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Published on August 29th, 2015 | by Pearl Cardenas


Animo Rally 2015: Ready to get it done!


August 28 marks the day of the annual Animo Rally held within the walls of De La Salle University, organized by the Office of Sports Development with the help of the student body. Before the start of the program, a morning assembly was held in order to introduce the team captains for each sport.

When the clock struck 2:30 the Animo Rally began, with the parade and introduction of each sports team as the opening act. It was followed by a skilful intermission of the DLSU Animo Squad drummers, which pumped up the Animo spirit of the Lasallian community.

Next, DLSU President Br. Raymundo Suplido FSC gave a supporting message for the athletes. He told them that sports is tougher than studies because of several factors like the difficulty of training, pressure during the games, strictness of the coach and physical fatigue. With this he commended all athletes and gave special recognition to those who excel not only in sports, but also in their studies. Br. Raymundo Suplido FSC then closed his speech with this statement, “Keep the Animo Spirit alive, represent De La Salle University with pride, we are all behind you 100%”. This message surely gave confidence to the athletes, because the next intermission by the competing rookies for the first semester events was very bold and energizing.


Following the beat of different genres of music, the athletes kept the crowd alive. After this, Ms. Joy Lanting introduced the next speaker, Mr. Ty Tang who unfortunately wasn’t able to come, he was then represented by basketball player, Thomas Torres to convey the message to the Lasallian athletes. The message was full of strength and hope, it emphasized gaining confidence and not giving up on improving an athlete’s weakness. “Remain strong, prove you’re worthy and you’ll become a brand of your own” were the last few words of Mr. Ty Tang’s message. This was followed by a more energizing intermission of the competing rookies for the second semester events who danced to “Do the Hustle” and the traditional “Budots” dance.


Moving on, the taekwondo team showed a very skillful and full of action intermission to the audience, displaying their strengths and proving the hard work they’ve put into mastering their moves.

The team captains then lit the torch and recited the Oath of excellence and fairplay together with their team members, signaling the anticipation of the start of UAAP season 78. This was followed by the joint dance performance of the team captains, a short speech from Coach Juno Sauler and the performance of the DLSU Animo Squad.


Sir Emmanuel Calanog, head of the DLSU Office of Sports Development, imparted the closing remarks “closing this program means opening the journey towards reclaiming the UAAP general championship title, support Team Lasalle as a whole. We will get it back and get it done, Animo Lasalle!”.

Animo Rally 2015, showed how determined the Lasallian athletes are to bring home the UAAP General Championship this season. With colorful costumes and fun performances, the athletes put on quite a show, reassuring the Lasallian community that they put their best in everything they do. Support Team La Salle and live the Animo!

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