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DLSU pacified by NU, gains twice-to-beat advantage

The DLSU Green Shuttlers fall to the NU Bulldogs 1-4. The Green and White squad failed to find their rhythm and was overpowered by their NU counterparts. The only win that DLSU gained was through a forfeit in the last singles match. This round was held in Rizal Memorial Badminton Hall last October 4. DLSU finishes the eliminations with a 6-1 record and a twice-to-beat advantage in the semis.

Sibayan vs Pedrosa
Green Shuttler Sibayan faced Pedrosa of the NU Bulldogs in the first singles match. Sibayan failed to find his rhythm all throughout the game against Pedrosa. He made unforced errors that easily benefited his counterpart. The Green Shuttler struggled in the first set after tallying only thirteen points. Sibayan then made a comeback in the second set after stopping a late rally from his NU counterpart, 21-19. However, Pedrosa closed out the third set 21-10. The NU Bulldog took advantage of his DLSU counterpart’s errors once again. Sibayan scored only six in the first interval of that set and adding only four points in the last interval.

Monterubio vs Gabuelo
Monterubio of DLSU went head-to-head with Gabuelo of NU in the second singles match. The DLSU player looked hyped and ready to overpower his opponent. However, Monterubio succumbed to Gabuelo, in what was a stellar match that ended in three sets. The two competitors put on a show on the first set by limiting each other with only two score leads apiece. Monterubio of DLSU managed to prevent a deuce situation after a late Gabuelo rally. Monterubio then struggled on the second set, after tallying only twelve points, 12-21. Later on, Gabuelo led the third set by as much as 5. Surprisingly, Monterubio managed to trim the lead to 1, 18-19. He showed his prowess by scoring in three straight rallies. But still, Gabuelo of NU still closed the game at 21-18.

Sibayan-Cayanan vs Morada-Magnaye
The next match was a doubles match between the DLSU duo of Sibayan and Cayanan against the NU duo of Morada and Magnaye. Sibayan and Cayanan we easily put out by Morada and Magnaye’s deadly combo in their matchup. Morada and Magnaye put on a stellar performance by outplaying Sibayan and Cayanan all throughout the match. 10-21 in the first set and 13-21 in the second set. The two Green Shuttlers tried their best to turn the tide but it was just too much for them. With the 3-0 lead, the win was sealed for the NU Bulldogs.

Waving the White Flag
The next two matches where then forfeited by both universities. DLSU and NU forfeited the second double’s game and the last singles game, respectively. With that, NU won four matches while DLSU only won one match through forfeit in today’s round. NU caps the eliminations with a sweep (7-0) and gains a thrice-to-beat advantage in the semis. DLSU on the other hand gains a twice-to-beat advantage after finishing 6-1 in the eliminations.

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