Lady Shuttlers smash their way into season 79; sweep FEU


Published on September 17th, 2016 | by Deion Bandril


Lady Shuttlers smash their way into season 79; sweep FEU


The DLSU Lady Shuttlers sweep the FEU Lady Tamaraws five matches to love. The team almost had a clean sweep having only lost a single set during the whole round. The round took place earlier today at the Rizal Memorial Badminton Hall.  The players were Iyah Sevilla, Arianne Rivera, Kristelle Salatan, Aires Montilla, Isay Leonardo.

First Match
Season 79 started with a sweep from Iyah Sevilla against FEU’s Michal Duquilla. Though it may had been a sweep, it was a very close game all throughout the two sets. Both players were exchanging smashes and even respectful nods to each other. The first set had featured fast-paced action as the score was kept close. The lead would only reach to three at most. Iyah left as the victor even after having a tied game at 19 points. The first set ended with the score 21-19. The second set however saw the Lady Tamaraw lead early. Our Lady Shuttler was relentless enough to catch up and even tie the game late at 14-all. Sevilla then made four straight to seal the second set. She then took the first win for her team. Set scores: 21-19 and 21-17.

Second Match
The second match featured a matchup between DLSU’s Arianne Rivera and FEU’s Iris Molina. Arianne proved to be game-changer early on the match showing extreme focus and precision all throughout. Molina however made too many unforced errors during the match causing Arianne to take control during the whole match. The first set featured an early five-point lead for Arianne, she would then hold the lead for the rest of the game and even increasing it to 11 at the end set. The set ended with the score 21-10. The Lady Shuttler would once again overpower the Lady Tamaraw finishing the second set with the same score. Two double-digit leads proved that Arianne Rivera blew her opponent away. Set scores: 21-10 and 21-10.

Third Match
The third match was a doubles match between DLSU’s duo of Iyah Sevilla and Isay Leonardo against FEU’s duo of Michal Duquilla and Maridel Rivera. Both sets featured dominant play from the DLSU duo having led early in the game. With momentum on their side they were able to push the lead further to nine points. But, unforced errors by the Taft-based squad helped the Lady Tamaraws to catch up late in the game. The first set was still won by the DLSU duo, 21-15. The second set then showed a no nonsense version of the Sevilla-Leonardo combo. They proceeded to dominate early enough to have a huge lead early on. They then pulled away and finished with the score 21-12.The win also clinched an automatic victory of their round even having two more matches left. It started to smell like a sweep for the Lady Shuttlers. Set scores: 21-15 and 21-12.

Fourth Match
After the doubles match won by Iyah and Isay, Aires Montilla and Kristelle Salatan looked to get the third and round sealing win for their team in their doubles match. They were up against FEU’s Iris Molina and Klowie Garcia. The first set was very much close as Aires and Kristelle looked a bit out of sync as they made too much unforced errors. It was close at first but FEU gained the lead after slowly puling away as they scored their 16th point. However, the duo of Salatan and Montilla looked rejuvenated as they regained the lead late. The first set then ended with a Green-and-White win, 21-18. Now that they were able to feel out their opponents, the Lady Shuttlers were quick to attack first as they gained the early lead. They then stretched the lead to 12 at the end of the set. The game then again ended with another sweep.Set scores: 21-18 and 21-9.

Fifth Match
As the final match came, the Lady Shuttlers looked to get a clean sweep hoping for Isay Leonardo to win two straight sets against FEU’s Maridel Rivra. However, Isay did not look fresh coming form an intense doubles match earlier. During the first set both players were exchanging two-point leads earlier in the game. They then were tied at 18-all, Isay looked to finally put out her opponent. But, FEU’s Maridel Rivera thought otherwise by reaching the set point while Isay was behind by two points. Isay then pushed to catch up with Maridel Rivera by forcing deuces. At 20-all however, Maridel Rivera got away with two straight points, 20-22. This then became the the first set loss of the round for the Lady Shuttlers.

Lady Shuttler Isay Leonardo then looked to redeem herself still keeping it close against FEU’s Rivera. They kept it really close until Isay clutched to tie it at 18. Rivera then smashed to make it 19 points for FEU. Isay then made a three-point rally to take the second set. The match was tied with both players having a set under their belt.

The third and final set finally showed a rather “revived” Isay Leonardo. She had the early lead and even pulled away early as she led by five points, 11-6. Isay outlasted Rivera as her opponent looked fatigued. The lead then grew to double-digits as the score was 16-6. Finally, Isay took the win as she maintained the huge lead against Rivera with the score 21-11. Set score: 20-22, 21-19, and 21-11.

With that, they open their UAAP campaign with a 5-0 sweep against the FEU Lady Tamaraws. The Lady Shuttlers then look to take over this season 79 as they chase the illusive title. However, they will next face the defending champions the UP Fighting Maroons. Their round will take place tomorrow, 1 PM at the same venue. With that, hopefully #SWEEPTEMBER begins for DLSU.

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My momma always used to tell me: "If you can’t find something to live for, you best find something to die for." - 2Pac

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