Thank you sa 5 taong pagsisilbi sa dlsu at sa 4 na taon nating pinagsamahan. Good luck to your career hihihi. Ingat lagi, wag masyadong kakain kasi balita ko baboy ka na daw ulit HAHAHA!!! we will miss you. Iloveyou boy! ?

-Jen Gomez, Lady Batter

Hi atejoy/nanay hmmm congrats nay ? hnd na ko mag ddrama baka maiyak ka pa ee hahah libre mo kami ah hahah goodluck sa future mo wag sana makalimot nay lablab haha -anAk

-Lalaine Cunanan, Lady Batter

Hi JuyJuy!!! Congrats on your graduation, I’m so proud of yooouuu!!! Love you ?? You know the rest. Ajejeje

-Pat Belarmino, Lady Batter

Dear Ate Joy, I’m so happy for you ate! ??Congratulations dahil graduate kana. Miss na kita ate joy. huhuhu,, Thankyou sa pagiging mabuting ate samin! I hope you achieve your dreams in life! GOODLUCK ATE JOY! Mahal n mahal kita???? Mag-iingat palagi ha! If your need a comfort don’t hesitate to tex me! Chos, napapaenglish tuloy ako. HAHAHAHA! Lablab! —-Bads!

-Badeth Benson, Lady Batter

Hi Ate Joooooyyyy!!! Imissyouuu!! Congrats! Sa wakas, graduate kana ate. Ako, 2years pa dito sa lasalle. Dalawin mu po minsan yung inday niyo dito ha tsaka dalhan mu po ng foods pag-napunta ka baka mamayat. Hahahaha. Iloveyou ate. Godbless you in your next journey. Wish you all the best in your future career. With love -INDAY

-Jam Arribas, Lady Batter

Messages compiled by: Lorraine Porio (student manager of softball team)




Hi Ate Ingrid! Congratulations on graduating from college! I am so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished throughout your stay in DLSU. Thank you for being my first UAAP buddy and roomie. Thank you for always pushing me to do my best during training, no matter how tough it gets. Thank you for always setting a good example and showing me what it takes to be a true student-athlete. Thank you for always being there for me, and really being one of my Ates on the team. I really can’t imagine my first year of college without you. Thank you so much Ate Ingrid! I’m really sad that I won’t be able to see you as often after you graduate, but the working world needs to see what a true megastar you really are! Wishing you all the love and all the best!

-Aria Sahagun, Lady Tanker

Ate Ingrid …Happy Graduation! Thanks for being part of the team and making it fun. You were really a role model to us (115) and I hope to see you around!

-Alnair Guevarrra, Lady Tanker

Hi ingrid, thanks for being such good alumnus and thank you for your work with the team. You guys are inspirations. Congrats on graduating

-Fahad Alkhaldi, Green Tanker

Dear Ingrid, You have now graduated from De La Salle University and have stepped into a more difficult path. We don’t know what our outcomes will be but we all know that we have the will to do everything that we can and a strong and powerful FAITH towards our GOD. You have been a great model for us. We would like to say thank for all you have done. You have achieved your last goal here at DLSU and that is to finish your studies to start a job. You will take new and heavier responsibilities each day and the only thing that I want you to remember is to never forget who you are and to always think positive. I, myself am an optimist person and it changed my perspective of life easier and more FUN. I was once frosh when I met you and I never managed the time to know you more before you graduate but at least I’ve managed to talk to you and known you for less than a year. Take good care of yourself and may your new goals set you to new possible positive outcomes and may GOD bless you.

-Gummy Torres, Lady Tanker

Hi ate Ingrid, nakakalungkot kasi di ko agad nabigay yung suit sayo sa UAAP day 1, pero syempre mas nakakalungkot na 1 year lang tayo nagkasama sa UAAP. Pero kilig parin ako kasi may legend na sumuot ng suit ko hehehehe. Btw, thank you for being extremely kind and understanding. Pwede ba saakin nalang din lakas at beauty mo kasi legit super kamukha mo si Jessie M. (hindi to stir) Sorry kung lagi ako wala sa Dapitan huhu, bawi ako for Sea Games preparation next year (sana kayanin). Turuan mo ako mag fly, breast and IM please…. Kasi gusto ko bumawi for the team. Para rin madistribute ng maayos yung events sa mga girlaloos. I hope matulungan mo kami ng women’s team, kasi super idol ka namin (and your blood line). To cut everything short, super sad ko na wala ka na sa team, kasi SOBRANG laking contribution mo sa amin. Sana maging artista or what ka soon, basta kung saan ka masaya. Love, Cathy Bondad

-Cathy Bondad, Lady Tanker




Hi sarah, thanks for being such good alumnus and thank you for your work with the team. You guys are inspirations. Congrats on graduating.

-Fahad Alkhaldi, Green Tanker

Hi Ate Sarah! Congratulations on graduating! I know that you’ve really been working hard to make it to this day, and I’m so proud that you’ve made it! You were one of the first people I met during my first training day in DLSU, and I’ll never forget how you were trying to make me smile even if we were both super exhausted already. Thank you for being that one person on the team that makes the hard days more bearable, with your witty jokes and all around fun personality. I’ll really miss seeing you around school, but I know you’re going to do great in the “real world”, Ate Sarah! Wishing you all the love and all the best!

-Aria Sahagun, Lady Tanker

Ate Sarah…Happy Graduation! Thanks for being part of the team and making it fun. You were really a role model to us (115) and I hope to see you around!

-Alnair Guevarrra, Green Tanker

Dear sarah, You have now graduated from De La Salle University and have stepped into a more difficult path. We don’t know what our outcomes will be but we all know that we have the will to do everything that we can and a strong and powerful FAITH towards our GOD. You have been a great model for us. We would like to say thank for all you have done. You have achieved your last goal here at DLSU and that is to finish your studies to start a job. You will take new and heavier responsibilities each day and the only thing that I want you to remember is to never forget who you are and to always think positive. I, myself am an optimist person and it changed my perspective of life easier and more FUN. I was once frosh when I met you and I never managed the time to know you more before you graduate but at least I’ve managed to talk to you and known you for less than a year. Take good care of yourself and may your new goals set you to new possible positive outcomes and may GOD bless you.

-Gummy Torres, Lady Tanker

Hi sarah thanks for everything have a good trip 🙂

-Neil Puyo, Green Tanker

Messages compiled by: Abigail Manlongat ( student manager of swimming team)




Dear kuya kiki
Kuyaaaa kiko / Kiki ayaaan graduate kana talaga 1st of all thank you kuya kiko sa mga naitulong at naituro mo saakin kahit minsan iniikot mo ulo ko ahhaha sige lang lab naman kite eseh ahha joke baka magalit si ate abi , basta kuya kiko goodluck sa journey mo kasi mag wowork na you yay! libre na ha heheh! Basta ingat lage kuya kiki and sana d mo kami makalimutan bisita2 din kapag may time heheh!! Congratulations nga pala kuya kiki!! Lablab and i will miss yaaaa.
From Camseeeeey the giant

Camsey Bonje, Lady Jin

Hi kuya kiki’ hahaha congrats po! Kuya kiks thaaank you po kasi ang bait2x niyo po samin hahahahha dati akala ko masungit and snob pero nung nakilala na kita sobrang bait pala hahah yie pero seryoso ang bait niyo po pangarap kopo magkakuya and same ng ugali mo hahaha nyways thank you din kasi andiyan ka pag may kailangan kami sa school like yung sa dslr camera hhaha thank you kasi pinahiram mo kami tapos thank you sa lahat! Goodluck po sa future and sa career mopo libre mo po kami pag nagkatrabaho kana kuya kiks hahaha were only one call/text/chat away tho hahaha sige po godbless and ingat.

-Lovely Avancana, Lady Jin

Kiko!!!!! my 112 buddy! Thank you thank you for everything. For being one of my trusted buddies since we were young and till nag college tayo. Tapos ka na!!! Iwan mo na kami I’m so proud of you and everything you have achieved. Continue working for your dreams, Kiko. Love u always!!!

-Paola Amon, Lady Jin

Hello Kuya Kiksss!! Congratulations! Idol talaga kita sa lahat eh. Hahaha. From training to aral to life. Sa mga kwento mo and sa mga goals mo in life. Good Luck Kuya Kiko and sana babalik balik ka parin sa training kasi mamimiss ka talaga namin. Namimiss ka na nga namin ngayon eh. Hahaha. Thank you kasi you’re always there if may problems kami sa life and before sa rp. Hehehe. If nahohomesick kami nung frosh kami, gusto mo kami dalhin sa baguio. Hehe. Hindi ko yan makakalimutan kuya kiks. Basta I will miss you talaga and thank you sa lahat lahat!!

-Gab Yuchingtat, Lady Jin

Hi kuya kiki!!! XD Happy graduation po kuya. Yun oh tapos na siya Congratulations po. Sana po i bless pa po kayo lalo ni Lord. I hope you enjoy your career and sana po maging more successful pa po kayo. I hope to see you kahit may work na po kayo. Training parin and stay strong po kayo ni ate abi. Yieeeeeeeeee!! Harthart.

-Shannelle Romuar, Lady Jin

taaaaaay!!! congraaaats, ggraduate kana rin haha. wish you all the best, sa career & lovelife. ingatan mo yan si abi ah?! thank you sa mga advice mo sakin, sa tkd or lovelife man yon. take care always, ‘tay! god bless

-Cleio Banez, Lady Jin

Kiko, Congratulations, wishing you a successful career ahead! I pray that God will always guide you wherever you go! Know that i will always be here to give advice whenever you need it. God bless and congrats again!

–Japoy Lizardo, Assistant Coach DLSU Taekwondo Team

I’d always thought of you as a little brother. I’m not sure if you’d felt the same, but either way it was inspiring to watch you grow into the person you are now. I’m proud of what you’ve accomplished both inside and outside of Taekwondo. Keep pursuing your passions. Keep thanking the big Man Upstairs and keep the faith. No matter which direction you choose I know you’ll succeed and you have my full support. I’m excited to see what the next chapter of your life looks like.

-Kris Uy, Former Green Jin and National Team

I have always believed that you were destined to do great things and I know I am not wrong about this. You have grown so much since the first time I met you and I am very proud of the remarkable young man that you have become. A lot of people look up to you and I hope that you continue being an inspiration to others. You are officially an adult now, but, to me, you are always gonna be my baby boy who used to always knock on my door in the middle of the night with a sleeping bag and a blanket, go straight to the refrigerator to get food then ask for help with your math homework but would fall asleep on my floor five minutes after drinking my coffee. Never lose faith in yourself, Kiko. Keep on chasing the stars and know that you will always have me to run back to. Congratulations!


Kuya Kiko, thank you sa pagsupport sa team at pagbigay ng motivation. Thank you kasi ikaw yung naging aim ko sa team, ‘di lang halata. Hahaha! Good luck Kuya Kiko at thank you sa mga payo. 

-Dadan Cañizares, Green Jin

Hi Kuya! Thank you for everything, especially for helping us improve in Taekwondo and our character. Also, thank you for motivating us during trainings and competitions, it gives us strength that our senior believes in us. We’ll miss you and may God bless you in your future career! 

-IR Donato, Green Jin

Dear Kiko, Here we go again… Congratulations on graduating and with athletics award pa! *fist bump* Now that you have finally had your PICC moment, it really is the time to accept reality. My last year in college was truly a blast because of you and the team. My original baby boy AKA panganay, thank you for always having my back and for being a constant source of both sane and baliw moments. I will surely miss having you around and seeing your gwapo face in campus and of course, all the late night kwentuhans around Taft. Good luck on your business and I wish that all of your plans will soon come true. So proud of you Kiks, my favorite national athlete! Continue being an inspiration and never forget that we always got your back. Keep the faith.

-Ate G.

Hallooooo baby boy! The moment I started working with you, I knew you were destined for success. Your passion is as incomparable as it is contagious, and I am very fortunate to have witnessed that. Thank you for giving me the chance to be your nanay. Now that you’re done with college, a whole new set of challenges await you. I can’t promise that it will get easier, but do know that everything will be worthwhile. You’ve already accomplished so much and I couldn’t be any more proud, but I’m sure you’d want to achieve much more, for which, I will always be here to support you. Stay driven, humble, and true to yourself. Congratulations, my son!!! Get ready to reach greater heights. Nanay loves you.

-Gecca Peñas, Ang Pahayagang Plaridel

I can still remember us talking about graduation late at night while working on your thesis last year. You were just laughing because you still had one more year, and now here you are. I saw your struggles, your momentary outbursts, and your cry in fits of rage, but despite that, I also saw how you made it through. I am glad we became friends because my life would have been a bit different without you. I hope that you reach all your dreams. Thank you for the Cua Pao and everything. Congratulations!

“With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.”

-Naomi Imbang

Messages compiled by:  Imari Takahashi (student manager of Taekwondo Team) and Grace Mondia




Hi ate ape!!!! Hahaha mamimiss kita ate ape! Ang roommate ko na saglit lang ahhaha ayun ate ape gagraduate kana talaga awe unauna sa lahat ate ape thank you talaga kasi sa totoo lang ikaw ang nagpa lakas saakin kasi tinutukuan mo ako d lang ako yung rookie year namin ni gab kayo nila boss, at hanggang ngayon walang sawang tutuk kapadin saamin so THANKYOU ate apriel !! And also sa mga memories thaaankyou!!! Goodluck nga pala sa journey mo ate ape wag mo kalimutan na andito lang kami sa dorm na ililibre mo hehehe kahit noels lang ahah joke enjoy life ate ape also sa LOVELIFE AYIEEEEE , wag mo kaming kalimutan ha! Labyoou po A Dawg!  -Camseey the lizard

-Camsey Bonje, Lady Jin

Hello ate ape!! Yie Congraaaaats! Haha graduate na siya o haha ate! Thaaaaaank you po sa lahat:) thaaank you kasiii ikaw yung tipong nagpapamotivate sakin sa training sobraaaang swerte ko kasi naabutan kita last year sa last playing year mo. Kasi to be honest po ate yun yung pangarap ko haha na maline up ako na kasali ka sa team haha kasi feeling ko pag naglalaro ako ang hyper ko lagi pag after mo kaming kakausapin ganun. Hahhaa kasi sobrang hanga ako sayo ate lalo na before, nung team captain ka tas graduating student tas siyempre athlete sobrang nabalance mo talaga lahat yun parang naging inspiration kita nung time na yun kasi ang galing mo mag handle sa team tapos ang galing modin sa tkd parang kung ano yung sinasabi mo samin ginagawa mo talaga hindi yung hanggang salita kalang kaya yun na inspired ako sa mga words of wisdom mo haha pero ngayon iba na inspiration ko si James Reid na haha joke lang ate basta ate thaaank you sa lahat! Thank you for being so kind and yuuun sana madami kapang mapapahanga i know na hindi lang ako yung humahanga sayo alam kong madami kami hahaha and dadami pa kami haha stay who u are po being humble, pogi? Buang hahah and Being a Dawg hahaha sige ate ingaaat ka always! Godbless! And libre moko soon pag may trabaho kana hahaha love you

-Lovely Avacana, Lady Jin

hi ape!!! finally, ggraduate kana! hahaha. goodluck sa job hunting! kaya mo yan. thank you sa lahat ng tulong mo sa team! & sa tulong sakin pagdating sa lovelife hahaha. wish you all the best for the future! fighting lang!! stay strong sainyo ni te beng ? god bless & take care always!

-Cleio Banez, Lady Jin

Hello Ate Ape! Congratulations kasi graduate ka na. Hehe. Muntik na. Joke. Sana always ka parin mag training kasi mamimiss ka talaga ng mga Dawgssss. Hahanapin ka parin namin sa UAAP kahit di kana lalaro ah! Sobrang grateful ko to have you as an Ate. Sobrang thank you kasi wala ako dito ngayon kung saan man ako kung wala ka. Hindi ko yun lahat makakalimutan from frosh pa ako hanggang ngayon, anjan ka parin. basta yun. Congratulations ate Ape and Good Luck!! I’m always here for you.

-Gab Yuchingtat, Lady Jin

ATE APE. OUR BELOVED ATE APE HAHA. Ate, congratulations! Sa wakas tapos ka ba. Alam mo ba hanggang ngayon, ikaw pa din ni loo look up ko na captain. Sayo pa din ako kumukuha lakas para ilead yung girls haha. Salamat sa lahat ate, from the motivation to the laughters we shared sa training. I pray for all your dreams to come true! Love u ate mwah

-Paola Amon, Lady Jin

Hi ate ape!!! Graduate ka na po yaaaay!!!! Congratulations po ng bonggang bongga. Thank you po sa pagiging ate niyo saakin dito sa manila. Thank you po sa mga advices na binibigay niyo sakin. I wish you all the best and may you be more successful in life and may God bless you more!! Love shannelle

-Shannelle Romuar, Lady Jin


Congrats!! I pray that brighter opportunities will come your way and achieve success in all of them! I know you can do it because you are a fighter! Believe in yourself and believe that God will guide you in your new journey! God bless!

-Japoy Lizardo, Assistant Coach DLSU Taekwondo Team

You always cry whenever I do something like this so I am going to make this as less emotional as possible. I am not exactly sure how this friendship started but whatever the circumstances we had to go through to get to where we are now, I am glad we survived them all. This friendship is something I could always count on and I am thankful that neither of us wavered. I remember at one point we were almost inseparable that whenever other people see me alone they would always ask where you were and why we’re not together. I have always found this funny and only recently have I realized just how close we have become. I witnessed your struggles these past few years and I am just very happy you were able to overcome all of them and achieve this great milestone in your life.

One day in the future if I would ever need a lawyer, I hope you would be the one I call so please do me a favor and dont give up on that dream. You are better than what you give yourself credit for. Remember that through whatever, l will always have your back.

-Ynah Bonifacio, Former Lady Jin

Hi sa pinaka kaclose ko na senior na sobrang bait at sobrang galing mag laro.  Idol talaga kita ate ape! Ingat ka sa work ate.  Thank you sa mga payo at pag comfort at sa mga yosi break inuman break at sa mga kulitan natin ?? Mamimiss kita Ate Ape ‘di lang halata <3 Love you Ate Ape! Basta if you need me andito lang ako ???????

-Dadan Cañizares, DLSU Green Jin

Hi Ape! Congratulations! Finally, after everything, tapos na! I’m really proud to have known you even for a short number of time. I know that I have found a real friend in you. I will miss all our chismis moments and having a fellow oldie around. You are and will always be one of the best leaders that the team is blessed to have. Continue pursuing your dreams. Got you always.

–Ate G.

Messages compiled by:  Imari Takahashi (student manager of Taekwondo Team) and Grace Mondia



Carlo and Ralph,

We just want to thank you for everything that you have done for the team.

We wish you all the best. Good Luck in your future endeavors.

Animo La Salle!

From, DLSU Men’s Volleyball Team

Message compiled by: Mac Castillo and Francis Concepcion (student managers, MVT)





CONGRATULATIONS ARABELS! Super proud of what you have become. From our rookie year na sinigawan tayo ng Kaspil1 prof natin to you being able to finish your COB course!! Woohoo!! Wish you all the best in life and stay humble as you always are. God bless on your future endeavor. Always here for you kahit lagi mo ko binubully. Again, Congrats batchmate!!! Love you!! –cienney

-Cienne Cruz, Lady Spiker

Hi batchmates!!! Finally graduate na! Sabi sa inyo aantayin ko pa din kayo kasi nandito pa ko diba? Hahaha. Enjoy and see you around! Godbless 😉

-Mika Reyes, Former Lady Spiker

Congratulations Ara and Carol! As you close one of the most important chapters of your life, I’d want to thank you for the friendship and memories we shared together throughout college. I hope that as you enter the next chapter of your life, you may find purpose and fulfillment in whatever path you choose to take. As a friend, I pray and hope that in all the future endeavors you get involved in, you would always take the time to reflect and seek God’s presence because everything is only possible through Him! Once again, congratulations and God Bless!

-Camille Cruz, Lady Spiker

Congratulations Achi Ara! 🙂 Super duper proud of you. It was such an honor to be your student manager. Continue to dream big and aim high. Take Care! God bless!

-Grace, student manager

Dear Ara baby girl! I miss you! I’m so proud of you on how you bounced back from an injury. Naiyak ako when I watched you play again. Congratulations for being a graduate! Welcome to the club! Ate Mel is always here for you! Love you Ara G!

-Melissa Gohing, Former Lady Spiker




Hi batchmates!!! Finally graduate na! Sabi sa inyo aantayin ko pa din kayo kasi nandito pa ko diba? Hahaha. Enjoy and see you around! Godbless 😉

-Mika Reyes, Former Lady Spiker

CONGRATULATIONS CAROL!! So proud of what you have become!! From our nene days in Hope to you being able to finish your COB course, wish you all the success in life, will definitely miss your hyperness inside and outside the court. God bless you always and thank you for being a sister to us!! Congrats batchmate ❤ -cienney

-Cienne Cruz, Lady Spiker

Congratulations Achi Carol! 🙂 Super duper proud of you. It was such an honor to be your student manager. Continue to dream big and aim high. Take Care! God bless!

-Grace, student manager

Dear Caroline! I’m so proud of you! Congratulations! Caps off to you, Graduate! Parang kailan lang nasa Hope ka pa then you decided to play for Lasalle. You improved so much since you were in first year. Keep it up Caroline! Ate Mel is always here for you! Miss you! Love you Caroline!

-Melissa Gohing, Former Lady Spiker

Hi ate carol! Happy graduation! Congratulations, thank you for all the happy memories that you left us. We will truly miss you. It was a great privilege having you as our senior, although we had a tough time in training, you were there to lighten the mood. Stay happy! Stay healthy! Mwah :*

-Dawn Macandili, Lady Spiker

Messages compiled by: Gail Cruz and Grace Lee (student managers, WVT)

Special thanks to Ms. Grace Cura-Alhambra, as well as to all the student managers for assisting us in compiling the messages. Also to Green Media Group and Ang Pahayagang Plaridel for the photos. Lastly, to our writers, Tricia Cruz and Naomi Imbang for the efforts of making this meaningful special article for the graduating players.


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