Athlete of the Month: Rinna Babanto

Photo by: Kiana Carlos

Growing up in Cebu City, Rinna Babanto was part of a dance group in grade school. Her Taekwondo career started when she fell in love with the sport while watching her younger brother’s training in school. And ever since, she has never stopped playing.

Babanto, who was only 14 years old in 2011, was scouted by the Philippine Taekwondo Poomsae Team’s head coach after seeing her at the National Carlo Palanca Jr. Taekwondo Championship in Manila.

Two years later, Babanto competed in the 8th WTF World Taekwondo Championship in Bali, Indonesia. She competed in the Junior Women’s team category and emerged on top, bringing home a gold medal.

In the same year, she competed in the 2013 Southeast Asian Games in Naypyidaw, Myanmar. Despite being only 16, she competed in the Senior Women’s team category alongside Philippine Taekwondo veterans, Rani Ortega and Janice Lagman-Lizardo.

Less than two months before the biggest tournament of her career, Babanto sustained a meniscus tear in her right knee. She recovered from a surgery she underwent in June of last year, and competed in the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia. Despite her an injury, she and her team garnered the bronze medal in the Senior Women’s team category.

Like any other athlete from the province, Babanto dealt with homesickness in her early years in the De La Salle University (DLSU). She learned how to cope with it through the help of the Office of Sports Development (OSD), her teammates, her coach, her friends, and her family.

From her third year of college up to now, Babanto has led the DLSU Poomsae Team as team captain.

Rinna Babanto is now a graduating student in Sports Management. She continues to train with the national team in preparation for the 2019 Southeast Asian Games. Her busy schedule consists of training, going to the gym, consulting with a mental coach, and going to class.

Due to her contributions to the Lasallian community, Babanto has been a recipient of the prestigious Gawad Lasalyano award since her first year of college.

Aside from being a full-time student-athlete, Babanto spends time with her friends and teammates outside training hours. She loves to read and travel. She also does a bit of modelling.

Overall, Rinna Babanto is someone who can balance academics and training while having fun. Be sure to watch out for her as she continues to dominate Philippine Taekwondo.

UAAP Season 79 team preview: DLSU Poomsae team


Since coming short of grabbing a place on the podium back in UAAP Season 76 it is apparent that the DLSU Poomsae team has added a notch to their belts year after year.  As Season 79 draws upon them, the Taft-based squad is more than ready to bring it onto the mats and once again show the results of their hardwork and meticulous training.

Podium constants

Led by coach Jean Pierre Sabido who is a Philippine National Team player, DLSU’s Poomsae team has been able to finish in the top three in the past two seasons and it is primarily because of the program the coach has instilled in the club.

This year, hardwork, team play, and discipline are still the keys to a sought after podium finish. Coach Sabido trains his group consisted of six players strictly and it is a must if the Taft-based squad plans to sustain their success.

“Strict siya most of the time pero he makes sure that we always bring out the best in ourselves by believing in us. He always advices us not only in training and taekwondo but also in life outside taekwondo,” Ching Sembrano shared.

Putting in all the time and effort, the Jins always aim to bring out their best whenever they step on the mats. As Rico Mella said, “We always aim for our best performance for the best results. With a solid and small lineup, we keep each other close and together. We think of our school first rather than of ourselves. We do our best to keep open minds and understand one another,”

The all-encompassing training of coach Sabido to his players has marked a fierce mindset to the team and it galvanizes the players to put in the work necessary to win. With the proper mindset, good work ethic and relentless coaching, the team has struck gold and has found the recipe for success.

Constant improvement

Coach Sabido always seeks to improve his players. Despite of their recent string of success, the team knows there is always a room for improvement. Mello also mentioned that they put the words of Sabido in their minds, “He gives us tips, and we players test it and we keep working on it until it goes into our memories. All throughout our days in training, we always develop our minds and aura in our performance. He tells us to do our best every time, we trust our coach, and we perform for our school and lift our performances to God.”

Sabido focuses on developing his players holistically and as the seasons progressed it has given the team not only the skill and discipline but also the trust and confidence in each other. Sembrano adds,  “For this season, mas united kami compared to last year. Despite na six lang kami, bondings are better and motivation among ourselves is stronger. Mas nag-cooperate lahat and everyone understands each other’s decisions.”

The chemistry of the team has improved, these group consisted of six Jins, as a whole, seem to be better than the sum of its parts. The small group has developed a bond as stable and strong that of a Poomsae player.

Aside from the heavy work the team puts in training, the team has a trick up its sleeve that might bring a difference for them in the upcoming campaign.

“Since some of us came fresh out of the recent World Poomsae Championships, all of us teammates were able to adapt to the modern style of performance that we know everyone will be impressed with,” Mello shares.

With all the right ingredients in place, it is no wonder that the Jins are confident that the team will once again perform well on the mats. Their consistent hardwork  should bring them another winning season, combine it with the constant improvement of their skills and chemistry, it might just be enough to finally propel them to a championship.

Catch them tomorrow, October 21 at the Blue Eagle Gym as they battle it out inside the mats against the different universities in UAAP.

DLSU Jins take to the mats for the second day

After taking a break from the opening day of the UAAP Taekwondo Championships, the men and women of the DLSU Jins started out strong as they entered the mats yet again. Both facing teams deemed as powerhouses in one of their two matches for the day, both the Green and Lady Jins showed their skills and passion in the second day of the UAAP Taekwondo championship.

Green Jins

Entering the mats for since their defeat at the hands of UE, the Green Jins were quick to to take the offensive against their FEU as they quickly lead 2-0. this lead, however, would not last long as a resurgent FEU nearly gave the Green Jins the scare. Despite their effort to close the lead and to take the lead 2-3, FEU still proved lacking as the DLSU would quickly snap back to win with a close 4-3.

Finishing the 2nd day of the UAAP Taekwondo Championships, the Green Jins were more than ready to face the powerhouse team of UST. Despite the losses of DLSU’s Kyle Arsenal (3-7), Fritz Arevalo (1-6), and Kyle Uy (5-6), the efforts of team captain Pogs Jazmines (8-2), John Canizares (9-4), Benjamin Sembrano (9-3), and Karl Delos Santos (8-4) proved to be more than enough to defeat the incumbent champions.

Lady Jins

Fresh from their twin victories form the opening day, the DLSU Lady Jin entered the mats with confidence against their Atenean counterpart. Their opening match, however, did not seem to go smoothly as a great number of technical glitches coupled with faulty equipments put both teams to the edge and saw both sides complaining as well as resulting in Ateneo’s head coach spewing profanities aplenty. Despite all the trouble in equipments that resulted in numerous phantom kicks particularly in the early matches of DLSU’s Cleio Bañez (defeated in golden score match) and Lovely Avaceña (5-6) as well as calls that went against Apriel Solimen (3-4), the Lady Jins would successfully pull off a dramatic comeback to win 4-3 against ADMU through the hands of Shanelle Romuar (10-3) Camille Bonje (16-2), Paola Amon (16-0) and Gabrielle Yunchingtat (3-1).

Ending the day for the Lady Jins was the match against UE who similar to the Lady Jins stands undefeated. Despite giving it their all, the Lady Jins followed the footsteps of their male counterpart during the opening day. Despite giving it their all, the Lady Jins all fell one by one with the sole exception of team captain Paola Amon who stood as the lone victor to deny UE a sweep.

Both the Green and Lady Jins are set to take to the mats for the last time for this year’s UAAP Taekwondo Championship this coming Thursday.

172nd Commencement Exercise: a salute to the graduates

DLSU Sports salutes you for fulfilling a successful college journey! This is what the men and women of DLSU Sports would like to say to all of the *fourteen athletes that walked the red carpet at the PICC and ended their hard fought undergraduate journey. We, however, are aware that our greetings hardly mean anything once compared to the greetings of your friends and teammates who you guys have spent time with during the greatest of your triumphs and saddest moment of weakness in your life.

With this in mind, we have taken the liberty to compile *letters containing messages for you, our dear graduating athletes, from your friends and teammates and coaches some as our way sharing this momentous moment with you. As you read the letters that are now posted before you, we hope you remember that this is more than a news article or a feature article but rather a collection of personal messages from those whom you have spent most of your time with during your college stay.

While for some of you this graduation may signal the end of your athletic journey in DLSU, we hope that you will always remember that your legacies will live on and remain in the hearts of the Lasallian community. Animo La Salle!

*The listed athletes are the once known to graduate this February 7th by the De La Salle University-Office of Sports Development. In the event that we miss some, we would just like to apologize.

*Some messages were edited by our writers, Michiko Alejandro and Victoria Chang, but rest we took extreme care not to damage the messages contained within.



[tab title=”Letters for Inna Corcuera”]

Inna Corcuera

Inna Sarah I. Corcuera

DLSU Lady Archers

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies Major European Culture









Congratulations, graduate! Finally done with college. Woohoo! This is it! Welcome to the real world! Naks! Officially unemployed na. I wish you good luck in your career, Ins. I know kayang kaya mo yan. Wish you all the best! Chase your dreams! I want to thank you for everything. Lahat ng pinagsamahan natin, from the long bus rides, mga drama about basketball na tayo lang nagkakaintindihan, sa pakikinig tuwing may problem sa buhay at sa marami pang memories masaya man o malungkot. With everything we’ve gone through, ang dami ko pang gustong sabihin. Ayaw kitang paiyakin. Haha! I’m glad to have you as one of my close/best friend/teammate. Thank you for always having my back and never forget that you’ll always have mine too.

P.S. Wag kalimutan mag exercise, di puro kain lang. Hehehe!

Nicole Garcia

DLSU Lady Archer


Inna is the embodiment of many things – of audacious hopes, of lasting friendships, of unforgotten loves, of tearful disappointments, of fulfilled ambitions, and of still further and higher goals as one gets older. She is to be appreciated today and treasured forever. To Inna, I extend my warmest congratulations for hurdling the exacting and uncompromising standards imposed by DLSU as well as being a champion Lady Archer. I will keep alive the happy, and often tense, memories we’ve had. I would like to ask you to make a difference in your future endeavors. It’s an honor to be able to coach you in high school & college. See you soon.

Coach Barry Tobias

DLSU Lady Archer

Assistant Coach


Hi Inns, Congratulations!! Matanda ka na din. Haha. Now, ma fe-feel mo na ang buhay BUM. Hahaha kidding aside at least natapos na natin ang lahat ng hirap at pag titiis nung College. Hindi lang sa mga subjects kundi pati na rin sa Basketball at sa mga taong na interact natin, positive man or negative. Alam kong alam mo na mga gagawin mo at natuto ka na don. Basta wag ka ng susuko sa laban ha. Fight lagi! Kaya mo naman eh. Tiwala lang sa sarili. Ngayon, ang natutunan ko sa pagiging BUM at para maging ready at mas may i-look forward ka sa buhay is wag kang mag stop sa pag set ng goals mo. Then Chase your dreams beh. Ngayon ito na ang totoo. Totoong mundo na ang pakikisamahan natin. so ayun lang and alam kong super proud ni Tita sayo. Best wishes for your career ahead. Wag mo akong kakalimutan pag yumaman ka na ah. andito lang din ako palagi pag may kailngan ka. Thank you and Goodluck Ambassador Inna!

Miller Ong

DLSU Lady Archer

Team Captain


Hi Corkyyy!


Finally your done with your studies na. Eto na yung next chapter ng life mo. Well syempre mas mahirap na to compare dati mas marami ng challenges and problems na dadating sayo. Isipin mo lang nandyan lang si God for you, me and your friends. Just believe to yourself na kaya mo yan. Dreams come true so now iba na, make another dream that will come true. Strive for your dreams. I hope and I know you will be successful someday. Wag mo ako kakalimutan ah. Thank you for being my senior/bestfriend/taga-advice and etc. Ingat ka palagi and pray to God as always. God Bless you! J :*

Kathy Gonzales

DLSU Lady Archer



Congrats! I’m so proud of you! Thank you for being such a great friend, a teammate and a foodmate! I know, in life, you’re gonna go far. Just keep doing what you’re doing, never give up and always think positive like what you’re always telling me. I really admire the way you stand for yourself and conquer all criticisms. I will surely miss the foods you always share with me and effortless things that you do that would make me laugh so hard. God bless you & continue to inspire others! Huuuug!

Paulina Vela

DLSU Lady Archer


Hi Ate Inna! You’ve been my ate for 4 years in and out of the court. Thank you for always being there for me and Ading everytime we need you. Now na you’re graduating and entering a new chapter in your life, I pray that God will continue to use you as an instrument to help other people. Thank you also for being such a great friend! We shared so many happy days and nights together with the team. You never failed to make us laugh. You’ve been through so many challenges already which means there is no reason why you can’t handle challenges waiting for you after you graduate. Stay strong and we all pray for your success. Ading and I will always be here to make you smile and laugh. I’m just a text away! Stay healthy! I love you!

Marga Dagdagan

DLSU Lady Archer

Letters compiled by DLSU Lady Archers’ Kathy Gonzales and Paulina Vela


[tab title=”Letters for Niky Scott”]

Nikki Scott

Dominique Marie F. Scott

DLSU Lady Archers & DLSU Lady Booters

Bachelor of Arts in Sports Studies









Hi Nik, Congratulations! Alam kong maikli lang pinag samahan natin pero alam kong matibay ‘yon. Ngayon ito na ang totoong mundo, yun na yung pakikisamahan natin. Alam kong madami ka ng napakisamahan at pinagdaanan. I hope natuto ka sa mga bagay bagay na ‘yon. Ayun lang. hehe basta ah walang kalimutan, hehe. Congrats again. Proud of you! And I’m sure super proud ni tito Hahaha

Miller Ong

DLSU Lady Archer

Team Captain


Hi Niky! Happy Graduation! Wish you all the best in life. Thank you for being you, you crazy buddy! J Will miss you for sure! Love you Nik J

Trisha Piatos

Former DLSU Lady Archer


Niky, thanks for being an inspiration to all the athletes. Joining football and basketball all at the same time shows that we can do so much. Also, graduating today proves to everyone that we don’t just excel in sports but academics as well. I wish you luck in the future!

Meryll Ledesma

Lady Booters

Team Captain

Letters compiled by DLSU Sports’ Arnold Cagang


[tab title=”Letters for Fernando Imperial”]

Fernando Imperial

DLSU Green Batters

Bachelor of Science in Psychology


Loyalty Award








Hands out to Dino. We’ve been teammates and friends for over 14 years now. Always a good time with this guy. Our baseball season might be nearing an end but the friendship we have is forever man! You are like a brother to me, just remember that I always got your back! Congratulations on your graduation! Welcome to the real world brotha!

Luigi Nolasco

DLSU Green Batter


To Dino, Congrats! You finally made it! Thanks for being an awesome teammate/friend/cousin. It was an honor to have played baseball with you all these years. Good luck with law school, I know that you can achieve anything you want to, all you gotta do is put your mind into it. Here’s to the future and conquering whatever life throws at us! Cheers! Unicorns for life!

Carlos Laurel

DLSU Green Batter

Team Captain


Congrats on graduating bud! I’m thankful for everything that you taught me on and off the field. I wish you all the best, and girls in the future. I’m pretty sure you will do great and be successful in life. I’m happy that you stayed one more year for us, I’m pretty sure you loved it naman hahaha. Goodluck in law school, I’m pretty sure you will kill it there and, meet a lot more chicks hahahaha. I wish you all the best and kill it in law school.

Paul Naguit

DLSU Green Batter


Sup Dins! Congrats on graduating man hahaha, never had a doubt that you’d make it bud! Good luck on all your future endeavors and aspirations, in law school and in whatever you want to pursue. Do it for all the teachers that told you you’d never amount to anything! Hahaha if you know what I mean… It was fun being teammates with you and thanks for making my freshman and sophomore year a lot more interesting. Stay the same chill, funny, and smart guy that we all know and never forget to keep that competitive fire that I see with you on the field in whatever you go through in the future because that’s what will take you far! Always take care bud! I’ll see you soon foshoooo!

Andre Palacios

DLSU Green Batter


Congrats on graduating bud! I’m thankful for everything that you taught me on and off the field. I wish you all the best, and girls in the future. I’m pretty sure you will do great and be successful in life. I’m happy that you stayed one more year for us, I’m pretty sure you loved it naman hahaha. Goodluck in law school, I’m pretty sure you will kill it there and, meet a lot more chicks hahahaha. I wish you all the best and kill it in law school.

Paul Naguit

DLSU Green Batter


Yo Dino! I would just like to say I’m glad to have met you in the team. You taught me a few tips and tricks that really helped me improve my game. Even if it’s mostly gaguhan during practice, you know when to step in if it’s time to get serious. I’m going to miss having a big bro in the team, as much as I still can’t accept the fact that I’m going to have to fill those shoes in soon. Hoping that you will remember the team, and that you achieve your goals, both in career and in life.

Quito Castro

DLSU Green Batter

Letters compiled by DLSU Sports’ Arnold Cagang


[tab title=”Letters for Adrianne Yniguez”]

Adrianne Yniguez

Adrianne Aniana B. Yniguez

DLSU Lady Booters

Bachelor of Science in Biology


Photo by Greg Guinto







Adri- playing alongside you for four years had been an honor. With your leadership I learned to look up to you, especially because you handled obstacles along your way so well. I hope you bring with you your attitude in your field of work and do everything you can to contribute to this country. Wish you nothing but the best. Love you!

Chermaine Guancia

DLSU Lady Booters


Adri has been a really great teammate to me. She’s been my teammate for four years and I admire her for her strength and her never-give-up attitude. I also admire her for bouncing back strongly after she got ACL during my second year UAAP. She got injured during the second half of that season but when training started for next season, it was as if she never got ACL at all. I am thankful that I had Adri as a teammate. She helped me both on and off the field (especially during the time when i’d make takas and use her as an excuse). I wish her well in her post-college life and I know that she’ll be doing something exciting with it!

Sam Hain

DLSU Lady Booters


Adri is someone you go to if you want to hear the truth in its raw and unbiased form. She’ll tell you in an

objective way which I love her for. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and she gives you the best advice she can. People see her as a tough aggressive woman but she’s more than that. She has a soft, funny side. She is such an adventure junkie, who is always game but is also responsible. She’s one of the toughest girls I know on and off the pitch. (Literally, she can beat you up)

I will definitely miss the car rides with her after training and to elsewhere places we end up going to. I will miss the conversations we’d shared to each other. I will miss the inside jokes we’d crack out of nowhere because we either saw it in a tv series or a movie. And I will definitely miss us blasting the volume up in the car and just ripping our lungs out and belt to old songs like we’re in an arena.

I’m so proud of her and where she is now and will be in the future. I know even though we won’t see other as often as I hope, we’ll still be close as we are now. Another chapter has ended and a new is about to begin for her and I wish nothing but the best for her. Love you Adri!

Meggy Diaz

DLSU Lady Booters

Letters compiled by DLSU-OSD Student Manager Richard Sargan


[tab title=”Letters for Jairus Quevada”]

Jairus Quevada

Jairus Eleazer N. Quevada

DLSU Green Fencers

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology









Dearest Kuya Jai,

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Graduate ka na ng DLSU wuhoo!!! Graduation is just the beginning for more opportunities. We know na you still have 1 year to play for DLSU, so go for it! Galingan mo pa lalo. Aim for silver or gold sa UAAP 78! Thank you for being one of my kuyas sa team. You taught me and the team to work and play harder every training. Kung wala ka, tamad siguro kami. HAHAHA! You also taught me to believe in my capabilities in fencing. Anyway, congratulations again! I’m really proud of you. Love you kuya!!!

With love,

Geraldine Tianzon

DLSU Lady Fencers


Hi kuya jai :)) congrats sa paggraduate at goodluck sa trabaho mo. Thank you sa mga words of wisdom at advices mo (tungkol sa babae) haha jk. Sa tingin ko yung mga sinabi mo sakin nagbigay sakin ng lakas ng loob kaya tayo nag bronze =)) Nakakahiya alalahanin pero thank you din sa pagalaga sakin nung nablackout ako nung team building. Hindi ko talaga alam yung nangyari nun. Mamimiss kitang kalaro hindi lang sa fencing pati na sa dota haha :)) Tsaka alam ko naman na mag-aaya ka lagi ng inuman kaya G lang ako =)) Sa mga susunod na UAAP, ipapangako ko gold yan HAHAHA :))

JM Paez

DLSU Green Fencer


Kuya Jai!

First of all, congratulations on finally getting away from the clutches of Taft. It wasn’t easy balancing all the things you had to do but given your talents, I’m pretty sure that was not a problem for you.I would just like to thank you for being the kind of person one aspires to be. Your combination of skill, hard work, competitiveness and drive mixed in with the right amount of insanity and friendliness made you an excellent teammate and an even better friend. I wish you the best in life outside DLSU.

Jerome Dominguez

DLSU Green Fencers


Congrats kuya Jai! All your hard work finally paid off! That just goes to show that your determination and your willingness relally helped you a lot in achieving many things. Lagi mo ngang sinasabi na you’re the “jack of all trades, master of none” pero for me, that isn’t really a bad thing. Being good in many things is a gift, baka di mo lang nakikita, but what really stands out it that you’re good at being a leader and kuya to us. You always have a way with words that can touch really touch people’s lives, especially ours, your teammates, and we thank you for that. Good luck on your next journey and don’t forget about the people who helped you get that far. God bless and God speed.

François Licono

DLSU Green Fencer

Letters compiled by DLSU Lady Fencers’ May Montenegro


[tab title=”Letters for Bea Villaroman”]

Bea Villaroman

Jan Beatrice M. Villaroman

DLSU Lady Fencers

Bachelor of Science in Management of Financial Institutions


Outstanding Thesis Award






Ate Bea! Congrats! You’re finally done with the stresses of college life. I know that you are more than prepared for the working place because we all know that you have the discipline and the personality to overcome many problems heading your way. I also want to commend you for your great leadership skills and being a supportive ate. Having an ate like you is the bomb. Haha, good luck on the next chapter of your life and always remember that we’re here for you no matter what. God bless and God speed.

François Licono

DLSU Green Fencer


Dearest Beybey,

Congratulations for making it!!! Words cannot express how proud I am for you (yes, parang anak kita hahaha). No, really. I saw you work really hard for your studies while training for competitions for fencing. Isa ka sa mga perfect examples of being a true student-athlete.

I would like to thank you for being one of my best friends in the team (it’s okay kahit hindi mutual kasi andiyan si Amos. HAHAHAHA JOKE LANG). Continue being nice to people, except for Jerome and Butchie hihihi. Good luck sa corporate world! I hope magkita parin tayo. Friends forever!!!

With love,

Geraldine Tianzon

DLSU Lady Fencer


Hi ate bea :)) naks gagraduate na si mama haha ang masasabi ko lang is mamimiss kita :(( hindi lang dahil kasabay papuntang ultra kundi mamimiss ko yung bilog mong mukha =)) Mamimiss ko rin yung mga free fence natin na lagi kang naccounterattack :)) Thank you sa pagaalaga at pagpapakain sakin lalo na yung pizza kahit hindi buy one take one. Goodluck sa magiging trabaho mo. More movie dates and foodtrip pls :)) Mamimiss ko ang aking mama :(( Congrats in graduating worth it lahat ng paghihirap mo. Just wait, ako naman ang ggraduate HAHA Labyu ma :*

JM Paez

DLSU Green Fencer


To the woman who made my college life worthwhile and to the one who introduced me to Stargirl, sa wakas, graduate ka na. Booyaaaaah!

I’ll miss you. Andami nating firsts together. We conquered our fears together. We went head on sa mga games together and marami pang iba. Pero yun, congrats! I could never be more proud of what you have achieved, Ate Biya. Truly, you are one of the strongest, brightest and funniest people I know.

Remember our credo yo,
Not even a single letter.

(And don’t call your future boss ‘eyebrows’ ha)

Oh, and I’ll miss you.


May Montenegro

DLSU Lady Fencer




Congratulations on moving out of the sty and into the slau–….

I mean, being the new mascot of Monterey is ama–..

What I mean is, congratulations on conquering the monster that is life in DLSU. More than that, I’d like to thank you for all the kindness, friendship, help, insanity, and (drunken events not to be mentioned that may or may not have happened or been enjoyed). My favorite person’s all grown up now (and not just width-wise) I’d wish you good luck but hey, you’re amazing enough not to need it.

Jerome Dominguez

DLSU Green Fencer

Letters compiled by DLSU Lady Fencers’ May Montenegro


[tab title=”Letters for Dan Rebuyas”]

Dan Rebuyas

Dan Rowell S. Rebuyas

DLSU Green Fencers

Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management








All of us (in the team) know how your march as a student-athlete has advanced the development in many areas of your life, not just in academics and sports but also in character. As you finally take hold of the title, “DLSU Alumnus,” may all the things you’ve learned on and off the piste and inside and outside the walls of De La Salle finally come to sense. May you forever use the learnings instilled in you as weapons to battle the “real world challenges” that will be right there to continuously discourage you to excel even further.

You have been a great senior to all of us in the team (despite your annoying sense of humor) throughout your five years with us, and for that, we will always be grateful. Your journey as a Green Fencer may have come to an end, but you will forever be part of the DLSU Fencing Family that has been growing stronger and stronger through the efforts of seniors like you. Congratulations! We are all so proud of you.


Mika Castillo

DLSU Lady Fencers


Dan, it’s been 6 years, since we met. Tryout days mo pa lang sa DLSU. Nakita kitang nagrow at gumaling sa fencing ganun din sa academics but most all sa personality. You’re now a fine young man, and with that, congratulations and I’m proud of you.

Joshua Rodriguez

DLSU Green Fencer


Hey Dan!!! Happy Graduation!!! Congratulations to you for finishing this chapter of your life and starting another one kung saan ka man maeemploy. I know that you’d be able to get a hell of a job somewhere basta aim high lang kaya mo yan. And syempre palibre kapag nangyare yun. Anyways, super thankful ako sa lahat lahat like yung paghelp mo sa majors ko, pagsama sa inyu as 3rd wheel/anak niyu kunware, tambay wherever, eat out and so much more. Thank you talaga Dan! Wag ka iyak ah. On second thought, cry as much as you like cuz you’re finally done with college! BOOYEAH! I will soon catch up, konting tiis and pagpush lang malapit na din ako jan. Hahaha anyways, don’t miss us (mika and me) too much and pakabait ka. Gonna miss our driver, bully, joker, and most of all, my brother!!! Good luck and God bless you on your next journey in life!

Justine Lim

DLSU Lady Fencers


Congrats, Kuya dan! Your journey in La Salle is finally coming to an end! I bet you’re excited and sad at the same time as your graduation day draws near! lol pero congrats talaga because you’re finally done with your college life. You’re now gonna face a different kind of stress but I’m pretty sure that you’ll handle it well because it’s obvious naman that you’ve really grown into a fine, wise and sophisticated man. The Taft life really helped you be a better version of yourself. Also, I’d like to thank you for being a great kuya to us. May God shower you with grace and protection as you move on to the next chapter of your life. God bless and God speed.

François Licono

DLSU Green Fencer


Dan Rowell Rebuyas is an epitome of a true champion. Not only did he excel in fencing, but he also manages his time in academics and more “social gatherings”. There was never a dull “Dan” moment. When life hands him lemons, he’d probably say, “Where’s the tequila??” This guy tends to surprise himself when faced in a situation where his strengths and capabilities are tested. To all those who tried to question you, don’t mind them, you know you are better than them. You know you are better than that. When people are trying to take you down, it means you are above them. No matter how hard life hits you, hold your ground and stand up strong.

To more hugot conversations and random drinking sessions, cheers! You’re the man, Dan!

Sabrina Capuz

DLSU Sports



Dan the man! Kamusta corporate world? Haha after 5 yrs narating mo na rin yung pinakainaasam mo. Ngayong graduate ka na hindi lang sa school kundi sa fencing, mamimiss namin sa team yung tawanan, biruan, at libreng carpool mo papuntang training. HAHA pero kidding aside, gusto ko lang iwish ka ng goodluck sa magiging career mo sa labas ng la salle, sana ay makita mo yung job na magpapasaya hindi lang sa bulsa mo kundi yung magpapasaya rin sayo bilang tao. Yun lang see ya soon bro!

Marco Gatpandan

DLSU Green Fencers

Letters compiled by DLSU Lady Fencers’ Mika Castillo and DLSU Sports’ Sabrina Capuz


[tab title=”Letters for Samantha Gaerlan”]

Samantha Gaerlan

Samantha Christel C. Gaerlan

DLSU Lady Judokas

Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Early Childhood Education


Summa Cum Laude, Athletics Award, Eduardo J. Cojuangco Award for Teaching Innovation, Rizal Honor Society Award





Hi Sam “ang small but terrible” ng DLSU Women’s Judo team. Sobrang nakakainspire ka sa lahat ng bagay. As a student and as an athlete kasi ang galing mo. Consistent first honor DL ka and at the same time ang laki ng inimprove mo sa judo. Idol kita kasi super sipag mo pang mag training and fast learner ka. Nakikita ko na pinagtitiyagaan mo lahat ng bagay lalo na kapag may hindi ka makuha na technique. Kahit late ka na nagstart, di ko na feel ngayon yoon. Thank you for inspiring everyone in the dojo. Na maging katulad mo na smart, strong, and hard working. Thank you sa lahat ng naishare mo sakin. Pursue your ambitions in life. God bless you Sam! Love you!!

P.S balik ka for next UAAP ah!

Marjorie Santiago

DLSU Lady Judokas

Team Captain


Hi “kuya” Sam! Congratulations. I’m so proud of you because you are graduating with a tittle of summa cum laude, which is a mission impossible for an excellent athlete like you but you did it! Don’t stop working on your dreams and aiming for your goals. I love you Sam and thank you for all the things.

Angelica Recarro

DLSU Lady Judoka


Sam is one of the most, if not, the most hardworking student-athlete I have ever met. Being able to balance and excel in both academics and extra-curricular activities is no small feat. Not to mention that she will not only be graduating with the highest honor, but she is also a recipient of the Athletics Award and other academic awards. According to her, with all the achievements she received, she offers them back all to God.

As you enter a new chapter in your life, I hope you will inspire more people to serve God through your contributions in the society in whatever field or path you choose. Congratulations Sam! I am so proud of you!

Keith Ver

DLSU Green and Lady Judokas

Assistant Coach


Hi Ate Sam! ;) Thank you for being such an inspiration to me! In judo, in studies, almost everything. =) Intelligent, kind, and very understanding. SMALL BUT TERRIBLE. Thank you for influencing me! =D

Congratulations, Ate Sam! I know you deserve it all. <3 Kahit delayed ka pa ng isang term? Worth it naman! Always be thankful kay God for all His blessings. Summa cum laude? Sam it is. Good luck sa new world na papasukin mo! I hope you will enjoy your work (soon). Wag magpapastress masyado, andyan si God palagi. ‘wag kalimutan dumalaw sa training ah? I throw pa kita! Jokeee! Pag kabalik mo, ako naman mag a-arm lock sayo. Lol! I’m always here for you! If you need anything, I’m just a text away! I love ate Sam! <3

Richesa Carandang

DLSU Lady Judoka


Surprise! While I may have trouble conveying what I truly want to tell you on such a momentous occasion, I nevertheless want to give my sincerest congratulations as you now march with the honours you have worked so hard for and the distinction of possibly being the first athlete to graduate summa cum laude.

Shobe, As you now take the steps to enter a new chapter of your life, I would just like to tell you that I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and that I pray for more blessing to fall upon you. Congratulations again and I look forward to the next time I will see your friendly smile again.

Kim Leong

DLSU Sports

Internal Affair Coordinator

Letters compiled by DLSU Sports’ Kim Leong


[tab title=”Letters for Ernesto Pantua”]

Ernesto Pantua

Ernesto F. Pantua

DLSU Green Tennisters

Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management









His passion for the game and his fiery outbursts can be compared to a battle-scarred lion. Although some might think he may be too bossy as a captain, his intentions are undoubtedly for the best of the team. Estoy will surely be missed by his teammates and all three of us coaches. He strives to always be the best in both academics and his chosen sport. I am sure that his parents are truly proud of his accomplishments. All three of us will always admire him for all his accomplishments and leadership qualities. Congratulations to you Estoy and good luck in the game of life. Keep your head high and the Animo alive in your heart.

Coach Taddy Cruz

DLSU Green and Lady Tennisters

Assistant Coach


Partner! Graduate ka na haha. Well its been a pleasure being your teammate for 9 years and i can say that we had a successful run in our highschool and collegiate career not only as teammates but as partners as well. As you graduate, you start a new chapter in your life and still, in this new chapter of yours pwede parin tayo maging teammates hahahaha. Wish you all the best!

Alvee Villamor

DLSU Green Tennisters


Dear Estoy,
I want to start things by saying thank you for everything. The team and I, as an individual, learned a lot of things from you whether its inside the tennis court (teaching the proper technique, footwork, etc.) or outside the court. ,aybe you don’t always train with us as I have witnessed in my 2 years in LaSalle but you taught us many things and you will always be remembered as a very successful team captain! Congratulations on your graduation and may you be guided in the next chapter of your life.

Qoqo Allian

DLSU Green Tennisters


Estoy and I grew pretty close when I first entered the team. He’s such a happy go lucky guy and he was so easy to get along with. Now that he’s entering the real world, I hope he finds happiness and strength to face what’s going to be passing his way. Congratulations and best of luck to him!

Janina Luis

DLSU Lady Tennisters


To Estoy, a friend, a batchmate, a brother and a unicorn. Congrats on graduating! I’m sure you’ll do awesome at whatever you choose to do and whoever you choose to do it with, if you know what I mean. Hahaha Here’s to more nights we won’t remember brotha! Everyone shall remember the legacy left by the Dragon! Cheers!

Carlos Laurel

DLSU Green Batter

Team captain

Letters compiled by DLSU-OSD Student Manager TJ Zamora and DLSU Sports’ Arnold Cagang


[tab title=”Letters for Twinkle Masilang”]

Twinkle Masilang

Twinkle C. Masilang

DLSU Lady Tracksters

Bachelor of Arts in Sports Studies









Twinks, my batchmate, masaya ako na gagraduate ka na. Hindi man tayo naging mag teammates sa last year mo. Malay mo maglaro ka pa next year. Joke. Haha. Masaya ako na nagkasama tayo at nakilala kita. Sana maging masaya ka sa piling ni Kirsten. Kung kayo pa J Ingat ka palagi at galingan mo sa makukuha mo work para maging maganda future mo. Always here for you.

Jasper Tanhueco

DLSU Green Tracksters

Team Captain


Congratulations on graduating twinks! Buti natapos mo rin sa sobrang dami mong pinagdaanan. proud of you! J The team would never have been the same without you. Forever twin ni Ico. Minsan mas gwapo ka pa hahaha anyway goodluck sa future! Kaya mo yan. J

Bernisse Chua

DLSU Lady Tracksters

Team Captain


TWINKLE!!! FINALLY! CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATE KA NA! Sabi ko naman sayo, konting tiyaga nalang eh! Galing galling!! So proud of you! At dahil diyan, ikaw naman na manlilibre saakin pag may work ka na! Haha! At kahit na may work na wag mo ko kakalimutan. Petot is always here for you! Again, congrats! Love you!

Precious Que

DLSU Lady Tracksters



Dear Twinkle, I am very thankful that I got to you know before you graduated. We met on your last term here at the University. During this short time, we endured a lot of things together as we hosted the UAAP Season 77 Athletics Competition. We shared a good laughs together during the hosting. Remember the time when I asked to seek help from the medal stewards and you said “mga babae yan”. Then I said “ikaw din naman”. You replied “babae sila”. I still find it very funny until now. Now that you have already graduated, I would like to wish you the best of luck in looking for a job. If you need help on anything, don’t hesitate to send me a text or message me in Facebook. Congratulations!

Kent So

Tournament Coordinator


Hi Sis! Congratulations on your graduation day! I know you’ve been through a lot of ups and downs but hey look – – you made it! I am very proud of you! Thank you for the wonderful years you spent with us. I wish you all the best and keep striving hard. Like what I told you many times before, “life is tough, you gotta be tougher”. Life will give you different ball games, but its how you play the game. Be focused and keep the faith. Always remember that God is with you in all that you do.

I cannot wait to give you my warm hugs! Congratulations again, Twinkle! Miss Joy loves you dearly.

Joy Lanting

Tournament Coordinator

Letters compiled by DLSU Sports’ Arnold Cagang and Kim Leong


[tab title=”Letters for Marcelle Galera”]

Marcelle Galera

Marcelle Josephine M. Galera

DLSU Lady Paddlers

Bachelor of Science in Business Management (BS-MGT)

Cum Laude, Athletics Award







Hard work at its finest, that’s Marcelle Josephine M. Galera. Emgee, as what we fondly call her, is a woman of empowerment, of goal and of great example. Being a consistent dean’s lister all throughout her college life, not to mention graduating as a Cum Laude, and at the same time contributing to 2 championship UAAP titles for the women’s table tennis team, she indeed embodies how it is to be a true La Sallian student-athlete. I, being her roommate for the past 4 years have quite known her and have seen how she is very thoughtful to the people she loves and values the most, especially her teammates and of course her dear family. She would do everything just to protect us, no matter what. That’s why it’s not a surprise that if one day, she’ll just come from nowhere and offer you a helping hand and a listening heart. I am really proud of her and of everything that she is achieving today which, she rightly deserves because she has the mind of intelligence, a heart of eagerness and of course a faith in God that no one can easily break.

Ian Lariba

DLSU Lady Paddlers


You might be thinking, who is this girl? This is Miss Josephine, an independent hard working girl that has always been there for her loved ones. She makes it a point that everyone she meets remembers her, with her smile and character. A constant Dean’s Lister and part time athlete, she shines above the rest, especially with a Cum Laude attached to her name that she deserves. Always ready to be a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on and a phone call away. Being her teammate for two years was definitely a big part of my stay in DLSU, and I am proud to be called her friend. When she forgets your name, she would always remember your face and call you “Bai”.

Mardeline Carreon

DLSU Lady Paddlers


Ate mg, happy graduation! Super idol kita! You are one of those people that I look up to. Being a student-athlete isn’t easy, it takes a lot of perseverance and passion to be able to do it with flying colors. What’s even harder is to graduate with honors and you did it like a pro. You’ve been a teammate, a classmate, a friend and a sister to me and i thank you for everything especially for your advice and inspiring words. Good luck to your future endeavors. I will always pray for your success. Always remember that we are here for you! Love yaaaa!!!

Jamaica Sy

DLSU Lady Paddlers


Congrats ate Marcelle Josephine graduate ka na. Haha!! Thank you sa pagiging ate mo sa amin kahit palagi mo kaming sinasabunutan. Haha!!! Ang cute cute ng accent mo ang sarap gayahin. Sorry ha for fun lang naman eh. Kahit ginugood time kita i just want you to know that I respect you as our ate and as our senior. Mamimiss kita sa training kasi wala na manghihila ng buhok namin. Hahaha!!! Wala na ako maisip, basta alam mo na yun, goodluck sa bagong journey mo sana maging successful ka sa bago mong career. Yun lang, congrats. Labyu!!!

Ina Co

DLSU Lady Paddlers


Hello ate emgee!

Happy graduation day! Graduate ka na! So proud of you! Haha. Thanks a lot sa pagtulong mo sa akin. Di mo lang ako tinulungan. Inalagaan mo pa ako, di lang bilang rookie sa team kundi bilang tunay mo na rin na kapatid. Di ko pa nararanasan kung paano magkaroon ng ate, kasi puro kuya lang ang meron ako, pero pinaranas mo yun sa akin and ang sarap sa feeling, as a teammate super supportive. Dahil nga rookie pa lang ako di ko pa alam kung paano o ano ang nangyayari sa uaap. And ikaw, lagi mong pinapalakas ang loob ko! You’re the best ate in town! Thank you for everthing!I love you!

Kimberly Lumenda

DLSU Lady Paddlers


Hi MG! Time’s so fast, you’re graduating already. Anyway, good luck in your future endeavors. Alam kong kayang kaya mo yan, ikaw pa! Thanks for everything, especially for not being “pasaway”. Bonding bonding din minsan, I’ll miss you! so proud of you cum laude!

Jennifer Ty

DLSU Green and Lady Paddlers

Student Manager


Congratulations buds!! I am really proud of you. You really deserve to be Cum Laude and have the Athletic Awards! I am very lucky to know someone who is very hardworking, smart, dedicated and passionate on what she’s doing. Thank you so much for inspiring team members to balance their own academic and athletic life.

I wish you all the best in the new chapter of your life! Take care and God bless! We will always be here for you! :)

Jerald Cristobal

DLSU Green Paddlers

Team Captain


Congratulations Ate MG!!

I know you’ve been waiting for so long for this day and finally ayan na! Finally graduate ka na! All those sleepless nights, cramming for exams, papers, reports, worth it naman lahat yun! Congrats Cum Laude! So proud of you! May you continue to inspire others and stay humble. I know that you’ll be successful in your future endevours! Sana nakahanap ka na ng job mo sa Job Expo hahaJ Good luck and God Bless!

Dyan Choi

DLSU Green and Lady Paddlers

Student Manager


It was four years ago when I first met you. We were jogging at the 8th floor, and I thought we wouldn’t get along as much as what we are today. We spent many nights studying together, nagtatakutan sa dorm, and most especially, we share our own stories with each other. Kilalang kilala mo na ako na parang magkapaitd na tayo. Haha Mamimiss kita, Bes! Congratulations on overcoming this stage, and I know that you can excel more on the next stages of your life.


Darriane Talento

DLSU Lady Paddlers

Letters compiled by DLSU OSD’s Student Managers Dyan Choi and Jennifer Ty


[tab title=”Letters for Aaron Calderon”]

Aaron Calderon

Aaron S. Calderon

DLSU Green Spikers

Bachelor of Arts in Sports Studies


Photo taken from Facebook account



First of all, congratulations to all your success of being a student as well as being an athlete. As a friend, brother, and “thesismate”, I have witnessed everything you have gone through in your college life and I am proud to have known you. I am proud of everything you have accomplished. I am praying that all your success will continue as you face a whole new chapter in your life. Thank you for everything bro, you have done well. God bless!

Mark Lewis S. Tigno

DLSU Green Spikers

Student Manager


BRO!! First of all congratulations for making it! I just want to thank you bro for all the things that we shared together especially for those unforgettable moments. Thank you for being one of my closest friend/teammate/brother in my 6 years of stay here in La Salle. Continue to inspire people in your own good way. Good luck in the next chapter of your life bro. If you have any problems, I’m just one text away. Don’t forget to pray and have faith in Him because I’m sure he will never fail you in every step that you’re going to take. Advance happy Birthday also bro!

Aljun Bartolome

DLSU Green Spikers


As your teammate and friend, I would like to let you know that I am very happy to see you graduate! I have been a witness to your achievements may it be in sports or academics. I am also thankful that I was able to spend college life with you as a teammate, a classmate and most of all as a friend. I wish you all the best in life! May you be able to reach your goal and be successful! Dream big!

Red Christiansen

DLSU Green Spikers

Team Captain


Congratulations batchmate! Happy ako for you not just as your teammate but also as your brother. I hope mareach mo lahat ng dreams mo in the future after this special day in your college life and magkita kita tayo na graduate na tayo lahat. Happy ako for you kase nagawa mong i-explore sarili mo sa college days mo kase nung first year ka sobrang introvert mo at buti ngayon bago ka mag graduate nagawa mong lumabas sa comfort zone mo very happy for you bro. Happy din ako dahil naging teammate kita and na-encounter ko ang taong katulad mo kung pano pakisamahan ang mga taong katulad mo. Thank you for being a good teammate/batchmate/and brother to me. Stay safe always bro. See you around!

Brendon Joseph Santos

DLSU Green Spikers

Letters compiled by DLSU-OSD Student Manager Mark Tigno


[tab title=”Letters for Cydthealee Demecillo”]

Cydthealee Demecillo

Cydthealee A. Demecillo

DLSU Lady Spikers

Bachelor of Arts in Sports Studies


Athletics Award







Hey Sis!! Congratulations! I am so proud of you! I am really happy that you’ve accomplished a part of your dreams that you really worked hard on. After this you will go on to the new chapter of your life and I will be there whenever you need me! I wish you all the best and I wish you the ultimate happy life.
Love you! =)

Lhexie Tatlonghari

DLSU Lady Spikers

Student Manager


Ate Cyd, first of all I want to congratulate you for accomplishing your dream. I know you really worked hard for this and I know you deserve this achievement. I hope and pray that you’ll attain your other goals in the future. Remember that I’ll always be here for you. Take care and God bless! Love you!

Victonara Galang

DLSU Lady Spikers

Team captain


Cydieeee congrats again! I am so proud of you. I have been there during your ups and downs and I couldn’t be any happier that you have endured all of them. As you continue reaching for your dreams, I will always be here for you. I will never get tired of helping you out. Always got your back! I love you Cydieee.

Mika Esperanza

DLSU Lady Spikers


Cydie! Happy graduation day! Congratulations! All the sleepless nights, tiring days in training, all the sweat and tears now paid off. I’m so proud that you made it for yourself and your family. I’m so excited to see you in the new chapter of your life. I’m always here for you. Love you Cyd!

Alexandra Tan

DLSU Lady Spiker


Hi ate Cyd, Congratulations!! I really admire you as my senior. I’m very proud and happy for you. Don’t be afraid to reach your goals. Face the world without hesitation, be yourself and people will definitely love you. I love you ate Cyd!!

Aduke Ogunsanya

DLSU Lady Spikers
Letters compiled by DLSU-OSD Student Manager Lhexie Tatlonghari


[tab title=”Letters for Huxley Yu”]

Huxley Yu

Huxley C. Yu

DLSU Green Tankers

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management Engineering minor in Information Technology


Photo taken from Facebook account


To my dearest batch-mate, i cannot believe that you’re already graduating. Thank you for being an inspiration not only to me but also to the team. I always looked up to you because you’re thoughtful and self-inclined. Our extension towards the 5th year to be able to play in the UAAP was definitely worth it. I’m really glad that i was able to spend my 5 years with you. It was just like yesterday that we were talking about our dilemmas in school, training, and where we would end up after college. All i can say is that we’ve gone through a lot and we’ve grown to be better individuals. You’re one step away in the real world and i can see a really bright future ahead of you. You’re strong, you’re driven, and you know what you want. Do not hesitate to follow your dreams, and don’t forget to enjoy life. The swimming team will definitely miss you. Congratulations Huxley!!

Raissa Teaño

DLSU Lady Tankers

Team captain


Congratulations Huxley! You have come a long way but this is only the beginning of the wonderful things in store for you. Stay smart, humble, and adventurous as you are. The swimming team will never be the same without you, and we thank you for all the fun times and laughs you’ve shared with us. Always remember that so many people believe in you, and are so proud of what you have become. We cannot wait to see you out in the real world! Congrats Huxley and God bless you in your future endeavors.

Jia de Guzman

DLSU Lady Tankers


Congrats hux! I am very proud of what you have accomplished during our stay in la salle. Thank you for inspiring our teammates that giving up is never an option and that working hard can lead you to achieve your dreams. As you might not know you are one of the people who inspired me during our last season. Your motivation and drive definitely inspired me. Thank you for being a good batch-mate as well as a good friend to me all these years and hopefully we can strengthen our friendship after we leave taft avenue. I wish you all the best hux! See you again real soon and congrats again! God Bless hux!

Pierce Beltran

DLSU Green Tankers

Letters compiled by DLSU Lady Tankers’ Raissa Teaño



Poomsae jins manifest progress in snaring silver


“Rising like a phoenix,” this is one way of describing the amazing performance put up by the DLSU Poomsae team during the final day of the UAAP Taekwondo Tournament last September 18 at the San Juan Arena. Presenting the perfect blend of discipline, grace and excellent execution, the team showed that although they ended up fifth last year, they are still more than ready to steal the championship as they were simply bested by UP by a mere .13 points in aggregate score this year–used as a tiebreaker due to similar medal hauls of two golds, two silvers and one bronze.

Stunning the enemy

The Taft based poomsae squad quickly stunned the competition by delivering an award-winning performance during the beginning of the day. Although only grabbing a bronze in the individual men’s division as he succumbed to UST and UP, Raphael Mella heralded the near dominance to be exhibited by the much improved team under the guidance of Coach Jean Pierre Sabido who is currently a member of the Philippine National Team.

Under his training which Coach Sabido reveals to put an emphasis on mental training and discipline, the DLSU Poomsae team began denying the UST squad of the Poomsae sweep they were able to pull off last year. Beginning the assault was rookie Rinna Babanto who claimed DLSU’s first gold of the day for her performance in the women’s individual division as she shut down both UST and FEU as well as its only silver along with Raphael Mella in the mixed pairs division behind UST and trailed UP. Raphael went on to win DLSU’s second and last gold medal along with Justine Andal and Sidney Lopez in the men’s team division.

Room for improvement

While successfully exerting a force difficult to contend with, the DLSU Poomsae team is not without weakness. Although claiming a medal in most of the poomsae division, lack of players in their disposal took its toll on the team in the women’s team division composed of dedicated poomsae players Rinna Babanto, Kristi Hernandez, and sparring player Cleio Banez who was the only one to fail to place in the top three. Asking about the reason behind it, Coach Sabido explains that it was brought out by the lack of poomsae players which forced him to also train the latter in the art of poomsae, further explaining about the difference between the two, he shares “poomsae needs at least a year to master with a team, we weren’t able to do that while the other teams did”. He expressed his hopes that come next year his aim to have a full line up of dedicated poomsae players to finally grab UP’s championship will be realized.

Photos of the UAAP 77 Poomsae Taekwondo Tournament can be viewed by clicking the link below:

UAAP 77 Poomsae Taekwondo Photos

Green and Lady Jins: Fighting until the very end


“Podium finish”, this is what DLSU Taekwondo Assistant Coach Alberto Morfe was heard hoping for both the DLSU Green and Lady Jins after witnessing one of many controversial calls that finally ended La Salle’s dominance of the UAAP Taekwondo tournament. Sadly, however, it seemed that the heavens once again had different plans as the Green Jins were denied the podium finish they were hoping for as they slipped to fourth while the Lady Jins were once again able to enter the top three spot by climbing to second place at the end of the UAAP Taekwondo tournament last September 16.

Heart of Passion

Although failing in their quest for a repeat championship, the DLSU Green Jins proved that they are still a team worthy being watched. Exhibiting an unyielding mettle in the face of numerous controversial calls that cost them their tragic defeat, the Green Jins fought bravely regardless of the outcome.

The team’s first assignment for the day was none other than UST who comfortably sat in first place with an undefeated record. The DLSU Jins were pushed to their limits as they gave their all to try and knock the league leader of its perch, sadly however, that was not the case as certain crucial matches, specifically Kyle Uy’s and Gerry del Rosario’s matches were lost due to strikes that failed to merit an approved point of contention from Head Coach Roberto Cruz and Assistant Coach Morfe. The UST crowd’s celebration was, however silenced in one final act of redemption by none other then DLSU’s Kris Uy who fought which such ferocity that his opponent had nothing else to do but endure repeated blows to the head to end the DLSU-UST match with a loss.

The match against third place UE was a similar story as it too was filled with numerous erroneous calls and fouls specifically the uncalled hits to the shin of Gerry del Rosario who bravely continued to finish his match albeit being barely capable of walking. The loss against UE resulted in the Green Jins crashing all the way to 4th behind NU who we tied against, but ultimately lost to due to the win over the other rule of the Tournament.   Regardless of the loss, however, many of the Green Jins finished with a medal for their performances. Kirk Barbosa, Kevin Sia, Jay Licayan, Pogs Jazmines, and Gerry del Rosario who all took home a bronze, Kris Uy bagged silver and Season 75 Rookie of the Year Benjamin Sembrano captured the team’s only gold.

Driven to Improve

While more fortunate than their men’s counterpart, the Lady Jins did go through some rough waves as well as they were able to improve their fourth place standing from last year to a second place finish this year.

Contrary to the difficulty faced by the Green Jins in their match against UE, the Lady Jins proved to have been more than what the UE Lady Jins bargained for as they drove full speed ahead to finish their match at a 6-1 win leaving UE winless this year.

The match against league leader UP , however, was a complete opposite of their earlier match as the DLSU Lady Jins suffered a hard 5-2 defeat against the UP Lady Jins to land fourth. That placing, however, did not last long as FEU’s win over UST placed them along with DLSU in a triple way tie wherein the Lady Jins won over the other two by more number of individual matches won. The good news did not stop for the Lady Jins as they too took home numerous medals. Apriel Solimen, Paola Amon and Gabrielle Yuchingtat each brandished a bronze, Cleio Banez and Farah Regis were awarded bronze and Camille Bonje certainly has a season to remember with a gold along with the Rookie of the Year award under her belt.

Preparing for War

With the end of the UAAP Taekwondo tournament comes the beginning of the UAAP Poomsae  Tournament to be held tomorrow at the San Juan Arena. Poised to break UST’s dominance in the newly created event, Coach Jean Pierre Sabido shares that he is more than confident that the DLSU’s poomsae squad will deny the Thomasians of the sweep they pulled off last year as he expects at least two gold from the possible five gold medals up for grabs.  While acknowledging than not all the UAAP universities acknowledge the importance of the poomsae tournament, only  DLSU, UST , UP, and FEU currently have poomsae coaches, they  are more than ready for any surprises any other teams might pull off.

Photos can be viewed by clicking the link below:

UAAP Taekwondo Tournament Day 3 Photos


UAAP Taekwondo First Week Recap


Taking the mats once again last September 9, the DLSU Green Jins are in precarious position of defending their championship against what their team captain, Gerry del Rosario, defined as a levelled playing field as they are currently sitting in second place behind number one contender UST. Similar to position of their male counterparts, the DLSU Lady Jins’ task of reacquiring their Season 75 championship title after last year’s dismal fourth place finish is also looking to have slowed as they too are currently sitting in second behind a reenergized UP squad.

First Day Blitz

The Green and Lady Jins started off their campaign of dominance in a great tune as both squads dispatched their first day opponents, ADMU and FEU for the Green Jins and NU and FEU for the Lady Jins.

The Green Jins were quick to assert their dominance after they easily dispatched the Ateneo Blue Jins during the first few hours of the first day. In a spectacular 6-1 finish, The DLSU Jins showed no mercy as Ateneo’s lone victory only came due to the Green Jins withdrawal of their 7th player. The strength of the Green Jins continued to the afternoon as they also dispatched their FEU counterparts with a 4-3 (DLSU withdraws 7th player) finish to cap of their first day run with 2-0.

The Lady Jins were able to show that they are more than ready to retake their crown as they too easily dispatched their first assignment against NU in a 6-1 finish. Contrary to the the Green Jins’ run, however, the DLSU Jins had trouble with their FEU counterparts, but nonetheless proved victorious with a 4-3 win to cap off their first day run.

Second Day Stunner

The second day, September 11, played host to the both the Green Jins and the Lady Jins first defeat.

The Green Jins were dealt a surprise defeat at the hand of their National University counterparts who ended the match with 3-4 after showing showing great improvement as compared to their 0-6 run last year to bring the team to a second place berth with 2-1 during the morning of the second day. The Green Jins, however, quickly bounced back from their defeat as they completely destroyed their UP counterparts in the afternoon with 7-0 run to secure their third victory.

The Lady Jins faced a similar situation with their men’s counterpart as they too were dealt with a 3-4 loss against taekwondo powerhouse UST after obliterating the Atenean contingent with a 6-1 win in the morning of September 11.

The Green Jins are set to battle current 1st placer UST who currently reigns undefeated in the morning of September 16 and UE who trails La Salle in third with the same 3-1 win-loss ratio while the Lady Jins are set to battle UE in the morning who currently sits at last place with no wins and tournament leader UP who also reigns undefeated in the afternoon


Returning to the Mats: DLSU Jins eye Double Championship


Double championship is what the DLSU Jins have always aspired to bring home on taking the mats of last year’s UAAP Taekwondo Tournament. Sadly, however, it seemed that the heavens had different plans as things ended on a different tune.

Defending the Title

Heart and passion to win, these are what DLSU Green Jin Team Captain Gerry Del Rosario reckons to be the most important factors in giving them the edge this coming September 9 against what he described as a levelled playing field in this year’s UAAP Taekwondo Tournament.

 Levelled as the playing field may be, Del Rosario still identified taekwondo powerhouses UST and UP as the teams to beat. Asked about the chances of fending off fierce attacks, he comments that he is confident the team will wholeheartedly defend their title to make a dream of a double championship a reality.

Asked to give a message to the Green Jins before they begin their war, Del Rosario disclosed that he knows the team is more than ready to compete. He further shares, ”alam ko sa puso natin gusto natin talaga to, just staying in high spirits and keep fighting.”

Preparing for a Comeback

Coming of their disappointing third place finish last year, the DLSU Lady Jins seem to be more than ready to redeem themselves this year. Alyssa Bonifacio of the Lady Jins shared that similar to their men’s counterpart, they are more than ready for the tournament as she ranks their preparation a perfect 10.

Noting that although the road ahead may be filled with difficulty with the team mostly comprising of rookies, she still believes that they are ready to retake the championship they claimed during Season 75. Highlighting their preparations which started about nine months ago, she opens that all the effort and hard work the team has put in to their preparation has really made them driven to get back the coveted championship.

She also expressed that she is extremely proud of the team right now. Asked to give a message to the DLSU Lady Jins, she simply shares that she is extremely confident with the team. She also further shares “Huwag natin sayangin ang efforts natin. Lahat ng injuries, stress and pressure na pinagdaanan natin, let’s make sure na makukuwa natin ang gusto natin.”

Driven by Heart

“Ready na ready na sila, both physically and mentally,” is what an extremely confident Coach Roberto Cruz shares as the tournament is fast approaching. He expounded that the key to winning is their heart and adherence to the rules. He also feels confident that his experience as well as those of his jins in being a member of the Philippine Team is more than enough to give them an edge.

He further states that they have prepared themselves to face their adversaries again, all that remains is to see if it is enough.

Will history be made as the DLSU Jins finally bag their target of a double championship or will another outcome play lead once again? Be sure to support the DLSU Green and Jins as they once again compete for the Green and White this coming September 9, 11, and 16 at the San Juan Arena.


“It’s fantastic” – Coach Stephen Fernandez on his 24-year coaching stint


In 1989, a Taekwondo collegiate star takes his move to the coaching ranks for the De La Salle University Green and Lady Jins. After more than two decades of excellence for the Jins, Coach Stephen Fernandez finally called it a day.

“No regrets at all,” quipped the multi-titled head coach of the Jins on his long term head coaching duty in DLSU.

May 31, 2013 marked the official expiration of contract of Coach Pen who stayed in La Salle since his childhood days. Since 1974, Stephen Fernandez possessed the animo in him in his elementary days in La Salle Green Hills (LSGH). After 24 years of head coaching career in DLSU, Coach Pen decided to pass on his coaching duties in DLSU to 10-year assistant Roberto ‘Kitoy’ Cruz.

Huge task ahead

Onto a bigger challenge of his own, Coach Fernandez took over the presidency of the Philippine Taekwondo Association (PTA). His appointment as the highest official of the association became one of his reasons not to close his coaching career in DLSU at two decades and a half.

“There are things I want to do also, things I want to pursue and I have taken a bigger role now in the association,” said Coach Pen as he elaborates that he is now looking at taekwondo on a bigger picture as the lead man of the national association.

As the president of PTA, Fernandez has to look at more Jins aside from those inside the Taft campus of La Salle. He takes the challenge of finally bringing an Olympic gold for the country which he sees as a tough task to handle.

He gave hints that possible national team members that will be fielded may come from DLSU. Coach Stephen though refused to drop names as he does not want to over hype the things to come for the next generation of Jins for the country.

Heart remains bleeding green

As he still serves as a faculty under the Physical Education Department of the University, Coach Pen remains at the back of the team he served for 24 years. He then said “I’m still here to give my ideas, guidance but handling technical matters it will be Coach Kitoy (Cruz) and Dax (Morfe).”

Though stepping down as head coach of the Green and Lady Jins, the pure blooded Lasallian coach will definitely cradle more talents of Taft Avenue. Coach Stephen Fernandez still serves as head coach of De La Salle Santiago Zobel and De La Salle College of St. Benilde.

“I’ll still be around to guide the guys. My heart is still with La Salle definitely,” Coach Stephen Fernandez sealed the promise.

The post-Fernandez era

For the longest time, Coach Pen watched over the Jins enter and go out of collegiate ranks but all god things ends as new beginnings come close. As he steps down of his coaching rank in DLSU, Coach Stephen does not see any change on his long time mentored team except him treading down as head coach.

“I think it is time that Coach Kitoy Cruz gets to this level of being a head coach and I’ve seen the dedication, commitment, and heart,” sentiments of the long time DLSU head coach.

Since Coach Cruz had been with Coach Fernandez for a long time in the national team and in the coaching ranks of DLSU, Coach Stephen safely said that he believes that the system would remain on the team with his longtime assistant taking over.

“Now it’s his (Coach Cruz) time. It’s time to turn over. I don’t want also to hang on to something that later on I might not be able to handle,” Coach Pen humbly stated.

The Jins will also be left with much talent on their backs with new assistants – Coach Dax Morfe and Poomsae world champion JP Sabilo.

A fantastic ride of his life

As he march down out of the picture, Coach Stephen Fernandez could proudly say how fulfilled he is in his 24-year ride.

“It’s been a good ride. I have won titles as a player, as a coach. I have gained everything already. I am satisfied, there’s nothing more I want to fulfill in coaching. I have won every tournament there is to be won. It’s been a good ride to have won these championships not just in the local scene but also in the international frame,” Fernandez ends as the curtains of his DLSU coaching stint close.