DLSU Green Tankers bag second, Lady Tankers finish third in UAAP Season 81 Swimming

Written by Jennifer Serrano and Trinity Matias 

The De La Salle University Green and Lady Tankers put on a show in the UAAP Season 81 Swimming Meet last November 8-11 at the Rizal Memorial Complex. The men’s team posted a second-place finish, while the women’s team clinched third place.

Day 1 – The Start of UAAP Season 81 Swimming Meet

Last November 8 marked the beginning of the UAAP Swimming meet as athletes from De La Salle University, Ateneo de Manila University, University of the Philippines, and University of Santo Tomas went head to head at the Rizal Memorial Complex.

The first event of the day was the 200-meter medley. The Green Tankers placed first with the time of 1 minute and 48.87 seconds behind Gamaliel Torres, Jose Bautista, Leon Silvestre and Juan Miguel Narciso for the men’s division. Following the Green Tankers by only a few seconds were the Blue Eagles that came second and the UST Tigers that came third. As for the women’s division, the Lady Tankers were able to place third with the time of 2 minutes and 9.24 seconds which was done by Maggie Mendoza, Nichole Evangelista, Ace Agustin, and Dara Evangelista. Respectively, ADMU placed second with a couple of seconds earlier than the Lady Tankers as UST placed first.

The next event was the 100-meter freestyle with Ateneo’s Jessie Lacuna placing first by milliseconds as DLSU’s Sacho Ilustre placing second with a time of 52.57 seconds for the men’s division followed by Miguel Barlisan who is also from ADMU. For the women’s division, two of Ateneo’s swimmers placed first and second respectively as DLSU’s Dara Evangelista placing third with a time of 1 minute and 1.76 seconds.

With that event finished came the 200-meter individual medley with Sacho Ilustre placing third with the time of 2 minutes and 13.69 seconds for the senior men’s division as Aldo Batungbacal and Ianiko Limfilipino of ADMU placed first and second.

The last event to mark the end of the day was the 800-meter freestyle relay with the Green Tankers placing first for the senior’s division with the time of 8 minutes and 14.02 seconds done by Alnair Guevarra, Jose Mari Ereneta, Fahad Alkhaldi, and Rochmond Santos as UP came second and UST came third.

At the end of the day, the official standings of Day 1 showed that the Green Tankers had a total of 76 points making them second place behind the Blue Eagles. As for the Lady Tankers, they tallied a total of 30 points placing them last for the senior’s division.

Day 2 – DLSU Tankers Rising To The Challenge

The second day of UAAP Season 81 Swimming Meet began with the Green Tankers currently at second place and the Lady Tankers were eager and hungry to get a spot at the podium.

A record-breaking performance happened during the 50-meter breaststroke qualifiers as Jexter Chua of DLSU placed second breaking the previous record of 29.69 seconds held by Gian Carlo Silva from ADMU made back in 2015 with the time of 29.66 seconds. As for the title holder of the new record was DLSU’s Alfonso Bautista who defeated the record of his fellow teammate with a time of 29.62 seconds.

After the qualifiers, the finals division took place with the 400 meter freestyle kicking things off. Sacho Ilustre placed second with a time of 4 minutes and 12.97 seconds trailing from Jessie Lacuna representing ADMU who placed first but, swam ahead of Ianiko Limfilipino, also from Ateneo, for the men’s division. Afterwards, the 50 meter breaststroke took place with Jester Chua showing pride to be a Green Tanker placing first with a time of 29.90 seconds followed by his fellow teammate Alfonso Bautista with a time of 30.55 seconds and Alberto Batungabcal from ADMU.

The 100 meter butterfly happened after the 50 meter backstroke with Sacho Ilustre placing second with a time of 56.23 seconds trailing behind Ateneo’s Jessie Lacuna for the men’s seniors division. After, the 200 meter backstroke took place with Christian Sy placing third with a time of 2 minutes and 13.49 seconds as Akiva Carino and Gerard Reyes from ADMU placed first and second respectively.

Last but not the least, the 400 meter freestyle relay took place. The Green Tankers placed third with the time of 3 minutes and 39.91 seconds achieved by Leon Silvestre, Juan Miguel Narciso, Fahad Alkhaldi, and Jose Bautista trailing from ADMU and UP who took gold and silver for this event respectively.

The official standings after Day 2 of the Swimming meet had the Green Tankers at second place with 166 points. As for the Lady Tankers, they accumulated a total of 47 points making them last place.

Day 3

The DLSU Green and Lady Tankers made eight podium finishes on day 3.

The Finals of day 3 started with the Men’s 200 Meter Freestyle where Green Tanker Sacho Ilustre came head-to-head with Ateneo’s Jessie Khing Lacuna all throughout the 200M heat for the 1st place finish. Ilustre, however, still ended on a high note who got a silver medal with a record of 1:53.99, only 0.59 seconds behind Lacuna. Along with them in the podium was Christian Anor from University of Santo Tomas.

After the early triumph of Ilustre, it was followed by Green Tanker Ambrose Agustin’s victory who placed 3rd with the time of 1:08:01 for the 100 Meter Breaststroke Finals event. Aldo Batungbacal and Carlo Silva, both from Ateneo, finished 1st place and 2nd place respectively.

Representing DLSU for Men’s 50 Meter Butterfly Finals was Green Tanker Red Silvestre who finished with a time of 26.59, fast enough to receive a bronze medal. Leading this event with a gold medal finish was event record-holder Ateneo’s Jessie Lacuna, followed by Lans Donato from University of the Philippines.

Green Tanker Christian Sy bagged the gold medal for the green and white during the Men’s 100 Meter Backstroke Finals by giving a 1:00.61 performance outlasting UST’s Christian Anor and ADMU’s Getty Reyes, who came 2nd and 3rd respectively. While for the Women’s division, Lady Tanker Dara Clariza Evangelista was able to finish second with a time of 1:09.70. Finishing first was ADMU’s Courtney Gray and completing the top three was UP’s Angela Villamil.

DLSU was also able to obtain a bronze medal at the Men’s 400 Meter Individual Medley Finals. Green Tanker Yuri Ilustre finished with a time of 4:48.35 who placed 3rd. While two swimmers from Ateneo, Aldo Batungbacal who placed 1st and Ianiko Limfilipino who placed 2nd, completes the top three fastest men for the said event.

Come to the last event of Day 3, the Green and Lady Tankers competed in the Men’s and Women’s 200 Meter Freestyle Relay Finals. The Green Tankers overpowered their competitors by placing 1st with a record-breaking time of 1:36:31. The men in green and white were able to break the previous UAAP record of 1:36.95 established by the Ateneo de Manila University back in 2016. The Green Tankers who are now the new record-holders are Jexter Chua, Alfonso Bautista, Red Silvestre, and Juan Miguel Narciso. Lady Tankers Mari So, Jana Laurian, Bettina Ting and Dara Evangelista also secured a slot at the podium by finishing with a time of 1:58:02 that led them in winning a bronze medal.

At the end of Day 3 of UAAP Season 81 Swimming Championships, The Green Tankers already acquired 264 points making them rank second in their division, while the Lady Tankers got 81 points that made them rank fourth in the Women’s division.


On the last day of the UAAP Season 81 Swimming Championships, the DLSU Green Tankers ended their campaign as they finished 2nd overall in the Men’s Division, while the Lady Tankers ended 3rd in the Women’s dIvision.

The DLSU Green Tankers started strong as they dominated the Men’s 50M Backstroke Finals. Coming in first place was Red Silvestre with the time of 27.88 seconds, behind him was Christian Sy with the time of 28.26 seconds and placing third was Jexter Chua clocking in with 28.46 seconds. Meanwhile, the DLSU Lady Tankers also reigned in the Women’s Division as Dara Clariza Evangelista finishes with the time of 32.00 seconds, copping the Gold Medal. Following her was her fellow teammate, Andriana Canlas with the time of 32.36 seconds and coming in for third place was Ateneo’s Andrea Ngui with the time of 32.37 seconds.

Green Tanker Yuri Ilustre represented the green and white in the podium as he finishes third place in the Men’s 200M Breaststroke Finals clocking in 2:28.00. Along with him was Ateneo’s Ianiko Limfilipino who finished second with the time of 2:24.62 and Aldo Batungbacal who finished first with the time of 2:21.75, breaking his own UAAP record.

As the Men’s 200M Butterfly Finals ended, Green Tanker Sacho Ilustre managed to cop the silver medal as he clocked in with 2:05.96. Andrae Pogiongko from the UPVST came third with the time of 2:12.77 while the Ateneo standout Jessie Lacuna finished first place with the record-breaking time of 2:02.69.

Dominating the 50M Freestyle was DLSU Green Tanker Red Silvestre who claimed the Gold medal with the time of 24.35 seconds. His fellow teammate Sacho Ilustre finished third, copping the bronze medal with the time of 24.60 seconds, just behind Ateneo’s Drei Buhain with the time of 24.58 seconds. On the other hand, for the Women’s Division, DLSU Lady Tanker Dara Clariza Evangelista added another silver medal for the green and white as she clocked in 28.35 seconds. Along with her in the podium was Andrea Ngui from ADMU who finished first with the time of 27.58 and Ariana Canaya from UP who finished third with the time of 28.43.

The 400M Medley Relay Finals was the last event of the UAAP Season 81 Swimming Championships where the DLSU Lady Tankers managed to claim a third-place finish with the time of 4:54.94. Representing DLSU were Maggie Mendoza, Nichole Evangelista, Erika Jaurigue and Dara Clariza Evangelista.

Come to the closing and awarding ceremony, our very own Sacho Ilustre was named as Season 81 Rookie of the Year for the Men’s Division. While for the Women’s Division was Ateneo de Manila University’s Dara Carreon. The Most Valuable Player of the Season for the Men’s and Women’s Division are both from Ateneo namely Jessie Khing Lacuna and Kirsten Chloe Daos, respectively.

Green Tankers take silver, Lady Tankers miss podium-finish

The DLSU Green Tankers placed second in the UAAP Swimming competition while the Lady Tankers fall to fourth at the Rizal Memorial Swimming Complex, Sunday.

The Green Tankers repeat last year’s second place finish with 228 points behind defending champions Ateneo de Manila University who scored a whopping 567 points. On the other hand, the Lady Tankers sunk from last year’s finish from third to fourth with 92 points behind champions Ateneo de Manila University, first runners-up University of the Philippines, and second runners-up University of Sto. Tomas with the scores 483 points, 437 points, and 105 points respectively.


DAY 1 – OCTOBER 12, 2017

The Green Tankers were off to a hot start as Neil Puyo, Skyler Claveria, Leon Silvestre, and Alfonso Bautista took gold in the 200m Men’s Medley Relay. Rookie Fahad Alkhaldi kept the Green and White going with a third-place finish in the Men’s 100m Freestyle. Alnair Guevarra also finished third in the 200m Men’s Individual Medley. The men’s team capped off the day with another gold in the 800m Freestyle Relay composed of Sage Yabut, Lance So, Rochmond Santos, and Alkhadi.

The Lady Tankers then took silver with Mariel Carandang, Maggie Mendoza, Paz Agustin, and Dara Evangelista competing in the 200m Women’s Medley Relay. DLSU failed to finish at the podium in the 100m Freestyle, 200m Individual Medley, and the 800m Freestyle relay events in the women’s division.


DAY 2 – OCTOBER 13, 2017

Alkhaldi continued digging up medals after finishing second in the 400m Men’s Freestyle behind Olympian Jessie Lacuna of Ateneo. The Green Tankers won silver in another relay event in the 400m Freestyle relay with Bautista, Alkhaldi, captain Benjo Narciso, and Guevara.

The Lady Tankers failed to get a medal-finish in the second day of the competition.


DAY 3 – OCTOBER 14, 2017

Alkhaldi could have made a strong case for the Rookie of the Year Award if not for technicalities as he took another silver in the 200m Men’s Freestyle, again only behind Jessie Lacuna. Silvestre clutched another second-place finish in the 50m Men’s Butterfly event. Puyo completed a trifecta of individual silvers for the Green and White in the 100m Men’s Backstroke. Guevara added a bronze to the Green Tankers’ haul in the 400m Individual Medley. DLSU then completed all medals with a gold in the 200m Freestyle Relay.

Evangelista broke the Lady Tankers’ slump with a third-place finish in the 100m Women’s Breaststroke event. They finished the day with a silver in the 200m Freestyle Relay.


DAY 4 – OCTOBER 15, 2017

Silvestre made the most out of the last day of competition, grabbing the gold in the 50m Men’s Backstroke and silver in the 50m Men’s Freestyle. Gamaliel Torres, Raymund Agustin, Guevara, and Narciso ended the men’s run with a silver in the 400m Medley Relay.

Like Silvestre, Evangelista expanded her medal collection with a bronze in the 50m Women’s Backstroke and a silver in the 50m Women’s Freestyle.

Green Tankers and Lady Tankers Preview

The DLSU Green and Lady Tankers are all set to once again keep their opponents on their toes for what could be a championship year for them in the UAAP Season 80 Swimming competition.

The men’s team of the Green and White finished in far second last year behind Ateneo, while the women’s team finished third behind UP and Ateneo by 315 points and 282 points respectively.

However, this year, captains Benjo Narciso and Mikee Tabada believe that this season will be their year as they hope to pull the rug under the Ateneo Blue Eagles and the UP Fighting Maroons.


“Underdog Mentality. Yun ang mantra namin this year,” said Narciso after being asked about what their mindset is for this season. True enough, the Green Tankers had always been the underdogs to the Ateneo Blue Eagles who have taken the last three swimming crowns in the men’s division.

“Yung pinakamalaking challenge sa amin this season is Ateneo kasi they still have a strong line up and they will do everything to defend the championship”, lamented the Green Tanker about their biggest challenge this season. However, with former captain Vince Raymundo being the only missing piece from last year, this year’s Green Tankers are confident that their line up this season will give the Blue Eagles a challenge.

Asked about how they are preparing for this season, the men’s captain said, “Same routines pa rin. Wala namang nabago kasi tiwala naman kami sa sistema ni coach”. The members of the swim team also had their own individual preparations in the offseason by competing in their respective swim clubs.


Unlike Narciso, who believes that the men’s team’s biggest challenge is a rival school, Lady Tankers captain Mikee Tablada sees it differently.

“The biggest challenge for us can’t be found in another school or team, but can be found within us. Our number one opponent is ourselves, so we always have to give our best in order to surpass our limits and beat our best times.” Tablada said.

Losing only Jia de Guzman, the Lady Tankers will also look to bank on their intact lineup, especially as the three graduating swimmers namely Tablada, Aya Panganiban, and Aya Carandang would want a taste of the Women’s championship which hasn’t been won by the Taft squad since 2003.

“Laban lang kung laban. Give 100% in every swim we do; if we fight, we fight with everything we’ve got” affirmed Tablada on how they will overcome the challenge who are themselves.

UAAP Season 79 team preview: DLSU Green and Lady Tankers

1012435_768748006587288_6878137837202307484_n (1)

The DLSU Tankers exceed their limits whole year round, and are now set to bring on huge waves as they battle their hearts out in the upcoming UAAP Season 79 swimming competition happening this October 20 to 23. With the firm desire to bring home the championship, they are confident that they can beat their own best times one at a time in order to make their team reach the top of the standings.

Strong will to win

Throughout the years, the Green Tankers have been undergoing intense training, but this year, they made sure to double, or even triple their daily conditioning in preparation for the competition. Ensuring quality training every time they dip into the pool may serve as their key tactic to achieve greater results. However, just as with any athlete undergoing pressure before battling into their field, the team needs to improve their focus and not let the crowd and the intense competition get the best of them. According to DLSU Green Tankers Team Captain Vince Raymundo, “We’ve come so far. It’s been almost a year of preparing ourselves. All the blood, sweat and tears that we put into training for the season, it’s time that we make a mark.”

Indeed, the Green Tankers are more than ready to face their rivals once again. Last year’s roster will continue to pump the team’s thirst for championship. The newest additions, Benzi Yang, Elijah Lizares, and Rochmond Santos will support them in reaching for the crowns. With a bunch of experienced swimmers, Raymundo is convinced that they will be able to give the other teams a run for their money. “If there’s one thing they will never get from us, it’s our will to win. Heart Over Hype!” Raymundo exclaimed.

Exceeding limits

On the other side of the coin, DLSU Lady Tankers Team Captain Mikee Tablada is confident that everyone in the team has significantly improved. Aside from their intensified training in and out of the pool, Tablada strongly believes that the stronger bond among the team members will draw them closer to their goal to get the podium finish once again. She also expressed satisfaction in the team’s pursuit to building confidence as she has faith that this can serve as their ticket to championship. “Do your best in every swim. I know each and every one of you can reach your goals and our goals as a team. The Lasallian community will be cheering their hearts out for you. Focus and never ever forget to trust God,” Tablada shared.

Although the Lady Tankers will be missing Ingrid Ilustre, Jas de Guzman, and Sarah Castañeda in this year’s roster, rookies Maggie Mendoza, Joanne Wang, Bea Ylen, Dara Evangelista and Nana Gonzales are ready to contribute their skills for the team.

With the aim to bring home a sea of gold medals, the DLSU Tankers are getting most in every opportunity. Indeed, the green-capped swimmers are ready to plunge into the pool and ace every event.

DLSU Tankers end tournament with podium finishes


Tears of joy marked the end of the Swimming Tournament of the 78th Season of the UAAP for the DLSU Tankers. The Green Tankers were crowned as 1st runner up while the Lady Tankers capped the 2nd runner-up position yesterday, October 25, 2015 at the Rizal Memorial Swimming Pool.

Day 3: Breaking records, setting calibrated standards

The third day of the tourney started with a blow; none of DLSU’s tankers were qualified for the 200 meter Freestyle event. Ambrose Agustin and Sabrina Ilustre then, from the men’s and women’s team respectively, lit back the hopes of the Lasallian community for the championships after qualifying for the 100 meter Breaststroke event. Subsequently, Green Tanker’s Leon Silvestre and Alnair Guevarra kept the spirit ablaze as they qualified for the 50 meter Butterfly event for the men’s team. Marie So, Jalena De Guzman, and Sarah Castaneda were also filtered for the final round in the same event. The 100 meter backstroke was then dominated by the Taft-based squad as Green Tankers Arian Puyo, Juan Narciso, and Guevarra qualified for the next round together with Lady Tanker Catherine Bondad. Lastly, for the daunting 4oo meter Individual medley (IM), Green Tankers A. Puyo, A. Guevarra , Sage Yabut, and John Velecina qualified for the next level of competition.

Despite the scorching heat of the afternoon, the Tankers still found their way to the top. S. Ilustre was crowned as 1st runner up for the 100m breaststroke event women’s division. Victory was all over the Lasallian crowd as L. Silvestre finished 2nd place for the 50 meter Butterfly event. A. Puyo raised the DLSU pride and honor as he was triumphant in winning 1st runner up for the 100m backstroke event, just behind ADMU’s Ngui as well as the 3rd placer for the 400 meter IM event. Nevertheless, C. Bondad of the Lady Tankers did not fail the Green Team; she was declared owner of the 2nd– runner up rank for the 100 m backstroke of the women’s division. The highlight of the day was made by Alfonso Bautista, Troy Espiritu, Leon Silvestre, and Juan Narciso as did the legendary team not only bag the 1st place of the 200 meter freestyle relay, but also broke the UAAP record of 1:41.10 by the former DLSU team composed of Pronove, Narciso, Silvestre, and Beltran to the new best of 1:39.21.

Day 4: Better than before

The preliminary round started with a Blue- conquering succession. As Green Tanker Puyo earns the 2nd place for the 50 meter backstroke event, ADMU’s Ngui owned the 1st rank. Consequently, C. Bondad of the Lady Tankers also falls behind ADMU’s Herranz, earning the Green Team another 1st runner- up position for the same event. The 200 meter breaststroke was safeguarded by the DLSU Men’s swimming team as Ambrose Agustin finishes 3rd place and Lady Tanker S. Ilustre lands on the silver crown. But Ilustre refused to cease there, she conquered another 1st runner up position in the 200 meter butterfly for the green team. Alfonso Bautista and Silvestre closed the preliminaries strong and memorable as they respectively owned the 2nd and 3rd place for the 50 meter freestyle event of the men’s division.

The animo of the DLSU tankers did not stop there. DLSU’s Puyo surmounts the 50 meter Backstroke as well as the 200 meter Butterfly as he was awarded 1st runner-up for both events. Lady Tanker C. Bondad wins yet another victory as she possesses the 2nd rank for the 50 meter backstroke falling behind UP’s Bartolome. The 50 meter Freestyle was reclaimed by the green bloods; Silvestre and Bautista reigns and places 2nd and 3rd respectively. Last but most definitely not the least, Ilustre is proclaimed as the titleholder of the 200 meter Breaststroke event, finishing with a glaring 1st place.

DLSU Men’s Swimming Team is then awarded as 2nd place over-all and the Women’s Team is pronounced as the 78th season of the UAAP’s 3rd placer over-all.

In the Men’s Division, ADMU was then declared as the champions owning a total of 428 points followed by DLSU with 286 points who is ahead of UP with a total of 199 points. For the Women’s Division, ADMU still leads with 428 points, followed by UP with 419 points, and is succeeded by DLSU with 177 points all in all.

Green and Lady Tankers fought their way through the end


Green and Lady Tankers

The second day of the UAAP 78 Swimming Event was as competitive and gripping as it can get. The Green and Lady Tankers did their best both in battling with the other universities and cheering for their fellow teammates.

Boys’ Division

DLSU Maurice Sancho Ilustre, garnered a gold medal for the 400m Freestyle with the time of 4:09.53, beating his own UAAP 76 record of 4:19.48. In addition, Ilustre bagged another gold medal for the 100m Butterfly.

The 50m Breaststroke was won by Magbag from UP with the time of 31.57, followed by Taleon and Fransicso both from ADMU, with the time of 32.02 and 32.07. DLSU Ilustre, Yuri, managed to bag 4th place with 32.57.

The 200m Backstroke was respectively acquired by Carino from ADMU, Jacinto from UE, Zamora from UST, and Santos from ADMU. DLSU Seth Isaak Martin obtains 5th place with the time of 2:25.39.

The 400m Freestyle Relay was led by ADMU Go, Fua, Sison, and Yang in 3:57.76. After which was followed by DLSU Trinidad, San Juan, Tangan, and Hernandez lands 2nd place as they finished in 4:06.88.

The DLSU Boys Division landed 2nd place with the total of 139 points.

Girls’ Division

DLSU Nicole Pamintuan claimed a gold medal for the 400m Freestyle with the time of 4:43.00 – she was able to beat her own UAAP 78 Day 1 record of 4:44.51. Followed by Imee Joy Saavedra from UST who concluded in 4:50.47. DLSU Samantha Borlain garnered a bronze medal as she completed in 4:52.26.

The 50m Breaststroke was claimed by Ronalyn Lalimo from UST concluding in 35.29 and achieving to beat the 35.37 record of UP Joy rogers during UAAP 75. Not long after, DLSU Therese Milcah Mina finished in 36.99 and grabbed a silver medal.

The 100m Freestyle was respectively won by UST Buico and Lalimo,. It was preceded by UE Matabuena. Then, DLSU Mina with the time of 1:11. 01.

DLSU Laurian, Reyes, Mendoza, and Verzo finished with virtuoso in 4:37.38 for the 400m Freestyle Relay that they managed to conclude with a gold medal.

The DLSU Girls Division landed 2nd place with the total of 141 points.

Men’s Division

For the 50m Breaststroke, DLSU Alfonso Bautista bagged 5th place in 31.36 while DLSU Ambrose Agustin bagged 7th place in 31.62. It was a close matchup as they only differed in milliseconds.

For the 100m Butterfly, ADMU Lacuna led with 55.93. DLSU Silvestre finished in 58.74 and managed to earn a silver medal. UP Donato and Sta. Maria followed suit with 59.79 and 1:00.83. DLSU Bautista obtained 5th place for the 100m Butterfly, he concluded in 1:01.00.

DLSU Arian Neil Puyo swam his way through the gold medal as he achieved to conclude in 2:10.98. DLSU Juan Miguel Narciso finished in 2:18.60 and grabbed 6th place.

The 400m Freestyle Relay was led by ADMU Sing, Sy, Reyes, and Mutuc who had the time of 3:43.54. UP Donato, Balinas, Burgos, and Rojo followed suit with 3:45.80. After which was followed by DLSU Velecina, Ereneta, Espirirtu, and Silvestre, they ended in 3:45.82. Despite the bronze, they still exhibited a great teamwork.

The DLSU Men’s Division landed 2nd place with the total of 121 points.

Women’s Division

For the 50m Breaststroke, UP dominated as they acquired a gold and bronze medal, 4th place, and 5th place. ADMU Ramona Datu grabbed a silver medal. DLSU Sabrina Ilustre garnered 6th place after finishing in 36.78.

The 100m Butterfly was won by Hannah Dato from ADMU with the time of 1:02. 39. It was preceded by UP Taguibao with 1:08.05 and ADMU Gavino with 1:08.49. Subsequently, DLSU Ilustre and So finished in 1:08.89 and 1:09.67.

The 200m Backstroke was led by ADMU Herranz, she concluded in 2:26.58. UP Taguibao followed with 2:29.78. DLSU Bondad who concluded in 2:34.42 bagged a bronze medal.

The 400m Freestyle Relay was claimed by UP Padilla, Dela Rosa, Alcover, and Canaya with 4:15.75. ADMU finished in 4:17.01 while UST got 4:24.67. Even so, DLSU Takahashi, Echauz, Carandang, and Jalauig still lands in 4th place with vigor as they finished in 4:35.27.

The DLSU Girls Division landed 3nd place with the total of 74 points.

DLSU Green and Lady Tankers show prowess in Day One of the UAAP Season 78 swimming tournament

1012435_768748006587288_6878137837202307484_n (1)

The eight UAAP schools’ swimmers made a big splash in the first day of UAAP 77’s swimming finals at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex.


Ateneo dominated in the Men’s tournament from the 200 Meter Medley Relay to the 100 Meter Freestyle with Jessie Lacuna leading his team. DLSU followed closely, landing second place in the 200 Meter Medley Relay and 800 Meter Freestyle Relay; UP also inched closer to Ateneo and La Salle, finishing third in the 800 Meter Freestyle Relay and 200 Meter Medley Relay.

Ateneo’s Lacuna led the tourney in the 100 Meter Freestyle followed by teammate Axel Ngui, UP’s Rafael Sta. Maria, and La Salle’s Leon Silvestre and Almair Guevarra. Green Tanker Juan Miguel Narciso tied with UP’s John Doragos at the sixth place.

La Salle’s Neil Puyo ended with a third place finish in the 200 Meter IM, Lacuna and Batungbacal from Ateneo clinched the first and second posts.


DLSU bagged the second place after ADMU clinched the gold in the 200 Meter Medley Relay, UST finished third, followed by UE, in the same relay. Hannah Dato from Ateneo continued their team’s streak as she finished first, followed by UP’s Winona Tee Ten, La Salle’s Sabrina Ilustre at third, and Monica Padilla and Ariana Canaya tied at fourth place in the women’s 100 Meter Freestyle.

Dato and Ariana Herranz from Ateneo still remained at the top in the 200 Meter IM. Pricilla Aquino of UP ended with third place followed by La Salle’s Ilustre.

The Lady Tankers ended the day with a fourth place finish in the 800 Meter Free Relay, ADMU, UP, and UST claimed the first, second, and third places, respectively.

The Green and Lady Tankers will be battling it out once again, tomorrow, at the same venue.

UAAP team preview: DLSU Green and Lady Tankers


Deceiving as the fresh faces of the DLSU Tankers may overlay, their power and strength in the waves of competition shall take their opponents’ breaths away and bring back the glory they deserve.

Green Tankers ready to swim in battle

The men’s swimming team is fueled by their want to gain back on their feet after ranking fourth place in the 77th season of the UAAP. The team captain of the Green Tankers, Vince Raymundo, mentioned “coming from my senior year, it’s my first time to experience ranking fourth over-all; of course I was disappointed but I realized that there was still a lot for us to improve on. It’s a learning experience for everyone in the team”. With that, the entire team was heads on to working their way slowly to the top; Coach Evan Grabador intensified their trainings and the athletes themselves are preparing the physical, mental, and emotional aspects well. As Raymundo stated, “we took it as an advantage that the summer break took four long months. This gave us more time to train twice a day and we did not need to think about homework and we aren’t deprived of sleep, so we can function well during our trainings”.

Instead of emphasizing the recruits as an aspect of weakness, the Green Tankers mentioned that their strength in the 78th season of the UAAP is founded by their talented young athletes. Their team captain added that, “even if swimming is considered as an individual sport, it’s still a team effort. So individually, our goals are to improve and as a team, our goal is to become a champion”. As the team captain was asked of his opinion of their possible overall ranking, Raymundo responded with “Kayang-kaya mag-champions” [We can definitely be champions]. In the end, the team proudly declared “we’re ready for them”.

Lady Tankers aiming for greater heights

“You will definitely see a stronger team this [78th] season’s UAAP”, this was according to the captain of the Women’s Swimming Team, Jas De Guzman. The team captain proudly raises the flag of their united team saying “our strong bond, our passion for the sport and our thirst for the same goals will be our high points this season”. Coming from a relatively young team, the Lady Tankers state that they are ready for the 78th season of the UAAP; they have been striving for the perfect attributes since January. De Guzman added that, “we all set a goal for ourselves and for the team. When the workouts are hard and when we’re all tired, my teammates and I would motivate each other to keep going. We push each other to toughen up not only physically, but mentally as well. New workout programs were also implemented to target areas where the team needed to improve and strengthen on”.

Concluding the 77th UAAP season with a bronze prize for the women’s swimming team, the team mentioned that they were not satisfied with their performance, and added that they could have done better but are otherwise grateful for the award. Jas De Guzman humbled saying, “the team will just keep doing what we’re doing and push our limits”. With this, the team – represented by their team captain has formed their aims for the next season, declaring that “for our individual goals, my teammates and I expect to get in the finals in all of our events, and win if we can. We also hope to break our streak of being 3rd place” taking into consideration that their team is composed of skilled rookies and seniors who stepped up their game. De Guzman then assured the UAAP audience “we’re getting there”.

Learning the strokes: Mariel Carandang, part of the Tankers’ family

Mariel Carandang

The Green and Lady Tankers finished right in the middle of this season’s UAAP swimming tournament, at fourth and third places, respectively. After the conclusion of the tournament, take a glimpse of a Lady Tanker rookie Mariel Carandang’s view on her new family.

“I’m really honored that I’m representing DLSU. I’ve wanted to swim for La Salle ever since I was in high school. It’s really exciting and nerve-racking. It’s good, it’s an honor,” said Carandang on fulfilling her dream to play for the University.


The transition to the UAAP competition can be tough as all of a sudden practices and trainings elevate to another level. The rookies are being put to the test to see if they could handle the pressure in the UAAP-level.

In truth, Mariel has been associated with the team since her high school days as her brother was a former Tanker coach. With her constant training with her brother, she has familiarized with the level of competition of the Tankers.

The transition was both easy and hard as described by Mariel. Having established close relations already it was easy for her to adapt to the new ‘family’. However, the Tankers have a new coach for the season which became a challenge for Mariel.

“It’s all new. I’ve been training with my brother and I know how he works. Also I’ve met the team since high school. Because of them I’ve learned to love La Salle. With the new coach, new training programs and new ways to look for other ways to improve myself,” assessed the Lady Tanker.

The Rookie Experience

In the tournament, Mariel only reached the preliminaries in all single matches. She competed in four individual matches where she ranked 12th for the 50-meter back stroke, 13th for 100-meter freestyle and 100-meter back strokes, and 16th for the 50-meter Fly category. She then capped her rookie year via a bronze medal finish in the 200-meter freestyle with her teammates Maria Tuano, Cristina Guanio, and Sarah Castañeda.

“It was pretty good, my times were okay. I like it because mas nag-bond ‘yung team having been together for four days the whole time. And makikita mo talaga yung team spirit, especially when everyone’s cheering for you and they’ll be there for you,” she recalled of the four-day tournament at Rizal Memorial Stadium.

All about Heart

Mariel came into her first UAAP season very nervous knowing that she’ll be going against her own ‘friends’ from different universities. She first expected to be ignored and everyone to be feisty and competitive. However, she loves the part that she gets to compete with her new Tankers family, that she receives so much support from the Lasallian community, and that this opens an opportunity to further improve herself for the upcoming UAAP Seasons.

“(I have) so much time to improve. In swimming, I’ve learned that it’s not all about medals. It’s about beating my best time and improving throughout the years and that in each competition my times are improving. I don’t wanna promise places or medals. You can expect a stronger bond from us and you can expect that we are happy. Because we know that each of us are constantly improving. It’s not all about the medals and the trophies; it’s about us being a family. And you’ll see that from us from sure,” said Carandang who is looking to make a huge splash for the team in the near future.

The graph of improvement of the Lady Tankers continuously increases but more than performances, the spirit of a family bonds the team.

“I don’t want to promise places or medals (in the future but) we’re going to focus on improving ourselves. We’re going to work on improving our time. And then we can become more bonded as a family,” quipped the rookie.

NOTE: This article was written in collaboration with Nadz Gathercole