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Published on September 23rd, 2015 | by Kim Leong


Lady Shuttlers fall against UP, slides to 2nd place


Entering the court with two victories under their belt, the DLSU Lady Shuttlers were forced to finally decide who will sit at the top as they face the equally undefeated University of the Philippines Lady Maroons. Giving it their all, both squads unleashed massive firepower that can only be seen as the day’s true spectacle. Sadly, however, as the dust finally settled, the ladies representing the Green and White ultimately lost to the Diliman-based shuttlers, 2 matches to 3.

Hard fought defeat

First to enter the court to face off with her Diliman counterpart, Lady Shuttler Arianne Rivera was quick to drive in deep as she swiftly overpowered her opponent to win the set, 21-15. Sadly, her counterpart was quick to launch a counterattack in the second set that overpowered Rivera’s gutsy defense to overturn the first set ending 15-21 in UP’s favor. Things eventually turned for the worse in the third set as Rivera was again quickly overpowered despite a spirited attempt and fell 11-21 to give UP its first match win.

UP would continue to slightly dominate Rivera’s fellow Lady Shuttlers, Mariya Sevilla, who despite giving it her best effort, fell 15-21 in the first set and 16-21 in the second set for UP’s 2nd consecutive match win.

The powerhouse duo of Alyssa Leonardo and Kristelle Salatan who were somehow seen to be key to switching the momentum to La Salle’s side were also sadly brought down after a lengthy 40-minute match that ended in an extremely close 20-22 finish for the first set and a heartbreaking 19-21 for the second set that resulted in UP winning their third match as well as the entire tie.

Denying a sweep

Already brought down once, Sevilla was clearly seen burning with desire to show her mettle as she entered the court for the second time with doubles partner Aires Montillar to begin the denial of the sweep UP was so looking forward to achieving. Starting the match with a massive 7-0 run in the first few minutes of the set through the hands of Montillar, the duo of Sevilla and Montillar were seen to be moving with great coordination. Thankfully this was truly the case as Montillar’s feat was soon followed by Sevilla’s very own 8-0 run in the latter part of the set. Proving far too much for their UP counterparts. The duo continued on unleashing volleys of smashes and well placed shot that resulted in them taking the first set in a stunning 21-10 finish

The duo would soon also win the second set to take their first match win albeit with more difficulties as a resurgent UP was consistently trying to catch up from behind, but ultimately denied to finish 21-19, La Salle.

The duo’s effort will soon be replicated by Nicole Albo who despite losing in the first set against UP powerhouse player Eleanor Inlayo, 19-21, will eventually return to bite back in the second set 21-17 to even the odds.

Unforeseen circumstances will, however, prove to be the downfall of UP as an injury will ultimately result in the pulling out of UP’s Inlayo despite being in the lead, 4-14, to give La Salle its second match win.

Having been defeated by UP, the DLSU Lady Shuttlers has now slipped to second place with a 2-1 standing in contrast to UP’s still undefeated standing. the DLSU Lady Shuttlers are set to battle with their UST counterpart this coming Saturday, September 26, 2:30PM at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex.'

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AB-ISA Co-founder of the organization now known as DLSU Sports, mainly covers sporting events relating to judo.

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