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DLSU Green Batters overwhelmed by NU Bulldogs 7-8

The DLSU Green Batters drop their first match of the year to the NU Bulldogs, 7-8. It was a grueling matchup as the game lasted for ten innings. The Bulldogs rallied back into the game as they made four late runs to bring the game to the extra innings. The game was held at the Rizal Memorial Diamond last February 4.

The first inning was a rather competitive inning for both teams. They both were able to utilize proper defense as they both couldn’t connect early on the plate. The quiet start to the game all changed in the second inning. Green Batter Paul Naguit and NU Bulldog Santos had a rather physical confrontation during the top of the second inning. Both teams rushed in and almost came to blows. Obviously, the officials had to step in and assess the situation.  During the top of the second inning, NU was able to connect on two runs before the clash broke out 0-2.

By the third inning, the Taft-based squad were finally able to make a run. As the bases were loaded, the NU pitcher hit Green Batter Boo Barandiaran with a wild pitch. This then resulted to a run as Franco Hashimoto was able to return to home plate. The score was 1-2 as they headed to the fourth inning with the score still in NU’s favor.

As the fourth inning came, the Green Batters went wild on the field as they made four runs. The first run came from Andre Palacios thus making the score two all. Carlos Muñoz gave two runs as he batted a deep double to bring two of his teammates back to home plate. The last run came from Andre Palacios again due to the Salinas walk. With that, the DLSU Green Batters led the game with the score now 5-2. By the time of the middle innings, NU added a run to their score. But also, DLSU still led the game as they notched two more runs to 7-3.

Th NU Bulldogs then put together a massive comeback as the last few innings came. At their time on the plate, they made a wild four run rally to bring the game to 7-all. The Bulldogs were able to capitalize on the Batters’ catching and throwing errors. The confusion and lack of coordination was very obvious on La Salle’s side. With that, the NU Bulldogs felt revamped as they drew closer to the win. The Green Batters had the chance to finish the game during the bottom of the ninth inning. The first and second bases were loaded by Lozano and Muñoz. With two outs, DLSU rookie Arvin Herrera was entrusted to finish the game. However, DLSU couldn’t prevail in the end as NU forced the game with another inning.

The tenth inning proved to be dramatic, fatigue became a huge factor for both teams as the game entered the five hour mark. At the top of the tenth inning, NU shocked the Taft-based squad as they made a run. Once again both catching errors and throwing errors proved to be the Green Batters’ weakness. The game then scored 7-8 after the NU run. By the bottom of the ninth inning, NU Pitcher Diarao seemed unscathed with fatigue as he quickly ousted two Green Batters. With Hashimoto on the plate, he hit a fly that would’ve cost the game. However, NU’s third baseman tried to be a hero as he bumped into his own teammate and failed to catch the ball. With a tiny bit of hope, Hashimoto took the first base and Salud was next to bat. Salud however couldn’t connect as his hit was caught and he was ousted upon him reaching first base. The game ended tragically for the DLSU Green Batters as NU triumphed in the end 7-8.

All hope is not lost as this is just the opening match for what would be a promising season for the Green Batters this year. They will next battle it out with the UP Fighting Maroons next February 7 Sunday at the same venue.

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My momma always used to tell me: "If you can’t find something to live for, you best find something to die for." - 2Pac

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