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Published on March 18th, 2014 | by Adiel Sam De Jesus


Something bright in defeat


From day one, the DLSU Lady Spikers seemed to be untouchable and very much poised to take their fourth consecutive crown but not after March 5, 2014 – Game one of their finals duel against familiar championship foe, Ateneo Lady Eagles.

The ladies from Taft eventually bounced back in Game Two but again denied to get the crown in Game Three. When the thrice-to-beat advantage faded and both teams are equal on the court on the fourth and final match, their Katipunan counterparts just did the improbable in straight sets – the first in such a long time.

More than just the tears of team captain Abigail Maraño and all the Lady Spikers, thousands of Lasallians felt the same way. Though consolation prizes or consolation ideas won’t ease the pain, it will be nice to look at some bright spots of the game.

A big lesson learned. 

_JGF8663The weight of the heartache equates the weight of the lesson each and every Lasallian could learn from the defeat. From technicalities,  techniques, and attitude, each Lasallian and each Lady Spiker have surely gotten something because of the upset. In some way, this will make each and everyone a better individual in the near future ahead. More than just the in-game adjustments, mental and emotional toughness is one thing the Lady Spikers could strengthen within themselves.

A bigger picture. 

_JGF8505If you look at it, the run of the Spikers was not bad, they fall short but they did give up the crown via a well-played series and not by just not making it to the finals. Also, their second place finish is good enough to back up DLSU to grab its back-to-back General Championship crown. It may have been a perfect ending to get the women’s volleyball championship to cap the great season by the Green-and-White athletes. But things do not fall perfectly for each and everyone to reflect about the imperfections and after some time, try to do it all over again perfectly.

Outside the old reliable comes the Spikers’ bench mob. 

_JGF8242You might have noticed how Coach Ramil De Jesus tried to tinker his on-court line up to possibly match the great intensity by the Lady Eagles. There are points where it did not succeed but for the most part of the match, it did matter. Alexandra Tan made the most out of the opportunity given to her as well as Carol Cerveza when Coach Ramil suddenly pulled off Mika Reyes on the Court. But the most evident magic mob tapped by Coach Ramil is Dawn Macandili. Just when everybody thought that La Salle might be frozen at 10 points in the third set, Dawn ran after every ball thrown by any Lady Eagle to save the day for her team. They inched closer because of unimaginable digs by Macandili but still the sad part happened.

Great years ahead.

 _JGF8598With the emergence of the bench players during a crucial set, they might simply be the future of the squad. Though Maraño will be a big hole to be filled, the presence of experienced bench players would be a key mix with the current stars of the team. The reign is not yet over, a pause as we may call it.


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