180th Commencement Exercises: A Salute to the Graduates

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Published on November 16th, 2017 | by DLSU Sports


180th Commencement Exercises: A Salute to the Graduates

DLSU Sports salutes you for finishing your college journey! A month after the nine student athletes walked on the red carpet at the PICC last October 15, we would like to give thanks to them for the many years of bringing honor to DLSU.

In line with that, we have compiled messages from some of your teammates, coaches, and closest friends to cherish the end of another chapter in your life. As you read the letters that are now posted before you, we hope you remember that this is more than a news article or a feature article but rather a collection of personal messages from those whom you have spent most of your time with during your college stay.

You have prepared long and you have worked hard for this. Get ready to face the real challenges of the world as you leave our dear Alma Mater, Animo!

*The listed athletes are the ones known that graduated last October 15 by the De La Salle University-Office of Sports Development. In the event that we miss some, we would just like to apologize.

Nicole Andaya

BS Marketing Management


Nic! I wanted to say this from the bottom of my heart that I love you, Thank you! I admire you because you share your kindness to others. When I first saw you… you kind a quite type person but deeply inside was a craziest, weirdest person that you are. I thank you because we shared memories together, laugh during trainings, chit chatting about someone else’s life, for giving me gifts every Christmas and for the advices when we have our team talks. I hope this memories will last forever in our hearts Nic. Thank you for being part of my life that surely I will treasure it. God bless to your journey Nic surely I will miss you! Mwa

– Irish Navaja

Congrats, Nickolet! I’m glad we got closer towards the end of our college life because I know we’ll be the ultimate titas of mnl! Stay in touch ok? Wishing you all the luck conquering the next chapter (aka grad school) I know you’ll do great. Also, goodluck sa UAAP! Love you!!

– Inna Palacios

“It’s been an honor to play alongside the seniors who are graduating. Thank you for all the insights, the advice, the stress and the love. It’ll be hard trying to get used to a team without you guys but your spirit will always be with us ”

– Shannon Arthur

Meryll Ledesma

AB Sports Studies-Development Studies

Aye Capt! I wanted to say this from the bottom of my heart that I love you, Thank you! I thank you because you shared your experiences with us. I am grateful to meet you and have known you Capt! When I am with you I felt like everything was organized and beautiful I wish I could share more of this with you MerI love you and I hope this memories will last forever in our hearts. Thank you for being part of my life that surely I will treasure it. God bless to your journey surely I will miss you! Mwa

– Irish Navaja

Kapitan! Finally, you’re done with school! I’m so proud of you!! I’ve seen you grow into the person you are today. I’ve seen your struggles and frustrations but you never let that stop you from achieving your goal. Good job for all your accomplishments in this chapter of your life. Hard work does pay off, huh? So, enjoy and congratulations for graduating!! Also, thanks for making college memorable! Good luck with your future endeavors, Mer. Love you!!

– Inna Palacios

Mer, thank you for always having my back. I’m gonna miss you mer like solid love you mer!!!!!!! And goodluck on your new journey

– Dimples Tejada

Compiled by Ella Posa

Nicko Villacin

BS Entrepreneurship

Hey kuy! Congrats on graduating from college! We’re so proud of what you’ve achieved and who you’ve become. I’m lucky to be able to look up to someone of your stature. Thank you for always setting the standards high and never expecting any less from your siblings. Thanks for always pushing us to our limits and by doing so, bringing out the best in us. You deserve this and all the great things to come.

-Gab Villacin

Thank you Nicko for making me a stronger version of me, during official matches I knew you’d be hard on me at times to remain focus. Thanks for also believing in me when no one didn’t at times. Sorry for the rough journey, since you’re graduating I wish and hopefully we can turn the UAAP drama around and make history. When the time comes to leave, I’m happy to say you left on a high note no matter what and you’ll be grabbing greater successes in your life! Congratulations! (*music cue)

– Mauro Acot

Compiled by Kam Almonte and Bianca Hilado

Jeron Teng

BS Business Management

Hi JT! Congratulations on your graduation and your award! You deserve it bro. Thank you for being a good senior to me and to the rest of the team. Best of luck in your future endeavors. God bless always! Love you bro!

  • Jollo Go

Congrats JT!! Thank you for all the help that you have given me since first year. One of the most humble superstars I have ever met. You’re really a true role model to all of us. Not just inside the court but also off the court. Wishing you all the best in the PBA and we’re always here for you.

  • Kib Montalbo

Hi kuya JT! Congratulations! Salamat at naging captain kita sa rookie season ko and na guide mo Kami and nabigyan mo Kami ng championship kahit first year ko pa Lang sa team. Good luck and God bless 👍

  • Aljun Melecio

Good luck in your future endeavors, King archer! You have inspired us all! You have left a legacy in DLSU and in the UAAP that will never be forgotten.

  • Andrei Caracut

Compiled by Lawrence Perreras

Shaira Hernandez

AB Sports Studies

Hi Ate Shai! Congrats gagraduate ka na! 1 yr na lang at malapit ka na mafree sa stress ng pagiging Team Captain. Hahaha. Sana makarecover ka na sa injury mo at Goodluck sa last UAAP! Kaya mo yan. POWER! You’ve been a one good captain for all of us. Through ups and downs, you were their to support and believe on each and every one of us. Thank you for understanding and sorry if we are hard-headed most of the time (hehe). Good luck to the journey ahead of you Manang Shai and we’ll be always here you. Lovelots! 😘 -Elrica Anne Guro

Hi ate shai, Congratulations! You’ve made it! It’s quite sad we’ve only been together for just a short time 😞 But it’s alright! I know and I’m sure there’s a bright future that awaits you out there. Thank you for being so nice to me and for always helping me. God Bless and good luck in life!
Till we see each other again, captain💚

Sincerely, your 117 rookie -Angelyn Choi

Congratulations, Shaira! Since day one, I knew that there was something in you. You are such a great leader, student, and athlete. You made my work as a student manager a lot easier because you’re one of the most responsible athletes I know. I’m very honored to have been your student manager and your friend. It was amazing working with you. Good luck on your future endeavor, Capt! It was a great run ❤️

– Irish Stacey Arugay

Hi, Captain! Graduate ka na! Buti ka pa. 😭 Anywho, good luck sa life mo (wow may pagganun). Thank you sa lahat lahat. Sa advice, sa away, sa utang, sa iyakan, sa tawanan, at sa friendship. If kailangan mo nang magpapatawa sa’yo andito lang ako. Hahahaha. 😂 I love you, Captain! Congrats! 😊 -Angel Cariño

Compiled by Irish Arugay and Christia Macandili

Justine Tiu

BS Biology

Congratulations Ate Cess!!!! Idol kita in all aspects. With the kind of drive and passion you have for what you do, you can surely go places 😊 Thanks ate Cess for being such a great senior, one that I can talk and laugh with. Love you Ate Cess!!! ❤️

Michelle Cobb

Hi ate Cess! Congrats po ❤️ You have been my inspiration ever since ate, you know that! With being a biology major and a Lady Spiker at the same time, you made me realize ate that things are not that impossible to achieve and to happen. Thanks also ate Cess for being such a cool and motivating senior, u have helped us ate in so many ways, be it mentally and skill wise. I hope ate that you continue to shine and be an inspiration to many ☺️ Goodluck ate! MWAH Love you

Rovee Instrella

Compiled by Gail Cruz

Marj Mendoza

BS Advertising Management

Hi ate Marj!!!!!! Congratulations po on your graduation!!! Thank you so much po for being a great senior and for helping me especially when it comes to flying!! I still believe in our magic holding hands! HAHAHA I love you at emj!!! I’m gonna miss you so much! Wishing you luck in all your future endeavors!

Marga Rodriguez

Congrats ate Mj!! Thank you po sa lahat ng tinulong niyo sa squad lalo na sa mga flyers. Thank you for being the squad’s gummy bear na kahit nagagalit super cute pa rin. It makes training lighter, pati na rin yung mga jokes mo and jokes sayo (na lagi kang game with)!! We’re super proud sa lahat ng naachieve mo in both acads and pep. Good luck with life in the real world! Don’t forget to enjoy every step of the way!

Lara Andrada

Hello tambay/white chicks buddy!!! Congratulations weeee I am so proud of you ate marj!! Thank you for everything!! Especially for taking care of me in pep! I am grateful that I have become closer to you in college because you have taught and helped me with a lot of things! It was also fun having you around because we were always compliments sa routine and because we share the same interests hehe good luck with what is ahead of you i love you so so so much!!

Jan Domingo

Compiled by Marga Rodriguez

Special thanks to Ms. Grace Cura-Alhambra, as well as to all the student managers for assisting us in compiling the messages. Lastly, to our writers, Tricia Cruz and Naomi Imbang for the efforts of making this meaningful special article for the players who graduated.


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