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Published on April 19th, 2017 | by DLSU Sports


DLSU Sports Round-Up: The Lady Spikers in Round Two

The Lady Spikers ended the elimination round with an 11-3 win-loss card in the UAAP 79 Women’s Volleyball Tournament.

After the second round, here are the DLSU Sports’ writers takes on the Lady Spikers as they enter the Final 4 for nine consecutive years.

What we have seen from the Lady Spikers after the second round?

Khyte Mendoza – Despite the loss from Ateneo in the last game of eliminations, the Lady Spikers actually showed what they could really do. Desiree Cheng and Tin Tiamzon finally put up consistent numbers, helping the team stay on top. And of course,  the excellence of team captain Kim Fajardo in setting, the wall of MaJoy Baron, and the floor defense of Dawn Macandili towed La Salle to another twice-to-beat advantage in the Final Four.

Karl Dela Cruz – If there’s one thing I’ve noticed with the Lady Spikers in the second round, it would have to be heart. You could see how DLSU played with burning passion and thirst for another UAAP crown. They may have lost to Ateneo once again but the fact that the Lady Spikers only dropped 4 sets in the second round (three against ADMU, one against NU) shows how dominant the defending champions are. Errors have been minimized and you could barely see an off-performance from any Lady Spiker inside the court. Once again, Coach Ramil has molded his wards into a championship-fit team throughout the second round. We also get to see a parade of deep bench players as De Jesus has fielded in his second-stringers with quality minutes for good measure.

Camilla Saguin – The Lady Spikers started the second round strong with convincing wins against tough opponents and also took care of business against teams at the bottom of the standings. Biggest difference between the first and second rounds would be the performance of both our open Spikers, Tin and Des, they both stepped up in the second round.

What do you think went wrong for La Salle versus Ateneo in the second round?

Khyte Mendoza – The Lady Spikers committed 36 errors against Ateneo in the second round. That’s like giving one free set to the Katipunan squad. Albeit starting the game strong with a 25-12 first set win, DLSU didn’t have answers after ADMU countered in the second frame. After yielding set two, the Green side wasn’t able to gather their bearings. Coach Tai’s shuffling of players even added salt to the La Salle’s wound. Rokkie Jules Samonte made the difference as she shocked the Taft spikers in the third and fourth set.

Karl Dela Cruz – In a post-game interview with Ateneo’s assistant coach Sherwin Meneses, he mentioned how the Lady Eagles would bank on unpredictability facing the Lady Spikers in the second round eliminations which got the best of the the La Salle blocking. The Taft towers were limited to only 5 kill blocks after Ateneo fielded in Jules Samonte for Jho Maraguinot and got to maximize Bea De Leon in the middle instead of Kat Tolentino from the opposite, which was surprising to see in the Lady Eagles’ gameplay.

The Lady Spikers were also marred with errors in the game, giving away 36 easy points as compared to Ateneo’s 24. The controversial officiating might have also played a role in the end-game as these were momentum-breakers for La Salle. Personally, I think it was just in the breaks of the game with Ateneo getting to capitalize on the momentum shifting to their side in the latter parts of the set.

Camilla Saguin – I think they lacked a bit more confidence. A part of me feels that they faced an Ateneo team with absolutely nothing to lose. They fielded in surprise players which I think threw off the Lady Spikers and kinda changed their game plan. What’s good though is the fact that it was a non-bearing game for both teams.

Second Round MVP of the Lady Spikers:

Khyte Mendoza – My initial thought was Des Cheng. However, Dawn Macandili was the one who always kept the ball alive for La Salle. Since the start of the season, Macandili has been everywhere. There were even moments in games where I knew that the ball wouldn’t drop because Macandili would be able to dig it. Another thing that made me pick Dawn is because she’s never satisfied. She puts in the work in practice, and it results well in games.

Karl Dela Cruz – Personally, my second round MVP would have to be Des Cheng. After a subpar performance in the first round, the Hope Christian High alumna has peaked at the right time allowing the Lady Spikers’ versatility in their scoring arsenal. Cheng has grown to be a silent operator of some sort, similar to the role of Cyd Demecillo in the past. Cheng’s newfound confidence has spelled magic for the Lady Spikers in the second round and would be vital for the team coming in to the playoffs.

Camilla Saguin – MVP of the second round for the Lady Spikers is definitely Des Cheng. The confidence is finally there and she is now becoming a threat in that open position.


The DLSU Sports’ writers’ opinions do not reflect those of the whole De La Salle University community. So, do you agree with each of them? Comment what you think!


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