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Green Booters blow away Ateneo in dominating fashion 3-1

The DLSU Green Booters prevail in the end of a gritty matchup against the Ateneo Blue Booters, 3-1. The goals were made by Green Booters Greggy Yang, Jiggs Cruz, and Gelo Diamante. The game was held at the Emperador Stadium last February 7.

The game began with a quick start from the Green Booters, early goal attempts were made by Greggy Yang. As the game reached the 21st minute, Yang was able to take the first goal of the game for DLSU. It came from a free kick which then hit the bar that then went over the line. Yang then puts up the Taft-based team in the scoreboard, 1-0. However, the Blue Booters came right back quickly in the game. Blue Booter Christian Castillo took the first goal for his team in the 23rd minute. Ateneo had another chance to score from the corner but was stifled by Green Booter Raphael De Guzman’s defense. Halftime then came with the score tied 1-1.

As Ateneo kicked off the second half, the Green-and-White squad appeared rejuvenated. Yang was given another chance to score with a free kick but couldn’t capitalize. The offensive pressure coming from both sides were heavy as they both pierced each other’s defense. Both teams had chances to score in the second half but their shots were either wide or caught by the goalkeeper. As the game reached the 80th minute, the offense got even more reckless. Gelo Diamente was given a free kick but the Blue Booters’ goal keeper easily caught it. By the 85th minute, De Guzman mistimed his dive and brought down a Blue Booter with him. With that, a penalty kick was awarded to the Katipunan-based team. The Lasallian crown roared against Ateneo as the penalty was caught by DLSU’s De Guzman. Late in the game, the score was still locked up 1-1.

In a quick turn of event, Jiggs Cruz took the second goal for DLSU. He was first subbed in for Gonzales at the 81st minute. As the 89th minute arrived, a rather clutch goal was made by Cruz. The Green Booter dribbled down the wing then looked for the shot with a low cross. It was then deflected by a defender that went straight through the net. Cruz then lift La Salle by adding another goal to their score, 2-1.

Stoppage time came and the victory looked as clear as day for the Green Booters. Two minutes into stoppage time,and another goal was made for the Green Booters. Yang felt like a sniper in the field, as he was able to connect another accurate free kick. His free kick was able to find Gelo Diamante who then flicked it straight to the goal. Diamante then sealed the game with that goal, 3-1.

Coach Hans-Peter Smit felt very proud of how his team was built. When asked about how much the team changed after losing key veterans he replied, “I don’t live in the past, I never live in the past. I always look into the future. If  a player graduates so be it. If a new player can’t adjust with the play, then we change the play.” Obviously, Coach HPS really wants the best out of his players especially from the rookies.

The DLSU Green Booters came out as the victor in what was a thrilling matchup between the heated rivals. The Green Booters will next face the UP Fighting Maroons, February 13 at the same venue.

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My momma always used to tell me: "If you can’t find something to live for, you best find something to die for." - 2Pac

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