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Finals Repeat: DLSU Green Batters fall to Ateneo Blue Batters 1-4

GreenBattersvsADMUDLSU Green Batters fall to Ateneo once again with the final score 1-4. DLSU last fell to Ateneo during last season’s finals game in where the Blue Batters took home the championship. Matt Laurel proved to be the Batters’ poison by making a late homerun.

The Green Batters played excellent defense but failed to make up for their offense. During the game, only Franco Hashimoto made a run on the 3rd inning. That run was also an RBI for Carlos Laurel. The Batters couldn’t finish their runs properly, thus making their offense look tensed.

The first few innings for both teams were riddled with intense defense. By the 6th inning the stress was put on the Batters. DLSU made several noticeable errors during defense. They didn’t look like the same team compared to previous games. With those errors, Ateneo capitalized on those and made two runs. The Blue Batters really made the Taft-based squad run for their money.

With the score 1-2, the Batters still looked to win the game. Three more innings to go and there was still a glimpse of hope for the Green Batters. Excellent defense from both squads were still shown during the 7th to 8th inning. Starting pitcher, Francis Gesmundo, possibly injured his pitching hand when he accidentally took a hit from a fastball. But, he still continued to pitch through the last innings. Then everything changed by the 9th inning.

Matt is just a beast! The moment we heard him connect we knew it was a homerun.”, Exclaimed by Matthew Unson, fellow Green Batter. He was pertaining to Matt Laurel’s late comeback during the 9th inning. Matt Laurel made a homerun and a RBI during the last inning. That play extended the lead to three with the score now 1-4. The Batters’ then couldn’t connect at the plate. They would then fall to the Katipunan-based squad with the final score 4-1

Coach Joseph Orillana claimed that this game was an acceptable loss. He experimented with the lineup and the batting orders. Coach focused on checking the strengths and weaknesses of Ateneo through that game. He said “Kaya naman yung Ateneo. Medyo nag-shuffle lang ako ng lineup at iba-iba yung mga batting order na bingay ko.” He was proud that his team still fought until the very end. He also appreciated the team’s attempts to steal the lead during the last three innings.

Carlos Laurel accepted their flaws during the game, especially on the offensive side. They prepared for this game just like any other game. They tried to assess Ateneo’s strengths and weakness and possibly capitalize on that during the game. He said “We don’t come in to any game wanting to lose [or] thinking to lose. We treat every game as a must-win. We need to improve on our hitting; you can’t just win a game on good defense.”

This game was another example of a classic Ateneo-La Salle rivalry, it was just too unpredictable.

The 2nd round of the baseball tournament will start this February 12. And it looks like the DLSU Green Batters are looking for that sweep.

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My momma always used to tell me: "If you can’t find something to live for, you best find something to die for." - 2Pac

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