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Published on February 23rd, 2015 | by Pearl Cardenas


Cease-fire: DLSU Green Batters vs. UP Fighting Maroons

The DLSU Green Batters kept up their pace versus the UP Fighting Maroons with the score of 3-4 after five innings as the game was suspended in the bottom of the fifth inning and will resume on a later date.

The NU-AdU match, which preceded the DLSU-UP game, was the main reason for the game suspension because the game ended in fourteen innings with NU leaving victorious.

Since the DLSU-UP game was delayed by two hours, the Batters had a cold start. The Green Batters looked out-of-focus during the early innings. Miscommunication between starting pitcher Francis Gesmundo and starting catcher Joaquin Bilbao led to some errors. Gesmundo’s pitches were too fast to handle for Bilbao leading to numerous stolen bases. Field errors were also seen between DLSU’s infielders. As expected, UP capitalized on those errors and was able to make four runs early in the game.

Although dominated by UP’s baseball team after the first inning, the DLSU Green Batters made a run in the 2nd inning courtesy of Carlos Muñoz. The 2nd inning ended with a score of 2-1, with UP still on the lead. Both teams showed great skill and passion for baseball, with batters, pitchers and catchers attending to their roles diligently accompanied by vigilance. Boo Barandiaran, performed well in his pitching, almost perfectly pitching a strike every time.

When the 4th inning arrived, UP committed a drop ball which made the umpires to confer with one another on what decision they’re going to make despite the heated atmosphere on the field. The tension was clear on the field and especially on DLSU’s dugout. Afterwards, the umpires decided to count the incident as a drop ball.

After the misunderstanding was cleared, all of the bases were occupied for the Batters. It was now Cholo Dominguez’ time to bat, he was entrusted to make the scoring play. UP would then suffer from pitching errors; they would then let Cholo Dominguez walk letting the Taft-based squad to score a run. During this inning, Francis Gesmundo makes the run, ending the 4th inning with the total score of 2-4 UP in the lead.

The 5th inning was also an intense period, since Paolo Salud consistently stole bases together with team captain, Carlos Laure. This play eventually became a homerun due to team effort. The score was 3-4 after the 5th inning with UP still in the lead.

During the beginning of 6th inning, coaches from the two teams decided to call a truce for the match because of lighting deficiency, making it difficult for everyone to watch and judge the outcome of the game.

Coach Joseph Orillana admitted that his team needed to adjust and focus on the start of middle innings next match in which he stated, “Pagdating next Thursday kailangan ang focus ng game nila is the middle of the game, so kailangan bago magstart ang game parang na silang naglalaro para pagdating nila dun meron na sila nung intensity na kailangan nila sa game”. Coach Joseph Orillana also assured that the team will give everything they’ve got to win against UP Fighting Maroons on the continuation of the game, for this will surely have a bearing on the team’s standing.

The baseball game against UP Fighting Maroons will be resumed on a later date. The Bomb Squad would next face the Ateneo Blue Batters this February 26 at the Rizal memorial stadium. The DLSU Green Batters are looking to redeem themselves after losing to Ateneo during their 1st round meeting with the final score 1-4.

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