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On a Roll: DLSU Lady Shuttlers demolish AdU Lady Falcons 5-0

The DLSU Lady Shuttlers easily dominated the Adamson Lady Falcons by winning all five matches of round five. The matches were held last September 27 in the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex Badminton Hall. The players were Nicolle Albo, Iyah Sevilla, Alyssa Leonardo, Kristelle Salatan, Aires Montilla, and Ipay Salvado.

First Match
The tournament’s round five started with a singles match with DLSU rookie Nicole Albo. She easily handled her opponent Alydel Yada of AdU throughout their match. With her quickness and finesse, Albo was able to tire Yada during the fast set. Combined with her lightning quick smashes, she controlled the rest of the match which ended in only two sets. The scores were 21-12 and 21-8.

Second Match
The next match was another singles match between Iyah Sevilla of DLSU and Mikaela Aquino of AdU. Sevilla too was able to gain the upper hand through her athleticism. With the use of her strong smashes and uncanny competitiveness, Sevilla was able to overpower Aquino during their match. The match ended in two sets with the scores 21-8 and 21-11.

Third Match
The following match was a doubles match between Alyssa Leonardo and Kristelle Salatan of DLSU. The Taft-based tandem faced the Adamson duo of Cristine Garin and Villacorta. The more conditioned and athletic DLSU duo was able to exhaust the Lady Falcon twosome. Garin and Villacorta were easily cornered by Leonardo and Salatan during the match. The match was easily closed out by the Green and White team in two sets with the scores 21-14 and 21-12.

Fourth Match
The next match was again a doubles match between the Lady Shuttlers and Lady Falcons. Nicole Albo and Aires Montilla faced their counterparts Alydel Yada and Mikaela Aquino. With La Salle leading 3-0, it was child’s play for the team. The win was already sealed yet Albo and Montilla did not let up for their match. The Albo and Montilla connection showed a lot of movement and almost no error. With a rather flawless performance, The Shuttler easily juggled their opponents. They finished both sets very strong with both sets ending 21-8.

Fifth Match
The last match to seal the sweep was a singles match between Ipay Salvado of DLSU and Christine Garin. It was a rather close fight during the first set between the two ladies. Garin came into the court with vengeance and went all out on Salvado during the first set. A few errors were made by Salvado and Garin was able to capitalize on them; thus giving the first set to AdU 19-21. However, Garin became heavily exhausted during that set while Salvado stayed fresh for the rest of the match. Salvado would then use this to dominate Garin throughout the match. Garin would then appear tired during the match which led to Salvado easily taking the win in the next two sets. The match ended with the scores being 19-21, 21-14, and 21-13.

Coach Owen Lopez was very proud with how his players performed during their matchup with AdU. He tries to reinforce the mindset of taking each game one at a time. As much as possible, he wants his team to continue enjoying the games as well as learning from them. Coach Owen thinks that his team shouldn’t let up and just relax; he believes that focusing and concentrating to get the win is the main priority. Efforts made by rookies Iyah Sevilla and Nicole Albo were appreciated by the coach. He thinks that they can do big things if they just continue in believing in themselves and to stop hesitating during games.

With this win, the DLSU Lady Shuttlers now share the second spot with ADMU. They both stand 4-1 and ahead of them is UP with a 5-0 record. The DLSU Lady Shuttlers will then face UE next October 3, Saturday 2:30 PM at the same venue.

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My momma always used to tell me: "If you can’t find something to live for, you best find something to die for." - 2Pac

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