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UAAP 79 Team Preview: DLSU Lady Archers


Coming from a heartbreaking loss last season, the Lady Archers are looking forward to a season brimming with hope.

After suffering from a loss to the NU Lady Bulldogs on the opening day, it seemed as if the loss had only fueled their determination, resulting in six consecutive wins. With the Lady Archer’s good play and team chemistry, the team’s momentum carried on until the second round. This landed them a spot in the stepladder semis,
garnering a twice-to-beat advantage. With this scenario, it was expected that the Green and White would be facing the NU Lady Bulldogs for the last time in the season, however, not everything went as planned. The much-anticipated battle between the two teams was cut short by the ADMU Lady Eagles. With this loss, the Lady Archers were forced to end their campaign abruptly.

Due to last season’s loss, the team is motivated to return to the season to bag the Championship title. The Lady Archers will be facing this season better and stronger than before.

When asked about last season’s shortcomings, Head Coach Cholo Villanueva shares that last season’s major setback had been their mental approach to the games, “last year’s weakness is more of mental, our mental aspect, like na-pressure sila during the games.”

With every loss, there is an underlying cause that needs to be fixed in order to enhance the growth of the team. As a way of conquering last season’s weakness, Coach Cholo joins the team in various offseason games to ease the pressure brought about by being part of big games, “they play more games in tournaments participating in different semi-finals games to overcome the pressure of big game” he added.

For this season, the Lady Archers will be using the same system as last season, “we will use the same system as last year, pressuring the whole 40 minutes, creating turnovers from our defense, going on fastbreak, on transitions and get scoring opportunities” Coach Cholo explains.

With their intensive training and joining of tournaments to overcome their weakness, it only proves how much they strive to be a better team for this season.


As a new season unfolds, there come inevitable changes in the team. The Lady Archers will be facing the season without players Ara Abaca, Alyanna Ong, Ria Pineda and Fretzie Oyao as they have already graduated from the team. With some of their key players gone, the team dynamics this season will also change.

“We’re more of a team concept now knowing we don’t have dominant scores as Abaca, so we need to move the ball more. We need to have a better team chemistry, we need all five guys on the floor to get better scoring opportunities or better defensing stops on possession.” Coach Cholo says. “The team is different now because we don’t have that one player we can give the ball to in order to score easily; we need every five guys to do their role to get what we want in offense or defense” he adds.

The team might be faced with new changes every season, but there will be some things that will remain the same: they are still armed with the same spirit and the same resiliency that will allow them to maintain a good play no matter what circumstances they are faced with.

After an unexpected loss that deterred them from securing a seat to the Finals round, the team will be facing the season with renewed hope and determination in order to attain their goal. “We expect an improvement from last year. Last year we finished in the Final Four, this year, we want to reach the finals and eventually to the Championship. We want to take it one step further from last year” Coach Cholo shares.

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