Running after the number ‘three’

Published on February 19th, 2015 | by Adiel Sam De Jesus



Athletes from Taft Avenue have ruled UAAP Season 75 and 76 to break the Tomasians’ streak of General Championships (GC). UST has owned the past 14 GC trophies before DLSU cut short their possible 15th straight crown and 40th overall two seasons ago. La Salle has continued its stellar performances last year to keep the GC crown to its cradle for at least one more year.


Ideally, the Green-and-White squads will be eager to go for a third straight GC. Unfortunately, plays of destiny did not pan out well during the length of the first half sports. La Salle only got two championships in this season’s first half compared to five last year. In conclusion, DLSU finished the first half with a five point deficit, 147-152, against perennial GC title holders, UST.


Looking back

DLSU leads UST by 12 points at the end of Season 76’s first half, 162-150. This advantage was primarily behind five champion squads through great efforts from the Green Archers, Lady Archers, Green Paddlers, Lady Judokas, and Green Jins. On the other hand, UST got only two championships in the first half via its Women’s and Poomsae Taekwondo. La Salle then went on to seal the crown in the second half with a 15 point margin.


Breaking the spell

If we were to trace it back, La Salle only led by three in the second half. If the trend continues, DLSU may not be able to secure a third straight GC as UST’s five point advantage in the first round will only be trimmed to two.


However, athletes in Green-and-White have other things in mind. The Tigers may have surged early in the second half after ranking higher than DLSU in both fencing events and in Men’s Athletics competitions. That mounted a 20-point cushion for UST.


Signs of hope

Five more sports are running and Taft Avenue based athletes may just pull off a mighty comeback. Currently, La Salle squads places higher in all of the five sports except men’s volleyball and tennis. If current standings will be based where UST and DLSU are tied for a playoff spot in Women’s Tennis, La Salle will be leading by two.


Numbers are pointing to Taft. Hearts are with the green-blooded. One thing is for sure, we are running after the number ‘three’.

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