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Published on October 1st, 2016 | by Trina Mae Yu


Green Shuttlers shoot down Soaring Falcons, 5-0.


The Green Shuttlers went past the Soaring Falcons, 5-0 in today’s game at Rizal Sports Complex Badminton Hall.

First Singles Match

Kenneth Monterubio opened the first set on a high note by building a 10-2 lead against AdU’s Concha. With a series of intense smashes and long rallies, Monterubio did not let the huge lead affect his game, and managed to maintain his good play. Eventually, the lead stretched to 19-3. Running on his will to succeed, Monterubio wrapped up the first set with a tally of 21-6.

The second set had been more challenging for Monterubio as Concha managed to catch up with the game, creating a tight score of 8-7. Later on, Monterubio was able to veer away from his opponent, 15-10. Due to his consistency, Monterubio grabbed the team’s first win, 21-11.

Second Singles Match

Green Shuttler Pineda faced AdU’s Delizo in the second singles match. Pineda struggled to find his rhythm early in the game that made him fall behind his opponent, 2-5. Eventually, Pineda was able to catch up with his opponent’s pace, trimming the deficit to 8-5. Pineda was on a roll as he was able to snatch the lead from Concha, 8-13. Eventually, Pineda’s good play enabled him to claim the first set, 21-15.

The second set featured a more intense match between the two teams. Pineda grabbed the first two points of the set, yet Concha did not put up without a fight as his improved play resulted to a tight match. After a series of answering each other’s point, the Taft squad was able to break away from this phase and trailed his opponent, 15-10. At the end of the match, Pineda clinched the team’s second win, 21-13.

First Doubles Match

DLSU’s Cayanan-Obaob tandem went up against AdU’s Iquiña-Paclibare duo. Both teams exhibited the same amount of energy, evidenced by the consistent ties in their tally, 4-all. The Green and White outwitted their opponent as they managed to grab the lead, 8-5. Eventually, the tally inflated to 16-9. The Green Shuttlers proved to be the stronger team as they claimed the first set, 21-10.

The Cayanan-Obaob tandem maintained their good play and managed to grab a 6-1 lead, early in the second set. With DLSU’s strong smashes and quick reflex, it left AdU little to no room to score. Later on, the Soaring Falcons were able to adjust to the situation, but fortunately, the Green Shuttlers did not put their guard down, 17-13. The Green and White claimed their third win, 21-15.

Second Doubles Match

DLSU’s Joshua Monterubio and Pajarillo faced AdU’s Antonio and Concha for the second doubles match. The Green and White showed their aggressiveness by making a 3-0 run early in the first set. They were able to gain their momentum, pushing the tally to 11-6. Despite their opponent’s effort to cut their deficit, this did not faze the Green and White, keeping the lead at 18-14. Eventually, the first set was given to the Taft squad, 21-17.

The second set played out the same scenario as they Taft squad made an early lead, 4-2. DLSU took advantage of AdU’s miscommunication and service errors, 8-5. Both teams exhibited their strength and agility, however, the Taft squad was able to outwit AdU, 18-13. At the end of the set, DLSU prevailed, earning their fourth win, 21-18.

Final Singles Match

Saragena smothered his counterpart Zamoranos with intense smashes that resulted to a 9-3 tally. The Taft squad sustained his good play that extended the tally to 17-3. Saragena’s thrist for victory served as his motivation in claiming the first set, 21-9.

In the final match, Saragena’s momentum carried on, 9-1. The huge difference between the tally did not make the Taft squad complacent as he continued fighting with the same amount of energy as before. Eventually, the last set was awarded to him, 21-10.

Catch the Green Shuttlers as they enter the semifinals round on October 2, 8 am at the Rizal Sports Complex Badminton Hall.

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