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Green Shuttlers open UAAP season by outlasting the FEU Tamaraws, 4-1


The Green Shuttlers started their UAAP campaign as they defeated the FEU Tamaraws today at the Rizal Memorial Badminton Hall

First Singles Match
Team Captain Kenneth Monterubio showcased his agility as he was able to get the first three points of the match, leaving his opponent FEU’s Tercias scoreless. However, Tercias was able to catch up with his pace that rendered a more intense game between the two teams. Monterubio’s service errors became a factor of the close tallies. With both parties being inherently competitive, the first set consisted of both teams answering each other’s point. Eventually, the Green and White team managed to grab a five-point lead, 20-15. With just a point away from victory, Monterubio was able to conquer the first set, 21-17.

The second set was a continuation of the tension between the two teams. The match started off with both of the two teams trying to snatch the lead as the intense rallies resulted in very close tallies. Monterubio was able to get the lead and trail Tercias by eight points, 14-6. Due to Tercias’ service errors, DLSU was able to build a 10-point lead 19-9. With his thirst for victory, Monterubio was able to claim the first match for the team, 21-10.

Second Singles Match
Green Shuttler Cayanan went up against FEU Tamaraw Bacalso in the second singles matchup. With Cayanan’s determination, he easily grabbed an eight-point lead, 12-4. Since Cayanan was able to maintain his good play, he was able to win the first set, 21-15.

In the second set, Bacalso was able to improve his play, and that made it harder for Cayanan to score. Due to FEU’s service errors and Cayanan’s service ace, it became easier for the Taft squad to trail its opponent. As Cayanan was able to make a scoring run, the second match was given to him, 21-15.

First Doubles Match
For the first doubles match, Obaob-Parajillo duo faced their FEU counterparts, Dioniso and Maquelabit. Both teams showcased their aggressiveness that made it hard for them to score consistently. After a team has scored, the opposing team made sure that they will be able to score as well. DLSU was able to capitalize on FEU’s service errors that they were able to break off from that setup, garnering a two-point lead, 15-13. With both teams wanting to win, the match forced an overtime, ending the set with DLSU leading 25-23.

The second set featured another intense match between the two teams. The Green and White had the same energy as they had before, capitalizing on their hard smashes and agility, 14-10. With their consistency, they were able to maintain their lead that later on turned into a win, 21-18.

Second Doubles Match
In the second doubles match, the Monterubio brothers went up against the Tercias-Bacalso duo. The Morayta tandem showed off their prowess that made a 3-0 run, leaving the Taft squad scoreless. Eventually, the Green and White managed to keep up, however the Morayta team remained on top, 6-11. Because of the Taft squad’s resilience, they were able to get past the FEU Tamaraws, and was able to grab the first set, 21-19.

The next set featured another neck and neck match. FEU was able to secure an early lead, 8-5. The Green and White found a way to sneak past their opponent and get back the lead, 17-11. Later on, the Monterubio brothers managed to sustain their opponent as they take the second set, 21-18.

Last Singles Match
For the last matchup, Green Shuttler Pineda went up against FEU’s Maquelabit. Both teams had the same amount of will to win, as they started the set with close tallies. Fortunately, Pineda was able to go the extra mile that garnered them a three-point lead, 14-11. Since Pineda was able to maintain his good play, he was able to conquer the first set, 21-18.

In the second set, FEU was able to secure a three-point lead, which Pineda was able to crush with the help of his hard smashes. He was able to take the lead later on, 17-14. The game got so intense that the match forced another overtime, but this time, The Green and White surrendered to its opponent, 24-26.

In the determining set, FEU easily created a two-point lead, 5-7. Pineda tried to keep up with his opponent’s pace up until the last minute, but in the end, he fell short to FEU, 18-21.

Witness them as they take on the UP Fighting Maroons on September 18, 8 am at the Rizal Memorial Badminton Hall.

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