Finishing Strong: Green Batters demolish ADMU Blue Batters 14-7


Published on February 21st, 2016 | by Deion Bandril


Finishing Strong: Green Batters demolish ADMU Blue Batters 14-7


The DLSU Green Batters annihilate the ADMU Blue Batters, 14-7. A huge seven run rally came from the Green Batters as they began to explode in the late innings. Both teams finish the first round tied for the first spot in the standings, 4-1. The finals rematch took place at the Rizal memorial Baseball Stadium.

The game started with the Green Batters taking control. Though they only made one hit, two runs were both scored by rookie Diego Lozano. Sloppy pitching coming from Blue Batter Paolo Macasaet was very crucial for the Blue Batters. Lots of walks were given to the Green-and-White team, thus giving the Green Batters two runs, 2-0.  This continued in the second inning as the pitching seemed terrible for the Ateneo side. Two more runs were scored by Paolo Salud and then Franco Hashimoto. Even though they still made just one hit, they were still able to capitalize on it. Defense was solid for the Green Batters as they didn’t let their blue counterparts score for the first two innings. Boo Barandian was the defensive anchor for his team with his impeccable pitching. Second inning then ended with the score 4-0.

The third inning was a quiet inning for the Taft-based squad. They couldn’t make a single hit as Paolo “P-Mac” Macasaet burned the Green Batters with his pitching. The Blue Batters slowly came alive as Blue Batter Kai Furusawa scored the run coming from a Gino Tantuinco RBI. The momentum slowly built itself up for the Blue Batters as they started to connect with their batting. The score was now 4-1 still favoring DLSU.

The fourth inning then came with the Green Batters hungry to take back the lead. A massive hit came from Tuwi Park that brought home Fransic Gesmundo and then a passed ball led to Ignacio Escaño scoring the run. They then extended their lead to five runs, 6-1. However, the Loyola-based squad still managed to catch up in the fourth inning. They were able to connect in the plate very well as they made three hits and two runs. Once again it was Kai Furusawa who scored for the Blue Batters and then Chong Ramos added another for his team. The score then was 6-3 with DLSU still leading.

The fifth inning was another quiet inning, this time for both teams. Only DLSU was able to connect a hit in the inning.  The bottom of the fifth inning ended in controversy. The Blue Batters had two outs, their hitter Radito Banzon was first called a third strike by the head umpire. From out of nowhere, the head umpire immediately changed his call to an uncaught third strike by catcher Paul Naguit. Due to the confusion, Banzon was able to reach first base. The sudden change caused a lot of confusion and frustration for the Green-and-White squad. The matter was then resolved as both coaching staffs discussed with the game’s officials. Pepe Muñoz, the team manager of the Green Batters, still held the game under protest.

The sixth inning was cold for the Green Batters. They couldn’t connect on the plate as they couldn’t make a hit. The Blue Batters suddenly caught fire as errors then came from DLSU. Two runs were made by Renzo Ramos and Ryan Hilario courtesy of an RBI from Marquis Alindogan. Suddenly, the lead was cut short as the score now was 6-5. The seventh inning came crashing as both teams couldn’t do anything as they were batting.

The eight inning was the game-changing inning for both teams. DLSU erupted by making seven runs in that one inning. Diego Lozano and Francis Gesmundo were able to first load the bases. Ignacio Escaño then made a two RBI-double giving Lozano and Gesmundo their respective runs. the score now was 8-5. Just as Tuwi Park was ousted, another two-out rally came from the Green-and-White team.

Cholo Dominguez made a single and took first and a Paul Naguit walk caused all bases to be loaded. Rookie Josh Salinas was able to bring home Dominguez and Escaño by making a huge double. Naguit was able to score his run and then Salinas with a massive triple from Franco Hashimoto. The eight inning then ended with the score 13-5 with Hashimoto getting the last run.

The ninth inning gave the Green Batters their last run for the game. Francis Gesmundo gave his team the run as he scored his third run of the day. The desperate Blue Batters scored two more runs as they took on a fatigued Boo Barandiaran. Arvin Herrera was then tasked to take over pitching duties. He was able to finish off the Blue Batters as the lead proved to much for the Blue-and-White team. The game then ended with the score 14-7, and the Green Batters now share the first spot in the standings with the Blue Batters.

Coach Joseph Orillana talked to his team about focusing more on getting a lot of hits. This resulted to the nineteen hits the team was able to make in the game. He added, “Attack the pitcher, pag natamaan nila ang pitcher anything can happen. Importante na mag-connect sila sa pagpalo kasi sa pitching naman okay naman hold nila.” He always reminded his team that they shouldn’t put any pressure on themselves. He commented, “Sabi ko sa kanila na alisin nila yung pressure at dapat sila mag-stand out between Ateneo and La Salle. Dapat sila ang humarap.” 

The DLSU Green Batters give the ADMU Blue Batters their first loss of the season. They now share the top spot as they both have a record of 4-1. The Green Batters will next face the UP Maroon Batters (0-5) as they open the second round of the season.

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My momma always used to tell me: "If you can’t find something to live for, you best find something to die for." - 2Pac

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