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Lady Shuttlers deliver the crushing blow to FEU, 4-1

The DLSU Lady Shuttlers dominate the FEU Lady Tamaraws in their matchup. The Taft-based squad won four matches against FEU. With that, DLSU improves their record to 5-1 in the tournament. The matches were held at the Rizal Memorial Badminton Hall last October 4. The Lady Shuttlers that competed in this round were Arianne Rivera, Iyah Sevilla, Kristelle Salatan, Isay Leonardo, Nicole Albo, and Aires Montilla.

Rivera vs Pomar
Lady Shuttler Arianne Rivera went face-to-face with Lady Tamaraw Thea Pomar. Rivera looked pump to begin today’s round with a big win. Arianne Rivera would then sweep Thea Pomar in the first singles match. Both players displayed stellar performances, which was showcased in long rallies. Rivera controlled the match by leading by as much as four points. Set scores, 21-17 and 21-16.

Sevilla vs Duquilla
Up next was the second singles match between Iyah Sevilla of DLSU and Michal Duquilla of FEU. During the matchup, Duquilla appeared faster and stronger than Sevilla. Though she gave her best efforts, Iyah Sevilla struggled to find her rhythm as she succumbed to Michal Duquila. Duquilla took advantage of Sevilla’s errors to gain a commanding lead in the first set. On the second set, Sevilla found her rhythm but it was too late as she could not force a deuce in the final moments of the match. Set scores: 11-21 & 19-21.

Salatan-Leonardo vs Pomar-Tudtud
The first doubles game was between the DLSU duo of Kristelle Salatan and Isay Leonardo and the FEU duo of Thea Pomar and Hanah Tudtud. The Green and White duo fell short on the first set. The Salatan and Leonardo connection tried too hard on the first set which resulted to unforced errors. However, Kristelle Salatan and Isay Leonardo made a huge comeback on the second and third set of the match. Leonardo kept her cool throughout the match, while Salatan blew off steam on the second set. Both Lady Shuttlers found their flow on the second set and everything clicked. This made FEU suffer as Leonardo and Salatan dictated the game with a series of smashes. This left FEU scowling in defense. Set scores: 16-21, 21-13, and 21-17.

Albo-Montilla vs Rivera-Duquilla
Nicole Albo and Aires Montilla of DLSU went against Maridel Rivera and Michal Duquilla of FEU in the second doubles match. It took only two sets for the Albo and Montilla combo to take out the FEU duo. It was an all-out offensive game for both teams during the first set. DLSU couldn’t find the necessary “spark” to completely dictate the first set. With that, FEU took advantage of DLSU’s first set jitters. The Lady Shuttler duo narrowly escaped the FEU combo on the first set. The second set was then decided after the Taft-based duo gained a double-digit lead. With an exhausted Rivera and Duquilla duo, Albo and Montilla rose to the occasion and went straight for the win. Set scores 21-19 and 21-10. This win gave DLSU three match points to win the whole round.

Albo vs Tudtud
Nicole Albo of DLSU then faced Hanah Tudtud of FEU in the last match. Albo was experiencing back spasms but decided to play through the pain. Even with the slight injury, she continued to give Tudtud a huge problem on defense. Albo was still deadly on offense with here lightning quick smashes. This put Tudtud at a disadvantage. Nicole Albo would then take the easy win for that match. Set scores: 21-18 and 21-15.

The round then ended with DLSU having four match points over FEU’s one match point. With this win, the Lady Shuttlers improve their record to 5-1. They still hold the second spot are looking to carry all this momentum straight to the finals.

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