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UAAP Midseason Report: DLSU Lady Archers


Throughout the first round of the season, the Lady Archers maintained an impressive win-loss record of 6-1.


Lady Archers opened the season on a positive note when they prevailed over the FEU Lady Tamaraws. This only proved that the loss of the team’s key players did not faze the Lady Archers as they exhibited their aggressiveness on both offense and defense. They might have experienced a run from the Morayta squad in the second canto but they responded with a series of baskets that rendered a double-digit lead that carried on until the last quarter, earning them their very first win. They also defeated the UP Lady Maroons, who constantly snagged the lead from the Taft squad. The Green and White managed to keep them at bay by smothering them with consecutive baskets with every chance that they get.

Facing their ultimate rival, the NU Lady Bulldogs, posed as a challenge for the team. The match started out with the Green and White on top up until the second quarter. It was their mindset that crumbled their lead on the second half of the game. The Lady Bulldogs took advantage of this, and was able to trail them by 13 points at the end of the game.

The Lady Archers got back on their feet as they overcame the UST Lady Tigresses. Taking a cue from last game, the team faced this match differently by keeping their composure. Their tight defense also played a crucial role as they try to sustain the España squad. Since then, the team was able to outwit their opponents that rendered back-to-back wins up until the very last game. It was their composure, coupled with their resiliency that paved the way for their win over the Adamson Lady Falcons, UE Red Warriors and ADMU Lady Eagles.


Keys to Greatness

Coach Cholo’s system proved to be effective for the Lady Archers for the season. The Lady Archers utilized their full-court press to secure baskets and is very strong on defense. Teamwork is highly visible in their approach towards each game. The players make it a point to pass the ball to their open teammates.

Lady Archer Peñaranda claims that the team’s teamwork has improved, and at the same time everyone is aware of their roles, “yung teamwork nandun parin pero mas tightened siya ngayon. Lahat kami ready to accept the role na binigay ni coach samin, from the captain hanggang sa mga rookies.”

Lady Archer Camille Claro shares that it was their teamwork that allowed them to achieve a good ball movement during the game, “the team now, as seen in our stats on the assists column, improved proper ball movement which boils down to teamwork.” Aside from their good team chemistry, it was also everyone’s individual talents that kept the ball moving, “everyone can be considered as a threat. I am confident to say that we all can be trusted offensively and defensively” she adds.

Whenever they are faced with challenging circumstances, the Lady Archers never fail to step up for the team. In the match against the Adamson Lady Falcons, Lady Archer Vela got injured, however, this did not affect the team’s performance. They still went on with the game, armed with the same amount of energy and determination. Despite the Lady Falcons’ constant effort of keeping up with the Green and White, it was still put to waste as they failed to crush their 24-point lead in the final quarter.

In their last game against the ADMU Lady Eagles, the Lady Archers were able to avenge for their loss last season as ADMU denied them of a seat to the Championship round. It was their teamwork, partnered with composure that helped them get the win. Despite ADMU’s sneaky baskets, the team responded quickly by drilling baskets of their own. This built a lead that was unbreakable by the Katipunan squad, ending the first round with a record of 6-1.

Peñaranda claims that they managed to keep their composure because of Coach Cholo’s approach during the game, “one big factor is kalmado lang si coach pag nagbibigay ng instructions so pati kami kalmado lang din at hindi kinakabahan” she adds.

Graduating players Peñaranda, Vela and Dagdagan look forward to their last few games for the season. Peñaranda seeks to give her all in the last round of her UAAP career, “magiging mas focused pa on the game and like what I said to my coach, ang mind set ko is every single game is like my last game. Bigay na lahat, wala nang bukas. and especially yung trust ko sa mga teammates ko is hindi mawawala and mas titibay pa” she states.

Lady Archer Vela shares the same mindset in order to achieve their goal, “I’ll take every game as my last game by putting all my effort to help my team achieve our goal, also by having intensity and mental toughness all throughout the season” she adds.


Better Than Ever

The team’s almost perfect record was tarnished by their arch nemesis, the NU Lady Bulldogs. This might resemble last season’s happenings, with the Lady Archers sweeping all of their games except for their match against NU. The loss might be seen as another setback for the team, however, this also showed how much they have grown since the last season.

Claro claims that the team might have failed to put their best foot forward in the first round, but they were able to show signs of progress “I can say that the first round for us was not perfect but compared from last year, we did a great job in improving our teamwork.” It was also their good ball movement that became one of their key strengths in the first round, “we had good ball movements, which I think was our key in winning six out of seven games. We fell short against NU but we learned our mistakes and we’ll make sure we correct them the next time we see on court.” She adds.

When it comes to their lapses in their game against the NU Lady Bulldogs, Claro shares that it was their complacency that caused their downfall “the team’s weakness is the attitude of keeping our opponents down. We tend to relax which makes the opponent come back in the game.” Fortunately, measures are being taken to rectify their flaw “our coach never failed to teach us the proper mindset whatever the situation is and with his guidance, we can correct this bad habit,” she says.

When asked about their plans for the next round, Claro shares, “we are working out on our mistakes last round to prove that this team will not experience the lost we had last season, and this is what we have been planning since the day we felt the pain of not going to the Championship.”

With just seven more games to go, the Lady Archers are more than ready to prove themselves worthy of a spot in the Final Four, and eventually, to the Championship round.

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