Winning Ways: Green Batters overcome UST Golden Sox 11-4


The DLSU Green Batters outplay the UST Golden Sox 11-4 last February 8; they started their title defense with two straight wins after demolishing the UP Fighting Maroons in their previous game 19-1. Both games took place at the Rizal Memorial Baseball stadium.

Catching Up with the Golden Sox
It was a slow start for the Green Batters as they gave up two runs from a 2-RBI from the UST counterparts early on in the first inning. Fielding was also  an issue for the Taft-based squad as they gave up errors thus giving UST the early lead. The Green-and-White team tried to make sense on offense which was highlighted by a run from Pascual coming from a Diego Lozano RBI in the third inning. As the top of the fourth inning commenced, Iggy Escaño made a solo home run to tie the game a two runs apiece for both teams. However, the Golden Sox quickly counters the La Salle’s offense by making two more runs bringing back the deficit to two runs, 2-4. F

Momentum Finally Arrives
The Green Batters finally connected on the plate by make three runs in the fifth inning. It began with a run by Paul Naguit coming from another Diego Lozano RBI. Though he flied out, it was then quickly followed by another run, this time from this year’s King Unicorn Franco Hashimoto after a Cabiling RBI. Last season’s best hitter, Paolo Salud, made the third run as he stole home. With that 3-run rally, they finally lead the game at 5-4.

Tuning the Offense and Shutting Down UST
As the Batters had the lead, they proceeded to show their defensive prowess by shutting down UST’s attempts at making runs. They held them down as they continued to connect in the plate. All bases were loaded by Boo Barandiaran, Pascual, and Naguit during the top of the fifth inning. Paolo Salud then took a hit form the Golden Sox’ pitcher thus having Barandiaran walking home getting the run. This was also followed by UST letting Diego Lozano walk getting another run by Pascual for DLSU. Lastly, a sacrifice RBI by Cabiling finally brought home Paul Naguit to increase their score to eight runs against UST’s four runs early on.

Escaño’s Power Hit
With the UST’s momentum severed by La Salle’s defense, the España-based squad could no longer make a run for the rest of the game. In the eight inning, it was once again all bases loaded for DLSU. Paolo Salud, Diego Lozano, and Cabiling were begging to reach home plate as Iggy Escaño was ready to bat. To top off his solo home run earlier, Iggy connected with a 3 RBI double bringing home his teammates. With that power hit, the DLSU Green Batters finally reached double-digits with 11 runs clocked in. The game then ended with the score 11-4 as UST couldn’t survived the batting onslaught of DLSU.

With that win, they remain unscathed with a record of 2-0. Coach Joseph Orillana still felt there was something lacking from his Green Batters. He commented, ““Sabi ko nga sa kanila, one game at a time. Hindi naman puwedeng laging nasa atin yung momentum,m ay mga time din na mauunahan tayo. Ang importante ay kung paano sila mag-adjust sa ganung pangyayari” He reiterated that all the team had to do was to focus, adjust, and stick to the game plan to get the win. Coach also praised the batting of Iggy Escaño and how his pitchers were able to rest. Iggy was the designated hitter in the first nine to replace the starting pitcher, Kiko Gesmundo, in batting. He explains that pitchers could focus more on pitching and get the rest they deserve as Iggy comes in as the DH.

The DLSU Green Batters did have minor setbacks in their game, but they stayed calm and focused to come out with the W. They will next face Adamson February 12, the game will still be held at the same venue at around 2:00pm.

Lady Shuttlers smash their way into season 79; sweep FEU


The DLSU Lady Shuttlers sweep the FEU Lady Tamaraws five matches to love. The team almost had a clean sweep having only lost a single set during the whole round. The round took place earlier today at the Rizal Memorial Badminton Hall.  The players were Iyah Sevilla, Arianne Rivera, Kristelle Salatan, Aires Montilla, Isay Leonardo.

First Match
Season 79 started with a sweep from Iyah Sevilla against FEU’s Michal Duquilla. Though it may had been a sweep, it was a very close game all throughout the two sets. Both players were exchanging smashes and even respectful nods to each other. The first set had featured fast-paced action as the score was kept close. The lead would only reach to three at most. Iyah left as the victor even after having a tied game at 19 points. The first set ended with the score 21-19. The second set however saw the Lady Tamaraw lead early. Our Lady Shuttler was relentless enough to catch up and even tie the game late at 14-all. Sevilla then made four straight to seal the second set. She then took the first win for her team. Set scores: 21-19 and 21-17.

Second Match
The second match featured a matchup between DLSU’s Arianne Rivera and FEU’s Iris Molina. Arianne proved to be game-changer early on the match showing extreme focus and precision all throughout. Molina however made too many unforced errors during the match causing Arianne to take control during the whole match. The first set featured an early five-point lead for Arianne, she would then hold the lead for the rest of the game and even increasing it to 11 at the end set. The set ended with the score 21-10. The Lady Shuttler would once again overpower the Lady Tamaraw finishing the second set with the same score. Two double-digit leads proved that Arianne Rivera blew her opponent away. Set scores: 21-10 and 21-10.

Third Match
The third match was a doubles match between DLSU’s duo of Iyah Sevilla and Isay Leonardo against FEU’s duo of Michal Duquilla and Maridel Rivera. Both sets featured dominant play from the DLSU duo having led early in the game. With momentum on their side they were able to push the lead further to nine points. But, unforced errors by the Taft-based squad helped the Lady Tamaraws to catch up late in the game. The first set was still won by the DLSU duo, 21-15. The second set then showed a no nonsense version of the Sevilla-Leonardo combo. They proceeded to dominate early enough to have a huge lead early on. They then pulled away and finished with the score 21-12.The win also clinched an automatic victory of their round even having two more matches left. It started to smell like a sweep for the Lady Shuttlers. Set scores: 21-15 and 21-12.

Fourth Match
After the doubles match won by Iyah and Isay, Aires Montilla and Kristelle Salatan looked to get the third and round sealing win for their team in their doubles match. They were up against FEU’s Iris Molina and Klowie Garcia. The first set was very much close as Aires and Kristelle looked a bit out of sync as they made too much unforced errors. It was close at first but FEU gained the lead after slowly puling away as they scored their 16th point. However, the duo of Salatan and Montilla looked rejuvenated as they regained the lead late. The first set then ended with a Green-and-White win, 21-18. Now that they were able to feel out their opponents, the Lady Shuttlers were quick to attack first as they gained the early lead. They then stretched the lead to 12 at the end of the set. The game then again ended with another sweep.Set scores: 21-18 and 21-9.

Fifth Match
As the final match came, the Lady Shuttlers looked to get a clean sweep hoping for Isay Leonardo to win two straight sets against FEU’s Maridel Rivra. However, Isay did not look fresh coming form an intense doubles match earlier. During the first set both players were exchanging two-point leads earlier in the game. They then were tied at 18-all, Isay looked to finally put out her opponent. But, FEU’s Maridel Rivera thought otherwise by reaching the set point while Isay was behind by two points. Isay then pushed to catch up with Maridel Rivera by forcing deuces. At 20-all however, Maridel Rivera got away with two straight points, 20-22. This then became the the first set loss of the round for the Lady Shuttlers.

Lady Shuttler Isay Leonardo then looked to redeem herself still keeping it close against FEU’s Rivera. They kept it really close until Isay clutched to tie it at 18. Rivera then smashed to make it 19 points for FEU. Isay then made a three-point rally to take the second set. The match was tied with both players having a set under their belt.

The third and final set finally showed a rather “revived” Isay Leonardo. She had the early lead and even pulled away early as she led by five points, 11-6. Isay outlasted Rivera as her opponent looked fatigued. The lead then grew to double-digits as the score was 16-6. Finally, Isay took the win as she maintained the huge lead against Rivera with the score 21-11. Set score: 20-22, 21-19, and 21-11.

With that, they open their UAAP campaign with a 5-0 sweep against the FEU Lady Tamaraws. The Lady Shuttlers then look to take over this season 79 as they chase the illusive title. However, they will next face the defending champions the UP Fighting Maroons. Their round will take place tomorrow, 1 PM at the same venue. With that, hopefully #SWEEPTEMBER begins for DLSU.

Green Archers take a come-from-behind win against San Beda, extends winning streak to four.


The undefeated DLSU Green Archers outplayed the San Beda Red Lions, 94-85. Ben Mbala, Jeron Teng, and Jollo Go stood out by making 26, 23, and 17 points respectively. The Green Archers overcame a huge 11-point lead from the Red Lions after making a huge run early in the fourth quarter. This game marks as win number four for the Green Archers as they have dominated the preseason so far. The matchup took place at the Filoil Flying V Center last May 21.

The first half featured both teams struggling to maintain a lead and gain momentum. The Taft-based squad had an early lead early on in the second frame, 28-21, but was quickly diminished after ruthless aggression coming from the Red Lions on defense forced La Salle to heave awkward shots. With the lockdown defense, San Beda took advantage and finished the first half with a 10-point lead over DLSU, 33-43.

The second half opened with hot shooting coming from the Mendiola-based squad that extended the to eleven, 36-47, which was the biggest lead for the Red Lions. However, the Green Archers rallied back with hot perimeter shooting from Jollo Go and having Ben Mbala be a constant threat inside the paint. The Green-and-White team hustled to come closer in regaining the lead, they later cut the lead to two points after the third quarter, 60-62.

The fourth quarter showed a more focused La Salle team by completing a 9-0 run at the start of the frame. Two strong back-to-back baskets from Mbala helped complete that run, he later followed it up with a huge slam to extend the lead to eleven, 88-77. The Red Lions no longer came close with Jeron Teng making transition layups, the game ended with the score 94-85.

With the win, the DLSU Green Archers are still undefeated in the preseason after winning four straight. Ben Mbala had a double-double game with 26 points and 16 rebounds. They will next face the Letran Knights, May 28 at the same venue.

Streaking Green Archers blow out Mapua Cardinals 93-76



The DLSU Green Archers faced the Mapua Cardinals at the Filoil Flying V Center last Thursday evening. It was a very rough matchup resulting to highly-physical play coming from both teams. Ben Mbala led the team to victory with 29 points, 22 rebounds, two blocks, and two steals. The game ended with the Green Archers blowing the Cardinals out, 93-76.

First Half
It was a slow start for the Green Archers, high-octane offense was expected to come out of the La Salle team but looked confused during the early minutes of the game. They had minimal ball movement resulting to isolation plays. The Green and White team looked to constantly attack the basket but was met with stifling defense coming from the reigning NCAA MVP Allwell Oraeme. Ben Mbala was the constant presence to make the inside buckets but was met with fouls coming from both Justin Serrano and Oraeme.

On defense however, La Salle’s full-court press was put to the test early. Mapua’s backcourt was heavily defended by Thomas Torres and Kib Montalbo. The high pressure defense looked confusing at first with Mapua’s frontcourt being able to get easy looks in transition. The Cardinals had control of the game during the first half. The Green Archers however looked to comeback by making their free throws and by out hustling their individual matchup.

DLSU couldn’t find the mark on offense; they had a 29% field goal percentage compared to Mapua’s 45% shooting by the end of the first half. Free throw shooting was steady for the Taft-based squad by making eleven out of sixteen free throws. The first half showcased up-tempo play from both teams resulting to six lead changes. Frustrations from the bench came flaring with both head coaches receiving technical fouls during the second quarter. The first half of the brawl ended with Mapua leading against La Salle, 32-39.

Second Half
The third quarter displayed a newfound confidence with the Green Archers. A strong run was made by the Green Archers to overtake the lead. Oraeme suffered a sprain early on the third quarter which opened up the paint for the Green Archers to score inside. Ben Mbala was the factor with him attacking the rim with massive putback dunks. Abu Tratter also proved to be a threat in the paint with constant offensive boards and with him drawing lots of fouls to convert on the line. The highlight from the third came from a transition layup by Thomas Torres and a steal that led to a thunderous followup dunk by Ben Mbala. However, the third period ended with Mapua still leading by ending strong with a seven-point run, 60-61.

Allwell Oraeme returned to the game by the end of the third quarter. The Cardinals wanted to stop the bleeding within the paint and force the Green Archers to take jumpers. However, a scuffle between Oraeme and Montalbo ensued early in the fourth quarter. This resulted to disqualifying fouls for both players after the heated scuffle.

With the Cardinals without their MVP, the Green Archers blew the game open. The constant attacks of Tratter and Mbala on the paint was unstoppable. Every time they entered the paint it was either they make the basket or draw the foul. Both players combined a total of 46 points after everything was all said and done. With the high pressure defense from DLSU’s backcourt, Mapua turned over the ball too much causing their momentum to die down. Jeron Teng would also get his game going by making transition layups and nifty jumpers. La Salle’s bench was able to find the mark and was consistent on both sides of the court. The game then ended with Andrei Caracut closing the game out with a three pointer from the parking lot, 93-76.

IMG_6796Player of the game: Ben Mbala (29 points, 22 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 2 steals)

With the blowout victory, the DLSU Green Archers extend their winning streak to three and remain undefeated in the preseason tournament. Ben Mbala was named the player of the game, he had 29 points,22 rebounds, two steals, and two blocks. Abu Tratter too had a wonderful game as he had 17 points with eight rebounds. Jeron Talked also chipped in 16 points and four assists. Coach Aldin Ayo praised the play of his frontcourt; however he feels that his backcourt hasn’t fully grasped his system of play. He still praised the team’s play even after them lacking much effort in the first half.

The DLSU Green Archers look to extend their winning streak to four as they take on the San Beda Red Lions this Saturday, May 21. The game will be held at the same venue at around 5:00 PM.

Tuwi Park: The One Hit “Wit”

“Hard work works.” One of the prime examples of people pushing themselves to be their best is none other than Green Batter Jonathan Stewart “Tuwi” Park. Tuwi, sometimes called “Wit”, had a breakout season during the UAAP 78 Baseball season. He was one of the winners of the Most Runs Batted-In (RBIs) award as he ended the season with 12 RBIs. Tuwi finished his season by helping his team finally reclaim the UAAP Baseball crown as they swept the Ateneo Blue Batters. Let’s then take this opportunity to know more about “The One Hit Wit”.


Humble Beginnings
Tuwi Park first encountered baseball during his childhood years. “I started playing baseball when I was grade one. I started because I had a PE teacher and he recommended me to play baseball. And so I decided to just join.” Tuwi got his first chance to play baseball during his primary years at Southridge. He later moved to De La Salle-Santiago Zobel for his secondary education.

Tuwi took baseball seriously as he entered high school, “I feel like that’s when it really started. Because when I moved, Hashimoto he moved to La Salle as well and a bunch of other players moved to Zobel as well.” It all began to click as he fed off his newfound teammates’ hunger, work ethic, and enthusiasm towards playing the sport. “I got inspired to work as hard and to be as good as them.”  Tuwi would then continue playing for La Salle as he entered DLSU-Manila and now plays for the DLSU Green Batters.


Before the Breakout
Tuwi Park made his debut during Season 77 of the UAAP Baseball tournament. It was an achievement for him to play baseball at an even higher level. Before becoming the slugger he is now become, Tuwi focused more on being either a pitcher or a baseman. Tuwi came in the team as one of the prospected pitchers alongside Sigfrid Tan, Kiko Gesmundo, and Boo Barandiaran. Although the coaching staff usually chose Gesmundo or Barandiaran , Tuwi still experienced playing time on the mound. Tuwi played in certain matchups including the ones against NU and UP.

Tuwi was a second stringer for the Green Batters and usually he came off the bench. Rarely did he have the chance to throw the opening pitch for his team. Even though the team had an 8-2 record in the eliminations; the season ended with the team losing again in the finals. They were swept again by the ADMU Blue Batters. The second straight finals loss and the failure to reclaim the championship devastated the team. This was chance for the rest of the team, especially for Tuwi, to redeem themselves for next season.


The Breakout Season
UAAP Season 78 marked the emergence of the “One Hit Wit”. Tuwi Park was named that by his teammates as he became a threat while on the plate. He was a stat sheet stuffer throughout the season. He played nine games during the eliminations. Tuwi was at bat twenty nine times (AB 29) during the eliminations, he made five runs (R 5), he connected eleven hits (H 11), he also delivered twelve RBIs in the season (RBI 12), and he finished the eliminations with a .379 batting average (BA .379). Obviously, Tuwi is slowly becoming one of the elite hitters in the UAAP.

However, the breakout season almost didn’t come early on the year. “Honestly, beginning of the year I was worried about being cut from the team.” He explains that lots of incoming talent almost threatened him from having playing time this year. He still remained hopeful as he continued to work hard, “I never stopped going to practice. Hard work works.”

From pitching during his rookie year, Tuwi then transitioned to focusing more on batting in his sophomore year. This was due to Tuwi realizing that the Green Batters already had elite pitchers in the likes of Kiko Gesmundo, Boo Barandiaran, and rookies Diego Lozano and Arvin Herrera. “Definitely this year I focused more on batting. I decided to let go of pitching because I realized there were a lot of rookies coming in that were solid pitchers. So I thought the team needed more of batters to come in.

With his improved batting, Tuwi bolstered the team with his hitting as he posted a .483 slugging average (SA .483). Throughout the season he made eight singles (1B 8) and three doubles (2B 3). With those eleven hits, Tuwi was able to make twelve RBIs that easily helped the team get the win. Dre Palacios, his teammate, was a witness of Tuwi’s clutch hits. Dre exclaims, “Tuwi Park is always there to come up in the clutch”. Every time he steps on the plate, everyone can here the Green Batters chant “One Hit Wit!” to cheer on Tuwi whenever he bats.

All the cheers, the hard work, and the support of his teammates finally resulted to Tuwi winning the Most RBIs award during the eliminations. He shared the award with Adamson’s Jerome Yenson and UST’s Julius Diaz. His batting and slugging averages just goes to show how far he has come to become one of the league’s best hitters and sluggers. Tuwi is also just a sophomore and can still improve.

Tuwi’s hitting proved to be a factor in the finals. The One Hit Wit delivered whenever he was needed during the finals series, may it be in his duties as a batter or as a first baseman. In the end, the whole team worked everything out and won their first championship since 2003. Being with part of history, Tuwi Park felt extremely elated upon clinching the title, “I can’t really put it into words. It was the time of my life that was the happiest that I’ve ever been. I just don’t want to let this feeling go. So I’m going to work twice as hard to get this back next season.”


The Future Looks Bright
The future looks bright not only for Tuwi Park but also for the whole Green Batters team. By finally reclaiming the championship, the Green Batters have finally proved themselves that they can reach the top. Some seniors, like team captain Carlos Muñoz, will no longer be there for next season. But, rising stars in the team like Kiko Gesmundo, Boo Barandiaran, Iggy Escaño, Diego Lozano, Arvin Herrera, Josh Salinas, Paolo Salud and including Tuwi Park look to lead the team to more championships. They’re young enough to probably build a dynasty for La Salle, Tuwi adds “Next year we’re going to come back stronger. We may be losing seniors but that doesn’t matter. We’re going to keep working on getting better. Like what I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, hard work works.” In the end, everything is looking good for Tuwi Park and the Green Batters. Tuwi and the rest of the Green Batters would like to thank the whole Lasallian community for their continued support. By ending on a high note, Tuwi Park will always push himself to become his best every single day and he’ll continue on helping his team win in every game.


Lady Woodpushers reclaim championship glory; Green Woodpushers humbly settle for third

The DLSU Lady Woodpushers once again took the UAAP Chess title while the Green Woodpushers humbly settle for a third place finish. The Lady Woodpushers redeemed themselves from last year’s heartbreaking loss. Lady Woodpusher, Bernadette Galas, ended up being named this season’s MVP. On the other hand, the Green Woodpushers failed to retain the throne as they landed third place in the end of the tournament.


Road to Redemption
The Lady Woodpushers climbed back to the top after last year’s haunting one point loss in the final matchup against FEU. Lady Woodpusher, Jan Fronda, led the team throughout last season. However, the team finally succumbed to FEU and the reigning MVP, Lady Tamaraw Janelle Frayna.  Jan Fronda and the rest of the Lady Woodpushers tried to push for a historic 5-peat championship run. It haunted the team before the season on how they their season ended by a single point.

Nevertheless, the Lady Woodpushers did their best to move on and focus on this season. This year they came in with a lot of seniors leaving. This includes the likes of Cherry Ann Meija and Jan Fronda who were rated as masters in the sport.

The team took blows as they lost key veterans coming into the season. Team veteran and international master, Bernadette Galas, felt that they needed to communicate more as a team. Bernadette explains, “Since nawalan kami ng seniors nag-adjust kami. Inayos namin yung sched namin sa acads at nagspend kami ng extra-time aside from training.”. Bernadette knew that the road back to the finals would be tough, especially facing an all-star FEU chess team this season. On the other hand, Coach Susan Grace Neri knew she had to motivate her girls. Coach commented, “Bumilib ako sa paramount passion nila to get it done this year. They had the eagerness this season.” In the end, they found newfound confidence with each other as they looked to regain the championship glory for DLSU.

Throughout the season, the Lady Woodpushers prevailed as they only suffered one loss and a draw. The team posted an approximate tally of 47.5 points during the tournament. At the end of everything, Bernadette Galas was named this season’s MVP. Bernadette felt grateful as she won her first MVP in three years. She does admit that she was hesitant in leading the team but she proved that she was able to get the job done as she clinched the MVP title. Bernadette then added, “Inayos ko yung pagaaral ko ng openings. With the help of my coach na din, kasi  yung playing style niya di mababasa. Kasi parang yung ibang teams isa lang opening nila pero coach ko iba iba para di makapag-prepare yung ibang teams.”. Bernadette proved herself worthy to start matches as she played Board 1 more often this season.

With the championship back home here at Taft, confidence is at an all-time high for the Lady Woodpushers.  Even though they’ve lost key veterans in their roster, they managed to work harder and put on extra effort to reclaim the championship. The Lady Woodpushers look to continue their winning ways for next season and the Lasallian community should expect a lot more from the girls.


Defending the Crown
The Green Woodpushers couldn’t live up to championship expectations as they finish third in the season.

The loss of more key veterans in the team was a major setback for the Green Woodpushers. This included the likes of Aglipay Oberio, who was a master and the former team captain of the team.  Masters like Franz Grafil and defending MVP Jerad Docena also missed out on the season.

Green Woodpusher, Denzel Amar, felt elated that his team still received a podium finish. He admits it was a tough season for them since they’ve lost some seniors upon entering this season. The Green Woodpushers were still contenders for the title; however some mid-season slip ups and bad luck changed the tide for the Woodpushers. Denzel added, “We expected na kaya naming mag-second. Kahit sa championship contender kami. Kaso, medyo nagka-samaan lang ng laro.”. As they entered the last round of the tournament, the boys started to struggle as FEU started to pose as a threat in the final four. FEU looked also to finish third as they battled it out with the Woodpushers in the final round. In the end, the Green Woodpushers proved to be triumphant and deserved the third spot in the standings. Though it wasn’t a championship match, the Woodpushers felt like they got the gold as they perfectly exacted their revenge against FEU. FEU stole their first round matchup with DLSU, and now the Woodpushers were able to finish on top of them.

Coach Susan Grace Neri was very much proud of her boys this season. With lesser seniors, she noticed how her players matured and how they realized they needed to put in more work in training. Coach added, “I admire my boys for the heart na pinakita nila. I really admire them for not giving up sa sarili nila and for the team.” it was evident that the players were more confident with their play this season. Coach also commented, “Iba talaga yung puso nila ngayon eh. Iba yung puso ng men’s team ngayon compared to the previous teams, I mean sa history ng men’s team.”.

With the Green Woodpushers having a lot more confidence in themselves, they expect to play much smarter and efficient next season. Coach Susan does agree that the team will soon be a force to be reckoned with in the UAAP. That’s why the Green Woodpushers need all the support from the Lasallian community to make that dream into a reality.

Thirteen Years Gone: Green Batters clinch first UAAP championship title since 2003 with comeback win



The DLSU Green Batters win their first UAAP baseball title after a 13-year championship drought. The finals series ended with a sweep by the Green-and-White team, 8-3 and 11-9. The co-Finals MVPs were pitchers Diego Lozano and Boo Barandiaran. The last game of the series took place yesterday at the Rizal Memorial Baseball Stadium.

finals 1

The Starting Innings and DLSU’s consistency
The DLSU Green Batters began the game focusing on defense. They were able to hold down the Ateneo Blue Batters scoreless during the first three innings. The Loyola-based squad were rough throughout the starting innings thanks to DLSU’s stifling defense. The first three innings were highlighted with Green Pitcher Diego Lozano’s hot pitching especially his pickoffs. His pitching anchored the DLSU defense thus resulting to ADMU looking clueless while batting.

The defense was followed up with consistent offense coming from the Green Batters. The Taft-based squad made three runs in the first three innings with a run per inning. The bottom of the first inning began with the Best Hitter of the season, Paolo Salud, walking to first. It then followed with Cholo Dominguez flying out. Iggy Escaño on the other hand made a rough single to move Salud to second base. The King Unicorn and team captain, Carlos Muñoz, made a deadly RBI double to the left field to bring home Salud. With that, Salud scored the first run of the game. Most RBIs awardee, Tuwi Park, followed up with a single but Muñoz gets tagged out at second. The first inning ended with Kiko Gesmundo flying out, 1-0.

The second inning proved to be the same for the Green Batters as they made another run to extend the lead to two runs, 2-0. Paul Naguit opened the second inning by getting ousted by the Blue Batters. However, Josh Salinas retaliates with a huge triple to put himself in prime scoring position. Franco Hashimoto looked to bring Salinas home but couldn’t capitalize by grounding out. Salud, with his hitting prowess, was able to get the job done and bring home Salinas with an RBI double. The inning still ended with only one run as Salud got caught taking third, 2-0.

The third inning began spectacularly for DLSU; with Dominguez grounding out, Escaño looked to make a powerful hit. A solo homerun was then made by Iggy Escaño to increase their score tally, 3-0. With the quick run, the inning also ended quickly with both sluggers, Muñoz and Park, grounding out and striking out respectively. Batting appeared consistent for the Green-and-White team and the momentum was definitely on their side. However, the middle innings quickly changed the course of the game.

finasl 2

The Middle Innings and Ateneo’s Revenge
The ADMU Blue Batters immediately changed the tide of the match upon entering the fourth inning. They broke the game open as they made a six run rally. The highlight of the Blue Batters’ batting was when they made a two RBI double to extend their lead. The Loyola-based squad were able to take away Lozano’s focus on pitching by taking their time and calling timeouts. It was obvious that the Ateneo coaching staff did a wonderful job on scouting La Salle’s pitching. Diego Lozano slowly became worried and fatigued with the big rally of the Blue Batters. Lozano gave up four runs to the Blue-and-White team. He was later relieved of pitching duties and was replaced with another rookie, Arvin Herrera. The Ateneo Blue Batters were looking for revenge as they casted another RBI triple while Herrera was pitching. They quickly followed up with a RBI single to finally complete their six run rally. The bombing of the Blue Batters finally ended with great defense from DLSU catcher Paul Naguit and a fly out by Ateneo. At the end of the top of the fourth inning, Ateneo was leading 3-6.

DLSU tried to catch up but the Ateneo defense proved too much for them. They ended up scoreless for the fourth and fifth inning. Blue Batter Remollo tried to continue the scoring run by making another run in the fifth inning. The sixth inning still showed great batting from the Blue-and-White team by making another run. However, defense from La Salle began to make a comeback. The DLSU defense was highlighted with an outfield throw from Dominguez to tag out Blue Batter Hilario by Naguit as he tried to take home. Confidence slowly began to build up for the DLSU Green Batters.

The Green Batters showed signs of life at the bottom of the sixth inning. They made two runs to cut the Ateneo lead, 5-8. The bottom of the sixth began with Captain Carl Muñoz walking to first. This was then followed by a single by Tuwi Park, however Muñoz gets tagged while taking second. With one out, Kiko Gesmundo takes a hit from a wild pitch and walks to first. With a spontaneous bunt from Paul Naguit, he takes first thus loading all bases. Josh Salinas looked to score but he eventually struck out. From out of nowhere, Franco Hashimoto made a devastating two RBI single that brought home Park and Gesmundo. The sixth inning ended with Paolo Salud grounding out. The Green Batters were slowly catching up with the score at that point, 5-8.

finals 3

The Dying Innings and DLSU sealing the deal
The seventh inning still showed a hopeful Ateneo team looking to steal game two. They made a run to throw away DLSU confidence. The Blue Batters eventually made their last run of the game to finally extend their lead to four runs, 5-9. Though they were able to crack DLSU’s defense, Boo Barandiran’s pitching overcame Ateneo’s batting. The quick and solid defense being played by the Green Batters proved too much for ADMU thus limiting them to one run.

The comeback effort finally came upon entering the bottom of the seventh inning. The historic inning for DLSU also featured a six run rally. The bottom of seventh opened with a single by Cholo Dominguez. This was then followed by a powerful double by Iggy Escaño, All the bases were then loaded as Carlos Muñoz walked to first. Tuwi Park came in and looked to bring home his teammates. However, he was walked thus giving Dominguez the run as he walked to home, 6-9. Eventually, Escaño found his way home and continued the comeback effort, 7-9. As Kiko Gesmundo was about to bat, silence shrouded the whole stadium. He then made a game tying two RBI double as he brought home two of his teammates, 9-9. The whole La Salle crowd was raving and cheering as the rally continued. Once again with all bases loaded, Mr. Best Hitter Paolo Salud got the job done. He made a two RBI double to finally take the lead again for DLSU, 11-9. The Blue Batters became frustrated with that huge six run rally by the Green Batters. The defense of Ateneo was quick enough to end the DLSU rally with a hefty double play. The seventh inning ended with DLSU finally on top once again, 11-9.

After Barandiaran taking over pitching duties, defense finally made sense for the Green Batters. Strike out after strike out, confidence for La Salle was at an all-time high. Coordinated defensive stops were the key factors on why they held Ateneo scoreless for the last two innings. A scary scene in the eighth inning came with King Unicorn, Carlos Muñoz, injuring himself while going for the catch. The eight inning ended with both teams scoreless, 11-9.

The top of the ninth was crunch time for Ateneo as they needed two more runs to extend their four-peat hopes alive. But the DLSU defense led by Green Pitcher, Boo Barandiaran, proved too much for the Ateneo Blue Batters. Two straight clutch strikeouts by the former Pitcher of the year awardee was the dream-killer for Ateneo. A fly out by the Blue Batters ended the season for both squads with the Green Batters overcoming the defending champions, 11-9. The DLSU Green Batters finally reach the promised land and win the championship after thirteen long years.

finals 4History in the making
History was made at the Rizal Memorial Baseball Stadium yesterday. The DLSU Green Batters clinched their fourth UAAP Baseball title ever after a thirteen-year championship drought. The Green Batters proved that “third time’s the charm” as they finally sweep the ADMU Blue Batters after three straight finals confrontations. The sweep felt bitter sweet for the Green Batters as they’ve been swept two consecutive time in the finals by the Blue Batters. For the first time in UAAP Baseball finals history, there were two finals MVPS. The co-Finals MVPS were both pitchers Diego Lozano and Boo Barandiaran. This was thanks to their pitching that anchored the DLSU defense, their deadly strike outs, and hefty pickoffs.

The last championship was during the 2002-2003 UAAP Baseball season that was led by MVP at that time and now head coach, Coach Joseph Orillana. Coach Joseph had a lot to say about how different it was to lead the team to championship now as a coach, He commented, “Mas malaki ang value nito, as a champion coach. Mas mahirap ang task kasi ngayon coach na, di na as a player. As a coach kasi it takes a lot of effort to motivate and set the team’s gameplans. Buti na lang na execute nila ng maayos ngayon. Sobrang masaya, masarap.”. The game was highlighted by the comeback of the Green Batters at the seventh inning. Coach Orillana implored the team to stay calm, he added, “Sabi ko sa kanila wag na sila mag-panic. Yung six runs na yan madali lang habulin yan. Ang sinabi ko lang stay focused at follow lagi yung gameplan.” Coach Joseph Orillana gave even more back to his Alma mater. From leading a championship team as a player to leading a championship to as a coach, he really does thank and appreciate the whole Lasallian community. He appreciates the fact that the whole Lasallian community supports them and to know that the team is not fighting this battle alone.

The journey to the promised land was not easy for the DLSU Green Batters. They tallied a 7-3 record in the season, they hustled and worked hard to get to the top. With a commanding sweep against the defending champions, the ADMU Blue Batters, the future looks bright for the Green Batters. This can be seen through the individual awards awarded to Green Batters Tuwi Park (Most RBIs), Paolo Salud (Best Hitter), Diego Lozano (Finals MVP) and Boo Barandiaran (Finals MVP). The thirteen years of tragedy and pain are finally gone with a sweet championship victory. Once again, the DLSU Green Batters are your new UAAP Baseball champions!


Green Batters finish off Ateneo in finals opener 8-3

dominguez_choloThe DLSU Green Batters crush the ADMU Blue Batters in game one of the UAAP Baseball Finals, 8-3. This is the first finals victory of DLSU since 2003. The Green Batters look to end their thirteen-year championship drought this season. The game was held earlier today at Rizal Memorial Baseball Stadium.

First Three Innings
The first three innings of the game was quiet for both teams. Green Batter Tuwi Park was able to make a single early in the first inning but the inning didn’t end with a run. King Unicorn, Carlos Muñoz opened the second inning with a walk. Cholo Dominguez then follows with a sacrifice fly for Muñoz to steal second base. Kiko Gesmundo then gets grounded out next and Paul Naguit finished the inning by striking out. The third inning was also scoreless for DLSU, it began with Josh Salinas grounding out and Franco Hashimoto striking out. Salud shows promise for a potential score with a massive left field single. However, Tuwi Park couldn’t compromise and flew out to end the top of the third inning.

The Blue Batters were also lost on batting against DLSU’s heavy defense. DLSU Pitcher, Boo Barandiaran, kept the Loyola-based squad from scoring during the starting innings. Key defensive plays also came from shortstop Hashimoto and fielder Salinas.

2-Out Rally = 5 Runs
A massive five-run rally came during the fourth inning for the Taft-based squad. The fourth inning began with Iggy Escaño flying out and Muñoz getting caught. With two outs, Dominguez walks to first and suddenly steals second. Gesmundo then gets hit with a wild pitch and walks to first. Lastly, Naguit was granted a walk and loads first base. With that, all bases were loaded due to walks from ADMU Pitcher, Paulo Macasaet.

From out of nowhere, Cholo Dominguez gets the first run of the game. Salinas then loads first base as Macasaet gives the walk. A massive three-RBI triple from Hashimoto brought home Gesmundo, Naguit, and Salinas. Hashimoto then earns his own run thanks to an RBI single from Salud. The five-run rally ended with Tuwi Park grounding out. DLSU finished the top of the fourth inning on top, 5-0. The fourth inning ended with the Blue Batters only scoring a single run, 5-1.

Fifth and Sixth Innings
The fifth inning started with Escaño making a powerful left field single. Muñoz then loads the first base with a walk. Dominguez then made a single but Muñoz then gets caught taking second. With Escaño on third, Gesmundo made a sacrifice fly RBI to bring home Escaño. The top of the fifth ended with Naguit flying out, 6-1. The Blue Batters tried to catch up by making two runs of their own. This included a solo home run from Blue Batter Tantuico during the opening pitch. With that, Green Pitcher Barandiaran was then replaced by rookie Diego Lozano. The fifth inning ended with the score still favoring DLSU, 6-3.

Salinas opened the sixth inning with a single. Hashimoto then followed it up with a hit but Salinas got caught taking second base. Surprisingly, Salud flew out during his time on the plate. Park however took first and Hashimoto had the prime scoring position. Escaño looked to make a power hit to bring home Hashimoto. However, Escaño flew out to end the sixth inning. The Blue Batters couldn’t make a proper hit due to Lozano’s leftie pitches. The score remained 6-3.

Finishing it off
King Unicorn Muñoz broke the seventh inning open with a huge triple. Dominguez followed it up with a sacrifice fly RBI to bring home Muñoz. That run extended the lead to 7-3. Gesmundo tried to carry the momentum and made a single. Naguit on the other hand flew out. The Blue Batters were still scoreless thanks to Lozano anchoring the defense with his pitching. The seventh inning ended with DLSU still leading, 7-3.

The eighth inning looked like a momentum-stopper for the Green-and-White team. It ended quickly as Salud flew out, Park striking out, and Escaño striking out too. Still, the score remained 7-3 since the Blue-and-White team couldn’t overcome DLSU’s defense.

The Green Batters entered the ninth inning looking to finish the Blue Batters off. With killer instinct, Carlos Muñoz opened the ninth inning with a powerful double. Cholo Dominguez then followed it up with an enormous RBI double that brought home Muñoz. The possible rally ended with Dominguez trying to take home. The top of the ninth ended with DLSU adding to the lead, 8-3. The Blue Batters tried to come up with a rally but failed. Pitcher Diego Lozano was simply remarkable during his time on the mound. The Blue Batters failed to come up with a run and lost, 8-3.

Historical Value
This win marks as the first finals game victory of the Green Batters since the 2002-2003 season. That season was led by former MVP and current head coach of DLSU, Coach Joseph Orillana. With the win, the Green Batters need one more game to end the thirteen-year championship drought. Coach Joseph Orillana and the rest of the coaching staff felt proud on how their team performed. He commented, “Sabi ko naman sa kanila na kaya naman eh. Stay focused lang talaga and believe in themselves lang talaga. Yung pressure kasi yun yung sumasabay eh. For the past two years ng experience namin sabi ko kaya na. Maybe dapat this time gising na sila. Nung na prove na nila na kaya na, naniwala na sila at nagawa na nilang manalo.”. 

With this commanding win, can the DLSU Green Batters finally bring home the bacon? We will find out next game as they possibly finish the series and finally capture that illusive title that’s been haunting the team for thirteen years now. Game two will be held on Monday, March 14 and will start at 12 noon, it will still be held at the same venue.


The Return: Green Batters secure spot at the finals after winning seven straight

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The DLSU Green Batters return to the UAAP Baseball finals scene as they’ve dominated the second round so far. They’ve won over the UP Maroon Batters (14-5), the UST Golden Sox (3-2), and now the Adamson Soaring Falcons (4-1). The games were held at the Rizal Memorial Baseball Diamond.

The Second Round Opener

cholo dark

The Green Batters blew away the UP Maroon Batters during the second round opener. The Taft-based squad was on a batting frenzy as they made fourteen runs. Though the Green Batters had tight defense, the Maroon Batters were able to sneak away with five runs.

The Green-and-White team had confessed that their overkill of the Ateneo Blue Batters gave them even more confidence for the rest of the season. They were able to carry the momentum from that game to their game against UP. With that, their batting was on point throughout the matchup.

Signs of hope were being shown by the Maroon Batters as they were able to get five runs during the game. That proved fruitful as they were able to manhandle their next opponent in the tournament, the Adamson Soaring Falcons.

In the end, what really mattered for the Green Batters was the win. The Green Batters ended the game in dominating fashion as the final score was 14-5. They were able to extend their winning streak to five and looked to overcome the UST Golden Sox next.

Gesmundo’s Game

kiko dark

The Green Batters next faced the UST Golden Sox in what was a close game. Defense and pitching was the story of the game for DLSU. Green Batter Francis Gesmundo was the highlight of the match as he was able to strike out thirteen UST Batters.

Francis “Kiko” Gesmundo opened the game by striking out the first few batters of the España-based squad. In the second inning, UST’s Christian Mercado was able to score the run for his team. The score then was 0-1.

The runs started coming for the Green Batters during the fourth inning. Three runs were made by the Taft-based squad. These runs came from Boo Barandiaran, Iggy Escaño, and Tuwi Park.  The fourth inning began with a Boo Barandiaran double. Iggy Escaño then walked to first base. UST Pitcher Jackson Acuña then threw a wild pitch that then led to Barandiaran scoring a run. This tied the game 1-1. Later on, Tuwi Park then connected with a base hit thus loading another base for DLSU. Gabriel “Gabo” Pineda then opted for the sacrifice fly to bring home Escaño, 2-1. Lastly, Franco Hashimoto brought home Park to finish the rally to 4-1.

Kiko Gesmundo continued to be a huge factor on defense. During the first six innings, he only allowed four hits for UST. He then continued until the seventh inning. After a Max Mercado run for his Golden Sox, Gesmundo was later replaced by Arvin Herrera. Kiko’s performance at the mound was pure killer instinct as he ended up striking out thirteen UST Batters. The Green Batters maintain the one run lead and ended the game with the score 3-2.

With the win, the Green Batters extended their streak to six and looked to reach seven as they next faced the Adamson Soaring Falcons.

The Return of the King Unicorn, Carlos Muñoz

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Today’s game featured the return of team captain Carlos Muñoz back in the mound. He pitched the whole game for the Green Batters. He held the Adamson Soaring Falcon down with his deadly pitching. The Taft-based squad rendered the Soaring Falcons scoreless for eight straight innings.

The game started out exciting as the Adamson Soaring Falcons kicked off the game with a run. They were able to capitalize off a throwing error from catcher Paul Naguit to third baseman Carl Miñana. However, Carlos Muñoz stopped their momentum early by anchoring his team’s defense.

The Green Batters then took the lead in the bottom of the first inning with two runs. The two-run rally started off with Paolo Salud taking first base. In an instant, he then stole second base. Diego Lozano however flies out. Boo Barandiaran then makes a single while Iggy Escaño gives a sacrifice fly to both Salud and Barandiaran. Later on, Pao and Boo take prime scoring positions as Cholo Dominguez takes to the plate. Dominguez then makes an RBI single that then led to a Salud run. Carl Miñana then explodes with a massive RBI double that brought home Barandiaran. The two-run rally ended with Paul Naguit striking out. The first inning ended with DLSU on top, 2-1.

The game began to look like an exchange of runs with that high octane batting from the Green Batters early on. However, Captain Carl Muñoz thought otherwise. The Green Batters made it look easy on defense as the Soaring Falcons couldn’t connect on the plate. The highlight of the second inning came from an amazing run by rookie Joshua Salinas. As he took first base, Franco Hashimoto bunted the ball. The Soaring Falcons made a crucial mistake with the throwing error. Salinas, from first base, then took the opportunity to get the third run of the game. The second inning ended with the lead still favoring DLSU, 3-1.

The third inning was quiet for both teams with no runs being scored. In the fifth inning however, the Taft-based squad once again scored a run. It was like a replay of the first run. Salud makes a single and then steals second as Lozano flies out. But this time it was a Barandiaran RBI that brought home Salud with his second run of the game. The fourth inning ended with DLSU still controlling the game, 4-1.

The rest of the innings left both teams scoreless. DLSU’s lockdown defense led to AdU getting shut out for the rest of the game. However, the Green Batters lackluster batting came in late. They couldn’t connect properly on offense. Yes they made hits but couldn’t convert them into runs. The game ended with the Green Batters triumphant, 4-1.

After being injured with a dislocated shoulder, this was Carlos Muñoz first full game since the injury. The King Unicorn went crazy while pitching. He ended the game by shutting out the Soaring Falcons for eight straight innings. Captain Carl finished the game with a total of ten strikeouts. In today’s game, Coach Joseph Orillana gave him a different role. Usually coach chooses him for batting over pitching but it was the other way around today. Muñoz commented, “It was a little different, I’m not used to pitching and not hitting.” He later added that he doesn’t mind changing roles, “Everyone’s been playing there roles and… I don’t care who I am, I’ll play my role too. And it worked.”

The Road to the Finals is set: “This is our year”

this is our year 01

With the win over the Adamson Soaring Falcons and the surprising loss of the NU Bulldogs, the DLSU Green Batters are now set for a finals rematch with the Ateneo Blue Batters. Having won seven straight games in the tournament, confidence is in an all-time high for the Green Batters.

Coach Joseph Orillana and the rest of the coaching staff are very proud with what the team is doing right now. But still, the coaches still want to emphasize on certain things. For Coach Jo he sees the intense defense from last year slowly coming back to life. He complemented on how the fielders were able to coordinate properly in the last few games and how pitching became an even bigger factor for the Green Batters. Batting and certain pauses of momentum during mid-game have been the usual problems of the team. Coach Jo worries that the team are becoming too dependent on their defense and pitching. He added, “Di pwede ganyan, lalo na sa mga tight game. Di pwede pitcher lang tratrabaho kailangan pa rin ng palo. Kung di na kayo gagawa ng paraan, kami na lang gagawa ng paraan ng mga coaches. Kasi yung hitting diskarte na nila. Kung di sila didiskarte kami na lag didiskarte.

Focus and staying healthy were the main points being spread around the team. Though the next two games won’t change the finals matchup, the coaches will still use it to know what’s best for the team. Coach Jo made it clear that he wants 110% from his team. Lastly, the whole coaching staff feels that the killer instinct of the Green Batters has finally returned. The Green-and-White team believes that this will be the year they’ll finally take the crown. They know that “This is our year.”

The DLSU Green Batters will next face the NU Bulldogs March 3. The second round will then end March 6 with a rivalry matchup between DLSU and ADMU. All games will still be held at the same venue.

Finishing Strong: Green Batters demolish ADMU Blue Batters 14-7


The DLSU Green Batters annihilate the ADMU Blue Batters, 14-7. A huge seven run rally came from the Green Batters as they began to explode in the late innings. Both teams finish the first round tied for the first spot in the standings, 4-1. The finals rematch took place at the Rizal memorial Baseball Stadium.

The game started with the Green Batters taking control. Though they only made one hit, two runs were both scored by rookie Diego Lozano. Sloppy pitching coming from Blue Batter Paolo Macasaet was very crucial for the Blue Batters. Lots of walks were given to the Green-and-White team, thus giving the Green Batters two runs, 2-0.  This continued in the second inning as the pitching seemed terrible for the Ateneo side. Two more runs were scored by Paolo Salud and then Franco Hashimoto. Even though they still made just one hit, they were still able to capitalize on it. Defense was solid for the Green Batters as they didn’t let their blue counterparts score for the first two innings. Boo Barandian was the defensive anchor for his team with his impeccable pitching. Second inning then ended with the score 4-0.

The third inning was a quiet inning for the Taft-based squad. They couldn’t make a single hit as Paolo “P-Mac” Macasaet burned the Green Batters with his pitching. The Blue Batters slowly came alive as Blue Batter Kai Furusawa scored the run coming from a Gino Tantuinco RBI. The momentum slowly built itself up for the Blue Batters as they started to connect with their batting. The score was now 4-1 still favoring DLSU.

The fourth inning then came with the Green Batters hungry to take back the lead. A massive hit came from Tuwi Park that brought home Fransic Gesmundo and then a passed ball led to Ignacio Escaño scoring the run. They then extended their lead to five runs, 6-1. However, the Loyola-based squad still managed to catch up in the fourth inning. They were able to connect in the plate very well as they made three hits and two runs. Once again it was Kai Furusawa who scored for the Blue Batters and then Chong Ramos added another for his team. The score then was 6-3 with DLSU still leading.

The fifth inning was another quiet inning, this time for both teams. Only DLSU was able to connect a hit in the inning.  The bottom of the fifth inning ended in controversy. The Blue Batters had two outs, their hitter Radito Banzon was first called a third strike by the head umpire. From out of nowhere, the head umpire immediately changed his call to an uncaught third strike by catcher Paul Naguit. Due to the confusion, Banzon was able to reach first base. The sudden change caused a lot of confusion and frustration for the Green-and-White squad. The matter was then resolved as both coaching staffs discussed with the game’s officials. Pepe Muñoz, the team manager of the Green Batters, still held the game under protest.

The sixth inning was cold for the Green Batters. They couldn’t connect on the plate as they couldn’t make a hit. The Blue Batters suddenly caught fire as errors then came from DLSU. Two runs were made by Renzo Ramos and Ryan Hilario courtesy of an RBI from Marquis Alindogan. Suddenly, the lead was cut short as the score now was 6-5. The seventh inning came crashing as both teams couldn’t do anything as they were batting.

The eight inning was the game-changing inning for both teams. DLSU erupted by making seven runs in that one inning. Diego Lozano and Francis Gesmundo were able to first load the bases. Ignacio Escaño then made a two RBI-double giving Lozano and Gesmundo their respective runs. the score now was 8-5. Just as Tuwi Park was ousted, another two-out rally came from the Green-and-White team.

Cholo Dominguez made a single and took first and a Paul Naguit walk caused all bases to be loaded. Rookie Josh Salinas was able to bring home Dominguez and Escaño by making a huge double. Naguit was able to score his run and then Salinas with a massive triple from Franco Hashimoto. The eight inning then ended with the score 13-5 with Hashimoto getting the last run.

The ninth inning gave the Green Batters their last run for the game. Francis Gesmundo gave his team the run as he scored his third run of the day. The desperate Blue Batters scored two more runs as they took on a fatigued Boo Barandiaran. Arvin Herrera was then tasked to take over pitching duties. He was able to finish off the Blue Batters as the lead proved to much for the Blue-and-White team. The game then ended with the score 14-7, and the Green Batters now share the first spot in the standings with the Blue Batters.

Coach Joseph Orillana talked to his team about focusing more on getting a lot of hits. This resulted to the nineteen hits the team was able to make in the game. He added, “Attack the pitcher, pag natamaan nila ang pitcher anything can happen. Importante na mag-connect sila sa pagpalo kasi sa pitching naman okay naman hold nila.” He always reminded his team that they shouldn’t put any pressure on themselves. He commented, “Sabi ko sa kanila na alisin nila yung pressure at dapat sila mag-stand out between Ateneo and La Salle. Dapat sila ang humarap.” 

The DLSU Green Batters give the ADMU Blue Batters their first loss of the season. They now share the top spot as they both have a record of 4-1. The Green Batters will next face the UP Maroon Batters (0-5) as they open the second round of the season.